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  1. Gold Hunting Shop In Ca?

    I was going to suggest Keene as well.
  2. Cross Field Advice

    Good point on how sometimes doing a personal recon to areas you are investigating, open up potential areas that you would not see via computer images. Also talking to the older folk at places like the Historical Society etc. who have a plethora of info in there heads and most enjoy sharing it too. Sweet find on that belt buckle!! if it could only tell us it's story.....
  3. Hello!

    From one newbie to another - welcome.
  4. Moto ( Motor Cycle ) Camping/ Detecting

    UPDATE.. Well we made it to our destination of Carrizo Plains Nat monument, but the detectors never made it out of the bag. We had another rider with us whom is not a detectorist, so to make him stop and sit while we check spot out, was not going to happen. Too much road time and only enough time to set camp, and camp ground was full. So even if we wanted to hit camp spots in the dark.....no go....So it ended up just being a ride and no MDing. Sorry about that. Probably shouldn't even post this since there is no MDing involved. Cheers and happy TG to all. G
  5. Moto ( Motor Cycle ) Camping/ Detecting

    Cool! Here is a pic from our last trip up in Sequoia Nat. forest above Kernville. Big fire north of us, kind of smoked us out the whole weekend and the pickings were slim. No rings. No silver. I managed 1 wheatie (1945). Plenty of Quarters, dimes and nickels and zinc. Still a great ride and camp trip and detecting new areas. I will elaborate a bit more detail on this next trip. We plan on visiting Carrizo Plains national Monument as well, more than likely we won't do much detecting there, but we have some spots to recon on our way there.
  6. Hello all! This weekend I am heading out for a Motor Cycle Camp trip (Adventure Bikes) and we always take our detectors. Hoping to find some nice out-of-the-way areas that have not been hit too hard. Camp Grounds have been a good source of hunting for us in the past and we have made about 5 trips this year on bikes, some are local day trips and others are over-nighter's. I love doing this and it has gotten me out to some really neat/old places. Just curious if anyone else out there has done this same type of hunting - MC/camping etc. I'll post the adventure here if anyone is interested.
  7. Silver, Titanium And Wheat

    You beat me to my follow-up question GB! Thank you for the well written and detailed answer. I must admit that I am still a bit of a gorilla when it comes to extracting targets and your points on potential coin values remind me of that. My cleaning and handling methods will be modified accordingly. Thank you. Most of the time I just drop the coin into my pouch and move on, looking at them more closely, later at home. But getting them into the pouch can be a little ugly and I need to work on my removal finesse and clean up. What if that wheat was a 1955 Double D - and I scratched it and or gouged it with a digging tool??? I'd be a little P-O'd. I was considering a sonic cleaner.... yes? no? maybe?
  8. Silver, Titanium And Wheat

    Well I guess cleaning with the scrub pad side of the kitchen sponge is the wrong thing? Haha still new at this I guess. The ring was fairly clean as was the dime, so I take blame on the penny only.
  9. Cross Field Advice

    Good post GB. I too forced myself to try something new and out of my comfort zone and get the heck out there and do it!! Picked a new I place I've been staring at on my screen and saving for that "full" day I may get some time. And yes the usual excuses dribbled into my head as I am contemplating going.... yup - it was a long drive and not prepared for the cold. I had to hike in a few miles and I had to go alone and barely got out by dark.. blah, blah, blah.....and it was freaking AMAZING and can't wait to go out again. And for my efforts, I was rewarded with my first piece of silver in the three years I have been doing this. Needless to say, I drove home with a very big sense of accomplishment. Nugget hunting is on my list now to get out there and DO IT!! Cheers G
  10. Hello all and happy Monday. I was able to get out for the day yesterday and decided to tackle an area I have been researching in the local forest. An old trail camp site with no car access. This place has a lot of history even before the Forest service took it over and made it a public camp. I hiked in and brought my X705 with the Elliptical coil - I should have brought my 6" DD for where i was at, but the Elliptical worked OK. I just focused on two sites with the 2 hours I had to hunt. I was stoked to score my first piece of Silver - 1940 Merc. and then a nice 1955 Wheatie. Kept going and what was ringing out like a solid Nickel, ended up being a nice Titanium ring!! Also lots of Pennies, Dimes and Nickels with most dating in the 60's and 70's. As I was hiking up and out of the Canyon, I came across this.. I was very happy on my drive home and I feel confident that I have found some virgin ground that I can go back to again. I want to back-pack in some time and spend the night for a real good hunt. that would be fun.
  11. When To Walk Away....

    GB I am using the 18.75 - a little better on the smaller gold items etc. I too have a little dialing in to do, but I think it will be a good weapon for the right situation. I also have a little 6" DD in the 18.75 - perfect for tight areas with lots of trash to sift through but also very sensitive! Salt water has no mercy..... not sure how long that takes though..
  12. Quest For Silver

    Great post! I've got silver on my bucket list and sites to explore as well. so good read for that. But the jewelry tips as well!! I can't be on this site while at work!! the reading here is too good and I get sucked up into it all! Darn you all !!
  13. More Ground Coverage And More Targets

    Thanks Mike and good points. I am adjusting accordingly for the 705 reaction time. And I have determined that I am not in a competition either at least for speed or quantity (but still a best find comp with my buddy) . I'll do my own hunt and enjoy it - but always learning and make some necessary changes too! Cheers and thank you. G
  14. When To Walk Away....

    OK I got out yesterday at lunch and hit the nearby beach for a half hour. Gridded off an area about 100 sq ft and went to it. Every solid hit went into my scoop, the chatty ones I passed up (and if it WAS a deep keeper - I didn't have the right tool with me to get it anyway). So stuck with scoop-depth targets. I' used the new 15" WOT I acquired (thanks Tim) on my X705. She is indeed very sensitive and noisy running over the wet sand, and since at that moment I forgot how to activate the Beach-ground mode and I should have maybe tried the auto ground track too - but didn't....., I just dropped sensitivity down and stayed in dryer sand. But she was quite easy to use when discerning multiple targets next to each other and I picking one of my quarters out of some junk. So I felt good about that - And I also was calling out the target before viewing, and the lead weights had me going for sure! Everything my detector said to dig, I dug. and went in my pouch. here was my findings (trash and all) for that 30 mins.
  15. When To Walk Away....

    Great read! And real good points to keep in mind on my next hunt. G