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  1. Thanks appreciate the input. For now i picked up a good deal on an AT Gold.
  2. It’s in excellent condition.  I only used it three times that I can think of.


    1. Rod K

      Rod K

      Thanks Wes. I am debating about what i want and am leaning towards a PI machine for nugget hunting. Good luck with the sale. That isn't a bad price.

    2. WesH


      Your welcome and good luck on your search.  This little detector is on par with the Gold Bug Pro but is completely water proof which was why I got it.  I later came on to a little cash and was able to get the SDC 2300 for my creek and river detecting.  I do miss the discrimination this machine provides as the creeks and Rivers is where the junk collects.  It’s a trade off.  Every detector is like a different tool in the tool box.  Some are real good at one thing and others are good at a little bit of everything.

    3. Rod K

      Rod K

      I would love to get an SDC or Garrett ATX but can't even afford one at this time.  Maybe someday. Take care.

  3. I have an as new 8"x14" Sierra Gold Max DD coil and rod for sale for $110 shipped in conus. They work with the newer Gold Master 2, 3, V-sat, 4, and GMT. Also a 6"x10" GM 3 mono coil with cover and NO rod for $60 shipped. Or both for $150 shipped. 4"x6" no longer available
  4. P T, thank you for the info on the 2, i appreciate it. It is appearing more and more that i should just use and learn the V-sat i have for now or maybe replace it with a Gold Monster 1000 or Macro Gold Racer. How do those two compare?
  5. Steve, the 705 i am looking at says X-terra 705 on the control box so i assume it isn't a fake. So you think the 705 might be a better backup for the V-sat than one of the higher Khz units like the GM 1000 since i already have the V-sat?
  6. Steve, well the only detector i have at this time is the V-sat. I had to sell my TDI SL and Gold Bug a while back when i thought i was going to have to make a trip to Mich. because my dad wasn't doing good. But he is better now so i bought the V-sat to have something. I want to get another one mainly for a back up as i am hoping to take a long trip in the Spring from here in Western Oregon to Rye Patch Nevada and don't want to drive that far without a backup detector. I would really like to get another TDI Sl but can't afford it at this time. So i am looking at the others. I found the X-terra 705 and a Nokta Fors Gold here in Oregon. I could get the 705 for $250 or the Nokta for $400. But now i am thinking maybe a Gold Monster 1000 or Macro Gold Racer. Are those two fairly comparable nugget wise?
  7. Gerry, so how would you say the 705 compares to the Gold Bug Pro?
  8. Gerry, Well, right now i am looking mainly at a detector from the Gold Nugget point of view. I have the GM V-sat with 3 coils now. Mainly what i was wanting was something NEW. I am a horse trader and the buying, trading, dealing is what i like. But the X-terra looks like a good one. I have one locally that i can get for $250 but not certain i really want to .
  9. Thanks Gerry for the info. I watched your video a while back on You Tube. Good vid.
  10. Is one of these any better than the other for nugget hunting or are they about the same? How do they stack up compared to the GMT? Any input appreciated as always. Thanks
  11. Is it the standard Gold Bug or the Pro?
  12. Ahh, well ok then. I will await the pics. Where are you located?
  13. Ahh, well ok then. I will await the pics. Where are you located?