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  1. Whites GMT & MXT

    thanks steve the metal detector is awesome I found some small gold at bertha with ita and the small micro tieru coil
  2. ak mining has covers if need I have one for my gmt hit better than the dd 4x6 air test
  3. Whites GMT & MXT

    my question is how deep will my gmt go cause at the moment it wont see gold the size of a grain of rice under 2 inches of dirt just on the surface
  4. Whites GMT & MXT

    my mxt is good my gmt dosent seem to get depth
  5. Whites GMT & MXT

    thanks Brian ill be by around 5 I have a pice of gold it wont detect under 2inches of dirt but dose great on the surface
  6. Whites GMT & MXT

    Thanks Steve I think I got it my mxt won't pick up a tiny pice of foil but my gmt does
  7. Whites GMT & MXT

    Hello Steve I have a? I bought a gmt a 2008 e series from a brian that was at gains creek when you found a big nugget with a Mxt . I have an mxt 300 the gmt I got from him seems weak or not ad great as my mxt can you help it's an old gmt 2008 e series is there a way I can make it better. the brian from amds aka akmining he know you I want it to be better than my mxt