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  1. The Logistics Of Metal Detecting For Gold

    Thanks very much for your welcome and reply, Steve! Do you know of many detectorists who drive a 4-wheel vehicle as close to the site as possible and then ride an off-road motorcycle to the exact spot they'll be searching? The reason this is an issue for me is that I have pretty bad arthritis in my knees and would like to minimize walking to whatever extent possible.
  2. New member here and glad to be a part of this great forum! As someone who's looking forward to actually going out into the field with a metal detector for the first time, I'm interested in finding out how experienced nugget shooters actually "set-up camp," so to speak. Do you drive right up to the area you're going to cover in a 4-wheel drive vehicle? How close can you usually get to the exact ground you're going to search? Does anyone ever take a travel trailer out to those areas and stay a few days? Again, if so, how close are you usually able to get? Does anyone drive to the area in a 4-wheel drive and then ride to the site on an off-road motorcycle (or even off-road bicycle, if that's even feasible)? I'm interested in getting started in Arizona and Southern California but would eventually like to do some detecting in different regions of the West Coast up to Alaska.