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  1. Thank you Steve for the swift reply, I 'll pass the info, not the pic, along. That's what I thought I had seen a while back, not being a water hunter, never given it much thought. The waterproof aspect isn't a concern for me being I don't water hunt here in the middle of the desert. It would seem that beach hunting covers a rather large audience according to the number of posts on all the forums. All is well once more !!!
  2. That screws into the headphone jack to make it waterproof without having to plug in waterproof headphones? It seems some guys on another forum are getting worked up about the Nox needing extra accessories to completely waterproof the machine if your not using wp headphones. Thanks!!
  3. JMT Metal Detectors ( John M. Tracy) lost his beloved wife Jenny due to a terrible car Accident December 26th, 2017 John's wife, and mother-in-law, were both tragically killed in the accident. His father-in-law was injured. Earlier on Finds Treasure Forums we had the unpleasant task of posting JMT Detectors John M. Tracy lost his wife due to a terrible tragic car accident John has two special needs children that is now taking all his time to care and provide for. John has had to close his business at this time to achieve that goal. Finds Treasure Forums ask that if you will please make a donation to the Jennifer Tracy Memorial Fund Mail to.................................................. Jenny Tracy Memorial Fund c/o Brenda Wolfe 16344 N. 700th St. Robinson, IL 62454 Make checks payable to the Jenny Tracy Memorial Fund. It is being handled through John and Jennifer's church. This will give John a helping hand in the care of his children at this tragic time in his and their life. Thank you in advance for your donations. Our deepest sympathy goes out to John and his family. Finds Treasure Forums I would have posted this earlier, but, we have been waiting for the family to respond before posting anywhere. John nor his family asked that we post this, but several fellow members thought that John could use some help and maybe other members would like a chance to help out. Thanks.
  4. Emf

    It's called a noise cancel button and yes, the Nox has one, as does the CTX, Etrac and the Explorers. The Noise Cancel function allows you to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) or noise from the detector. The CTX 3030 may become noisy due to electrical interference from power lines, electrical equipment or other detectors operating close by. The detector interprets this interference as inconsistent, erratic detections. Noise Cancel can be performed automatically (default) or manually. Auto Noise Cancel instructs the detector to automatically scan and listen to every channel, and select the one with least interference.
  5. They may use the same set of phones, but, it will have a different connector.
  6. Equinox Speaker

    Steve, I was under the impression that this was an accessory part and did notcome with the machine, if that's the case, and it does, problem solved!!
  7. Equinox Speaker

    You know, now that you mention it, I'm wondering if one plugs into the Nox directly(who would) (me) if it's wired the same as the CTX jack(mono) I'm running an 1/8" angled male patch cable with a 1/4" female end mounted on the back end on the Nox. I use a Periscope Probe and need to plug directly into the machine. I've tried plugging the Periscope to the WM 10 but, for some reason when the audio goes from the WM10 thru the Periscope then to my phones, the audio get distorted just enough to throw the sound off. I'm hoping that's not the case with WM08, if it is, I have my plan in the works!!!
  8. Equinox Speaker

    I would assume, an 1/8" male stereo to 1/4" female for the 1/4" male jack on the headphones. I may have one in my stash.
  9. Equinox Speaker

    Is that an 1/8" jack on the WM 08? I sure hope not, if it is, I need to buy an angled adapter.
  10. 2018 - Year Of The Equinox!

    Thanks for the info Steve, excellent write up!! I have 4 spots that I'm convinced are "worked out" I have been hitting these places hard for the last 3 years with the Etrac and CTX, with every size coil(Etrac) and from every direction until finally they've played out. I'm betting the Equinox is exactly what the doctor ordered as all of them are polluted with iron and trash. I'm banking on the speed and the flexibility of the use of tones to bring to light a few more quality finds. I'm getting both coils if they are available at the time of the shipment of the Nox. I'm thinking even with the big coil, the recovery speed might offset the size of the coil in relation to masking(hoping) I'm very much looking forward to putting the Nox to the test in these spots, if it does what I'm hoping, and I'll be surprised if it doesn't, it'll be the perfect clean up machine for the CTX.
  11. Pinpoint Sensitivity Adjustments

    Thanks for the clarification, I couldn't understand a word he was saying and the translater mode was doing a lousy job. Thank you. Sounds like it's the same type used on every other machine and I do like the idea of being able to adjust the pitch of the pinpoint tone.
  12. Response To Small Targets

    This might help answer how well it responds to small targets, although it will not answer your other questions, but, it's a start. The first target was found at 5" which is very impressive and I'm guessing in most mineralized soil to boot.
  13. Steve, I remember seeing in a video(Russian tester) that the pinpoint mode has a separate sensitivity adjustment. Now, I believe the Nox has modulated audio which can help to identify deeper targets from the more shallow ones. I'm thinking the pinpoint sensitivity could come in very handy to also help determine the depth of a target along with the modulated audio. Have you experimented with the pinpoint sensitivity yet and do you feel this a feature that has any real benefit to it?
  14. Nox Battery Charge Time

    I believe I read 5 hours, but it can be recharged on the fly with a portable power bank while hunting.
  15. Thanks for posting this Steve, very interesting indeed!! So, it looks like the EQ800 is just the beginning of a new line of Minelab machines. It sure would be interesting to see an EQ1000 with target trace and a 2-D screen.