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  1. Price Drop On The XP Pinpointer

    Thank you for that info. I know someone who is now getting one for Christmas ;)
  2. Using The GMT To Find Black Sand Paystreaks

    Thanks! Interesting video but inconclusive - too bad there was no gold in the area he demonstrated the technique in. On the other hand, Jeff seems to lend credence to the method... ? Rex
  3. Using The GMT To Find Black Sand Paystreaks

    I find this all very interesting - including Chris' comments. I'm very new to detecting and so don't want to disagree but I wonder if there might be occasional real world conditions in which it could prove useful. Locally, we have diffuse fluvial flour gold everywhere, but reasonable concentrations are rare - neither the diffuse or concentrated varieties are detectable with current technology afaik excepting perhaps a Goldspear. But I would be interested to read the river, detect for relative magnetite concentrations and then start test panning from there, should there be any value in that approach. Trying to track down that Hoagland video... any pointers? Rex