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  1. Equinox, Micro Nuggets

    You need a second life to work all those tailings!
  2. Steve H. Testing The 6" Coil ?

    Mine to, my dealer said his back orders are maybe filled in not before June! So I better order the 6 inch coil as soon as it comes on the market!
  3. Steve H. Testing The 6" Coil ?

    Yes in a way you did, but you did not use the word Nada! You like to keep us in the dark. 😇
  4. Equinox Micro Nuggets - Part II

    Hi Condor, Wow! Nice small gold nuggets you found with the NOX , keep us posted on your other finds and the settings you are using. BTW, what high end EarBuds are you using with the Equinox, yours seam's to be working well! PS Thanks for your posts, and to keep us informed on finding gold nuggets in the desert.
  5. You wish!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 P.S. We will miss you only on this forum!😥😥😥
  6. I agree with you KiwiJW, wish Steve H. Would start thinking about writing his best seller series of nugget hunting with the NOX and other books! He Already mist the boot with this one ! Can you imagine The NOX is just a few weeks in the field, and somebody already wrote a book about it how to use it! Steve H.should wake up, and start writing his manuals! I am ready to pre order!
  7. Hi DukeBoxer, It won' t be a problem if there is no Minelab dealer, just get yourself a good external battery power source which you plug in the NOX,it charges the detector during detecting,and can be used even if the NOX battery kicks the bucket in the future. If the NOX battery is in good shape it should give you 4 years of pleasure with the NOX, it is just like the cell your cell phone battery, but you never know with batteries, Minelab gives a one year warranty on the battery and 3 years on the control box and coil. Do a search on this forum of NOX battery, and backup batteries which are also used to charge your cell phone in the field! There are some good articles discussing this on the forum, and for the external battery backup get yourself a good one and not the very cheap ones, you need a battery backup with 5.1 Volt and 2 A or 2.1 A of out put, to keep the NOX running fully functional !, the lower outputs don't work very well it seam's. Also just an idea for you, I am going to do this myself when I am going to Osa, since the high humidity and the tropical rains in Costa Rica and the jungle conditions, I like to use the water proof submersible detectors like the NOX, and there is also a good one coming out in May or June this year it is the Makro Gold Kruzer,and water proof till 6 meters/yards this is my backup detector I am going to get for Osa prospecting, would be good for the jungle conditions and humidity and good for underwater use as the NOX. I know the area you are going to live in is much dryer then Osa, but you have to be prepared for tropical conditions, It is maybe a good idea to also get yourself a second waterproof detector like the new Makro Gold Kruzer also very sensitive on small gold, with it's 61 KHz, you can read the specs. On their website or on this forum if you go to the Nokta/Makro detector section. Hope this is helpful for your Costa Rica gold prospecting endeavor in the near future! And get your Ass out their quickly and join your family and daughters in Costa Rica! ( LIVE LIFE, FOR LIFE START LIVING YOU )
  8. Nice place to go to Costa Rica, plan myself to go to Costa Rica in a few years from now, but go to the Osa Peninsula lots of gold and nuggets in Osa.The Equinox is a good choice, but keep in mind of the rechargeable battery, if it kicks the bucket in the future, you will have problems having it repaired ! ( don't, think there are any service centers in Costa Rica to replace your battery) .Make sure you get a good power back up to run your NOX 800 incase this happens! And get a spare internal battery as a safety backup so you can go in Costa Rica to a tech.shop and have it replaced! Not sure they have a Minelab dealer in Costa Rica, I thought the main importer is in Panama, to be sure contact Minelab and ask them if they have a dealer or service center in Costa Rica or the nearest one in Middle America! Or when you have problems in the future you can always ship it back to the US service center, this will cost you off course. Let us know how you are doing with your prospecting for gold in Sunny Costa Rica! And make us some pics and vids. As you probably know metal detecting is a loud by law in Costa Rica also panning and sluicing for gold, but no motorized equipment, not even electric or battery operated are aloud In Costa Rica. Local Government is very strict about it, and have stopped all mining in the country, they want to protect their nature, since eco tourism this in their main source of income !
  9. Zip Zip By Larry Sallee

    Hi Kiwijw, I am second in line after you! But I still will be the first to get the book! As soon as Steve H.book comes out it will take more time to get to you in New Zealand! Since I live in the USA I will have the book in hand first! So you see you can be first, and still end up second place!😁😁😁
  10. Zip Zip By Larry Sallee

    Wow!! Talking about SPEED READING.
  11. Zip Zip By Larry Sallee

    Hi Steve H, Yes Steve when can we see your first practical field guide coming out, on how to find gold nuggets? Would be a good project for the cold winter days, and you knowing you probably will be a famous author!! P.S. And Steve can we already start pre ordering your first book!😂😂😂 (just joking about the pre order thing, since after the NOX we live in the age of pre order!) But I am serious about the book writing, would very educational and uplifting to have a Steve H. Field guide in hand!
  12. Equinox Acting Crazy

    Hi PHrunt, WOW! very beautiful pictures of the night skies, you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, and on top of that all the gold there is to be found! Interesting stories how Kiwijw showed you how to find gold with the GBP, after you already had 50 hrs on the GBP and did not find gold with the detector! Maybe you can tell us how Kiwijw instructed you to use the GBP for finding gold, would be very interesting since I had the same thoughts about the GBP like you did! This would help me also and others with the GBP! Thanks, and show us some pictures of you finding the gold with the Nox, GBP and your Gold Monster.
  13. Venturing Into The Dark Side....

    Good Luck and happy hunting.😂
  14. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    Your welcome Steve.😊