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  1. How Do You Charge Your Equinox?

    I bought a 24,000mah external power pack that I put in my Deus case. It has 4 ports so it charges all the different devices the detector and headphones at same time while in the case. When I'm done hunting for the day I drop everything in the case and plug it all into it. It charges everything 4 or 5 times before I need to pull it out and charge it
  2. Eq800 Modification

    info on the bipod legs? did you make that or order it somewhere?
  3. I paid a couple weeks ago $850 for the Equinox 800. Always a better deal calling directly cuz they cant advertise lower price on their website. That said I''ll get it soon enough by the end of February. Still got my DEUS which is still an awesome machine. Everybody is getting too worked up lol It's a highly sought after machine, I expected there to be delays. It's perfectly normal with a new product making enough for initial demand
  4. Video - Chasing Faint Signals In Iron

    As far as the coil size. In my opinion anyway. The Deus is so much faster response than any other detector I've used that it is still as good or better than say an AT Pro or a CTX3030 at separating trash. That's why the Deus is so amazing. I would totally agree with you on most other detectors. I havnt used the 13" coil on the Deus but on the 11" that is what I have found.
  5. Video - Chasing Faint Signals In Iron

    Funny what he is calling iffy signals some sound like great deep signals to me lol I would have dug it
  6. well fact is theres no telling how old. I recently got to go detect in cow pasture that it turns out used to have 3 different homesteads on it the 1800's in different spots around the field. You would never know driving down the road looking at this field. This site i've been talking about I don't really know the history but I know the area has been farmed for well over 100 years. But I don't know for sure if it was a school here or a homestead. I just know the area has been used
  7. First I disagree with finding nothing at schools. Some of my best finds have been at old schools. Silver dimes and silver war nickels etc... Found a few rings at schools too. Usually just silver or copper but still. I'm not searching for gold at schools lol Second metal detecting is as much about the history to me than finding valuables per say. I'm not going to go and cut their grass for them, that would be too much work for little gain. But any old site has potential for history. Old wire rim glasses, buckles etc excite me just as much as the silver dimes. Its all about the history
  8. I havnt hit the field yet but I am planning too when the weather allows. I don't have the big coil but yea with any coil its a real chore swinging a coil against grass lol wears you out quick. I did manage to pick out some trash and modern clad coins so far in the grass. The rainy season just started so I have to wait for good weather again
  9. Minelab Equinox Unveiled!

    It looks like from this last picture you posted Steve that the grip and screen will slide and adjust on the shaft. Which means you could easily adapt this to any similar diameter shaft like the Gold Monster does. Interesting, people will be modding these as soon as they get em lol I am pre ordering one myself. Can't wait to try it out
  10. Old meaning. The current building is from I'm guessing the 50's or 60's but considering its on the edge of plowed field i think there was probably a homestead before that from judging the location. I have found a few 50's to 80's clad coins so far just poking around in the grass as best I can. There is no way I would be able to take a mower in there myself. The grass is too thick to actually swing the coil closer than 4 or 5 inches from the ground though. I'm perfectly aware I could just go somewhere else LOL thats not the point, this site has been intriguing me for a long time because of its location. Im gonna keep working it because nobody else ever has
  11. So Im open to any suggestions using my XP deus. There is a very old site that used to be a school but now is an old church. Not being used much but the grass always seems to be pushed over as opposed to cut and bagged. So been hard to get my coil to the ground. There is an old wooden baseball diamond back stop thats falling down etc. Whole diamond is tall grass just being mowed over on its side. Don't know why they don't actually get a real mower in there and cut and bag it. I wonder if I should try non motion mode and just keep poking at the ground best I can? Has anybody ever used non motion modes? I havn't tried it yet but thinking of going back and trying that.
  12. 13” Coil For Deus - Do I Need One?

    Last weekend we had the opportunity to detect several acres of farm land on private property where the owner pointed out the spots were his family had 3 different homesteads. I was thinking that was probably the perfect place to have used a 13" coil. But then again even though there was hundreds of cows there was also hundreds of square nails and such lol Im not sure but I'm thinking the larger coil would have just made it harder to sift thru the trash in the ground so maybe I was better off with the smaller 9"
  13. 13” Coil For Deus - Do I Need One?

    Interesting info, thanks for that
  14. Thanks, I will keep this stuff in mind when I go try out my new Monster