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  1. Thanks guys for the feedback. Sounds like my kids will be digging a lot of holes I cant get them out nugget hunting but mention the beach and they are all in! Cheers
  2. Just wondering on peoples thoughts on how the GM would go on the beach, I am looking at buying one to use for hunting nuggets and cleaning up patches, but I go to the coast several times a year so it would be nice to still have a swing while on holidays. I have seen some commentary about them being okay at finding gold chains etc and I know I will dig a lot of junk, just after thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  3. Fantastic Pics JW, its on my bucket list to do a tour of NZ beautiful place, looks like I might have to pack my detector
  4. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Reg, I personally will never tire of the tales you have shared, fantastic reads. Keep them coming and consider it a prelude to a book
  5. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    What can I say, thanks JR for sharing this with us all & thanks to Reg for giving his okay. I got into detecting through a love of history and after moving to the GT read about what the old timers had to do to make a living, my curiosity led me to "have a go" & yep I am hooked. This album just adds so much to the history of the goldfields, and yes I think Reg could write one hell of a book. You both would be fantastic to have a beer with, oh the story's! Thanks again.
  6. Great read JW, the size of the gold it sniffs out is amazing!
  7. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Seems that way, but I live in hope that a nice one will come my way eventually
  8. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    JR, thanks for sharing all these. As a newbie to the Golden Triangle and detecting I am loving the history in these pictures. Created an account just to comment! wouldn't it be nice to revisit the area 30 years ago, wow. Thanks again JR.