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  1. Try a dot of hot glue on the buttons to make them easier to "see" with your fingers.
  2. Againstmywill

    Class Ring Goes Home

    I pass many signals in that number range because they are not very robust and lack the "full" sound of a quality target. I'm sure I have passed up gold rings, but I have been listening for strong sounds down in that number range just for that reason. This ring gave a "dig me" sound vs. the other junk that lives in the lower numbers. I have found close to a dozen men's gold rings, but not a women's ring with stone. Hence, I've really been focusing on those lower numbers to check that off the bucket list.
  3. Againstmywill

    Class Ring Goes Home

    Got to give the ring to the mother of the person, today. She will send it off shortly. She said her son was not expecting to ever see it again and the fact that it was found completely blew him away. Fun to return it and see his mom's face.
  4. Againstmywill

    Class Ring Goes Home

    I detected a couple parks this weekend for a total of about 5 hours. One of the parks I have found a gold men's band at before. This time I found a class ring. While it's not gold (Lustrium), it's still special. It rang up a strong 3-4. I Googled the person's name which was in the inside of the ring and was able to track him down. He lives out of state but has family close by. Glad to be able to get it back to the owner. He could not believe that it was found after so many years. He was a 2009 graduate. Park 1, 50 tone, recovery 7, GB, and tracking on. The earring and other ring are silver.
  5. Againstmywill


    How wide is it? Is the hanger portion made of iron?
  6. Againstmywill

    Moving To Florida

    Flbchbm--Thanks for the information and taking the time to post it. I will have to try the "W" pattern and see how that works. I'll be on the Gulf side, so the waves should not be too bad. Only about a month until the move, and then the learning begins!
  7. Againstmywill

    Weak Spot In Ml80 Headphones?

    Checked mine and all appears OK for now. Thanks for the heads-up for a possible spot for failure in the future.
  8. Againstmywill

    Help With Coin ID

    I was to an older site, that likely contained homes at one point, that was being stripped of sod for a community garden. I was on speed 8 and it sounded like a machine gun with all the iron and bits of junk in the ground. I was able to find 2 wheats, one Army button, a Swiss Army knife and enough modern pennies that I don't have to worry about zinc deficiency any time soon. One of the items I found was a coin (I think) that looks Chinese or Japanese. If anyone has an idea, it would be very helpful. It is very thin and appears to be made of copper, as it is fairly bendable. There are no marks on the reverse. Park 1, 50 tones, mostly speed 7, and tracking on.
  9. Againstmywill

    Stealth 720i Sand Scoop Questions

    So, anything to share about what you thought of the scoop? I'll soon be in the market for one and the one you bought is on the list of possibilities as well as a size up from this one. Thanks
  10. Againstmywill

    Gold Ring #3 And Silver Jewelry

    Park 1 in the grass at a local school built in late 90's. The rings were each about 2-3 inches down, except the mustache ring which was deep in the grass on the surface of the dirt.
  11. I detected a school very close to my home that I have hit extensively in the past and have always wanted to pull a gold ring from it. It has been 9 years that I have detected it without success using an AT Pro, Teknetics G2, an MXT, and an E-Trac. I was out for one and a half hours today. Tracking was on, 50 tone, 23 sensitivity, and 7 for speed. The ring on the left is silver but the stones are fake. The Moon is also silver. The ring to the right of that is gold. The two other rings are junk. The charm bracelet is also junk. I found the rings among very heavily foiled junk. The silver ring came in at a 24, the gold ring came in at 16. As you can see, I did not dig much trash. The Rings were easy to tell that they were something different than the trash around them due to their numbers sticking out as different from the trash and pennies. My first hunt with the machine was March 10. Average for me was about one gold ring every 6 months or so. This machine ups my average!
  12. Againstmywill

    Moving To Florida

    Ed, I finally looked up the SRARC and found out they meet 2.5 miles from my new home. I will have to join when I finally move. Thanks for the information.
  13. This represents about 8 hours of detecting. I hit some places that I've hit hard in the past. There's one 14K gold ring with what I believe are fake diamonds, but I will be getting them tested. It didn't work on my cheap Amazon tester, so I'm hoping it's just a cheap tester. There are two silver rings and one unknown ring as it has no markings. The necklace is silver and rang up between 22 and 23. The gold band rang up as a 9- 10. The silvers rang up about 22. I was using Park One, recovery speed 7, ground balanced and tracking on. I would say I now have about 20 hours on the machine total.
  14. Againstmywill

    Wm 08 Wireless Audio Module Dropping Out

    The BT headphones work without dropping out, so I will give ML a call and see what they say. Thanks
  15. Againstmywill

    Wm 08 Wireless Audio Module Dropping Out

    I have used the wireless receiver in my left front t-shirt pocket with nothing else over it. I have drops when I swing to the right side. No, before you wonder, I am not 500 lbs. I would love to put in my right pocket, but there is not a pocket on my right side. Seems to me that it would be good if the detector would work on both side of my body with the wireless. I would clip it on my belt, but the point of the device is to minimize wires tangling other things. I will have to experiment more.