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  1. What Is Your Reasoning For A New Equinox?

    It will give my arm a break from the atx! It will also help in areas I need good discrimination.
  2. I did not really mean actual legal historical sites, but sites with good old time history that could leave items long lost in the dirt or gravels, like old river crossings and old train stations etc. I am not one to walk to a local park with perfect grass, or a nice soccer field and start digging in them....just seems wrong.
  3. goldseeker4000, I am hunting for gold in BC, Canada, around the fraser and thompson rivers more or less in the low water bedrock, also around the hills maybe where some host rock might be for gold although highly unlikely I will find that as I am not going to be hunting too much for that. Most of my detecting will hopefully be river banks, beaches, old historic sites, and old gathering sites. Some snorkle hunting at the local park campground beaches later in the season when the water is low and warm as well, some magnet fishing at the local boat launch docks as well lol.
  4. The kind of tips I am looking for would be little things like good simple tools of the trade and how to wear/use them such as pouches or makeshift pouches, tool holders, and water tools like a rope or bungee to hold your detector while you use and deal with your scoop in deep or shallow water, if your bouncing around in the water I am sure the pouch would need a zipper or way to close it. Is there something that you can attach to your detector to keep it up and out of the mucky sand when put it down to dig like a little fold out stand you can quickly flip out or is that overkill? I am just looking for cool little hunting ideas, I have seen quite a few ideas already and have not really come across a dedicated video site for that, aquachigger youtube guy has some good videos out for great ideas and is not totally sold out on a single brand, although seems to be pushed towards garrett a little of course. The more I hunt I guess the more I will come up with my homemade things to make things easier I guess.
  5. I have been scouring the youtube site for many months, I have subscribed to many users checking their latest videos for every little tip and trick in my spare time. I was just wondering if steve herschbach has a youtube channel or some sort of video tutorial site to check out. I have found this forum very informative and thought maybe there is some real life video footage of some of this stuff!! All that video editing and extra crap that goes along with it is probably a little too time consuming with what he has going on as it is...Any suggestions other than youtube, or is that my best bet?
  6. Beach Modes Question

    Does anyone know a lot about the beach modes? Should it be actually called salt water beach modes? I just hunt freshwater and I am sure it is probably obvious to most, but would someone use the beach modes in fresh water at all? Would the equinox be best put to a normal soil mode for a fresh water beach condition? Thanks.
  7. New Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page

    Hopefully they don't try to make really good profits on the extras, seems like they charge an excessive amount for the waterproof headphones for instance.
  8. New Garrett ATX Coils & 2016 ATX Detector Options

    Is the newer 11 x 13 waterproof to 10 feet still? I know it would be a royal pita to wave around in the water but does garrett still make those ones waterproof to the same depth as the older ones?
  9. I have had to replace the little speaker on my old goldbug 2. Pretty straight forward!