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  1. There's a WM08 for sale on eBay, the guy said they retail for 259.00. I'm not sure where he got that price.
  2. Do you mind if I ask who your dealer is? I just called my dealer and he hasn't heard a word yet. I hope they get on the ball in short order and get this thing going.
  3. I sure hope that's true, I had set aside 299.00 for the 6-inch coil and an extra 50 bucks for a lower rod. That would be excellent if it's within that time frame.
  4. Little Nox Action Today

    Excellent variety of finds, that's a great hunt!!
  5. Stopped at a park yesterday because I saw they had removed some grass from an area. First target within 3 minutes was a 56 rosie, the only coin in the spot. I went to the zoo today where they had dug up an old dead tree, only target within 5 minutes was a ugly old Merc. I was running Park 1, 2-tone, tone break set at 23, recovery 7 and iron bias 1 It was great to swing faster than I ever could with the CTX, I had to cover ground fast because my time on both days was very limited. Both dimes were hitting at 26-27 and were very shallow.
  6. This was cut from a scrap piece I had left over from putting some on the CTX, I'll replace it sometime soon with the full pieces I just bought, but, it's not an issue since I also use the Deno's cover. Pealing the Zagg off is no issue, I've done it a couple of times before without any problems.
  7. Zero air bubbles with the Zagg, it's a wet application and goes on very easy. I always wet the surface and the Zagg, makes it go on smooth.
  8. I've had my battery out a couple of times taking pictures, I have to say, you'd almost have to go out of your way to screw the seals up. But, I'm sure someone could find a way to damage them if they weren't paying attention to how the pod goes back in.
  9. That was the original plan, but I screwed up the Minelab cover in the process.And yes, I covered the entire face plate with the Zagg. The Nox faceplate was easier to cut a template for than the CTX or the Etrac.
  10. Equinox 800 Wireless Phones Made By Miccus?

    I sold my Minelab wireless phones after using them once. No where near as crisp and sharp as running my Killer B's thru the WM08. They sounded muffled or hollow to me, but, that's just my opionion.
  11. I picked these up this past week for my Equinox from E-bay for $5.99 for a pack of 3. The size is perfect for the Nox, simply cut to fit and a great way to add extra protection to the entire face of the 800 or 600. I've been using the Invisible-Shields for the last 3 years, they work like a champ, almost completely scratch proof. These are a very inexpensive way to save your screen and touchpad from getting jacked up. I thought I'd pass this along.
  12. I Struggled At A Desert Rail Stop

    I've hunted along railroad tracks and have had the same problem with the CTX. My first instinct would be dropped the sensitivity down and then run the recovery speed up. If everything is shallow, then you don't have to worry about losing depth with the higher recovery speeds.
  13. Threshold Adjustment

    The threshold doesn't disc out anything, but it will allow you to hear when you run across a target you've disc'd out, by the sound dropping off. I run a barely audible threshold, but, I do not run any disc at all. It functions the same as the Tesoro's threshold. I do not like running the threshold volume too high as it becomes annoying. There really isn't any "consequence" to running a barely audible threshold unless it's so low you can't hear what's going on under the coil.
  14. https://www.minelab.com/anz/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/recovery-speed-target-masking Great write up Steve, thank you for your time and all the effort spent trying to help us learn the secrets of the Nox.