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  1. My Rye Patch Hunt

    Well done!
  2. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Off topic, but someone in Dunolly just found Reg's next nugget. Sorry mate! From the Dunolly Caravan Park facebook page. 100 oz:
  3. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Yes, WA different story. Fuel containers essential in remote areas, but LP gas available in most regional towns.
  4. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Mitchel: Reg is probably busy sampling the local Mekong whisky, but will doubtless get back to us eventually. Fuel is plentiful in central Victoria and a good country pub is never too far either. It really is an enjoyable and civilised place to detect, yet at night you can camp in the bush and feel like you're a thousand miles from anywhere. I didn't anticipate that Reg's van would prove more popular than his gold - - -
  5. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Perfect in my opinion, and you can include July August and September as well. Usually the only time I can get away prospecting is June/July/August which is southern Hemisphere winter. Reg: How's that typhoon affecting your trip?
  6. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    That's quite all right KJW. If Reg wasn't OS I'm sure he'd tell us which motor, etc he has fitted. All I can say is that it goes like the clappers when he puts his foot down, and you can hear it coming from a long way off! This album has partly been copied from a web archive fragment I found on the "Wayback Machine" but much has had to be re-written. I do this by uploading images (from a memory stick containing the entire album, obtained from Jannine) to a webhost service and then send them in small batches to Reg in a personal message. Upon receipt of these he sequentially labels them and returns them to me, whereupon I post them here. A bit cumbersome but it works. With Reg away, I'll post more recent stuff I'm very familiar with. This one is a reminder to all that big gold is still waiting to be found. Take heart Mitchel and KJW: 27 oz from 2015 south of Ballarat. Reggie can still find the biggies and is determined to break the 100 oz barrier. I'm certainly not betting against that possibility!
  7. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Sure is. The area was all holes but has been returned to pasture, except every now and then part of it opens up again. One of the places Reg may take you, a bit of junk, but every now and then - - -
  8. Headed To Rye Patch Tonight

    That's a bummer Mitchel. Damn stuffs sure getting scarce!
  9. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Hey Paul! The only way to get that van would be to prise the steering wheel from Reg's cold dead hands. On the job at Maldon. We got a very pretty, flat 6 gram colour from near that caved in shaft a few months back. There was also a trapped lamb down there which we liberated. You can just make out the reef workings that enriched the lead on the hill in the distance above the stick:
  10. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Good to see you back, Mitchel Reg is in Vietnam for a week, so we'll plug on without him. I recall trying very hard to avoid going there when I was 19 "Specimen found by John at Amherst. About 6ozs from memory" A quiet Victoria Bitter after work with Ian. I don't know how anybody can drink that stuff. Isn't it called "Green Death"?! : "Patchy Flat, near Dunolly. The larger piece was 9 ozs" "Lin Pratt, a jeweller from Bali, and Ian with John's old ute" Specimen from Maldon:
  11. Usb Camera Again

    Always amazes me how "fractal" gold is. If you removed the coin background, it wouldn't be hard to call it a larger piece. Lets call it a 10 ouncer!
  12. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    That old van has sure carried some gold in its time - Detail of 23 oz nugget from Garibaldi (between Kingower and Wedderburn) held earlier by Ian and Reg: "Beagle boys gold, details forgotten" Hey Reg! Must be nice to have found so much you forget about some of it! ;>) Reg always keeps his eyes open for wildlife in the bush though. An Antechinus (marsupial mouse) emerges from its home: Detail of gold from Ravens Patch Longbush. I ended up with these pieces as part of a deal:
  13. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Reg's pride and joy, Paul. A Ford Transit van from the 70's Got a pretty powerful non standard engine and runs on LP gas/petrol. He resprayed it a few months back and it now looks like new. My Image: On the job, 1990's with detecting buddy "Reliable" Ray Daniel: Reg now has a similar model campervan version as well . With orphaned lambs and QED detector. My VW 4WD camper on the right. My Image:
  14. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    We're not done yet, Au, just a matter of me getting myself organised. Sure was MB! Morning start WA mid 90's. JHS cleaning teeth Here we go - - - " 11 oz lump from the "Monte Cristo" reef Havelock" Before the "Roughie" with the GS 15000. Don't recognise the young bloke with the beard! Sun Herald 11 Sep 86: Off sleddin' with daughter Thea: Detail 8 oz held by Ian earlier: "13 oz bit, all on its own near Stirling rush Wedderburn":