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  1. Emirates Team New Zealand does it. Wins the 35th America's Cup. Post at top of the page. JW
  2. Hi Rick, Just saw your comment after posting my last one. I am pretty satisfied now that my slight bump issue is just a result of me running the GM 1000 flat out & on the very edge of its hardware limits. Steve H made a comment in one of his posts a little while back saying: "I am as guilty as anyone of running detectors "too hot". It's an old habit, and one that runs contrary to the vast amount of advice on running detectors. Nearly every expert and every written word on the subject recommends seeking a stable, solid threshold. The Sensitivity or Gain control is the primary method for doing this. The advice in general "when encountering noise of any sort, lower the sensitivity. The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is running at extremely high levels of internal gain and also with boosted audio. I have always complained about detectors that can be run at full Gain under nearly all conditions, as it makes me feel like performance is being "left on the table". I like machines that become unstable at high Sensitivity levels, and which then must be backed off to find the realistic maximum setting for the conditions. The problem metal detector manufacturers then face is people just automatically running the machines too hot, as they fear a loss of depth. This in turn leads to complaints of machines being unstable or "too noisy". End of quote. So it is probably trying to tell me to back off a little but as I am getting no ground noise/feedback I am staying put & just dealing with it by very careful coil control sweep & placement. Some thing I have had to "train" myself to do with the Zed also, so second nature now. The coil cable itself is very solid & stiff. Quite a chunky cable compared to others, especially on the little 5" coil. The collar sleeve where the cable goes in to the coil housing is very solid so I doubt there is any movement coming from there. I am not waving it around like a mad man bashing it hard. It doesn't take much tightening of the coil bolt to make the coil too solid on the end of the shaft. Making for difficult angle changing of the coil to suit the ground surface. Also too if the cable is left too short or tied to the shaft. I like to have a little slack in the cable to allow the coil head to tilt easily with out pulling on the cable. Possibly it would be nice if the little 5" coil was solid epoxy filled, like the 6x3 GB2 coil, to lock tight the coil winding's inside. That would dis spell any lose wire winding thoughts that I have/had. Thanks Good luck out there JW
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the comments & feedback. IdahoPeg, That is one thing I have noticed too. If the indicator flickers on to the nonferrous side, even just slightly, it ends up being non ferrous. May not always be gold in my case but never ends up being iron. Even if it seems to favour the iron side more so if it strays over to non ferrous side it ends up being non ferrous. So always a "dig me" signal. These are the little things you pick up on with a bit of time under your belt & you dont leave them un dug. Cheers. Hi Jen, Yer....sorry sis, the phone battery died on me. I was sort of um & ahring at the end there as being in manual sensitivity on 10 & in Deep All Metal is the hottest to run the detector & I wasn't getting the stronger & deeper hit that I usually do get & I was wanting to show. I wonder now if it had anything to do with the target being disturbed & already dug out of the ground. Thats the reason I am not a fan of air tests when people do coil & detector test comparisons. What really matters to me is the in ground undisturbed target/signal. I am a sucker for trying to run as hot as I can, or as hot as I am comfortable with to get the most performance, depth & sensitivity to get the absolute best chance of getting what ever may be there. Considering where I am detecting has been thrashed over the years by all makes & models of detectors way before I came on to the scene, so any gold left is going to be small/tiny. Being happy running this hot & just managing the coil touch sensitivity by "trying" to avoid touching any thing. That was my battle initially with the GM 1000 as I was getting no ground noise or feedback running in Deep All Metal Mode & manual 10 sensitivity until I slightly touched something. Where as with the GB2 I can, like you say, use its coil like a shovel pushing & scrubbing into the ground. I just cant do that with the GM 1000 unless I back off the sensitivity quite a bit in which case there are signals I just wouldn't then get. I will "fiddle" with a few settings to knock back on that touch issue if I want to focus on an area where I cant help touching a bush or the ground. Firstly, I will stay in manual 10 sensitivity & go in to iron reject which takes away a bit of sensitivity & depth. Or stay in Deep All Metal & back off to 9 may be even 8 or go in to Auto+. The beauty is that all this can be done by the push of your thumb while still detecting. Always trying to maintain the hottest edge in relation to bump sensitivity as a target signal usually stands out against a bump falsing signal. It is quite obvious how a target signal usually really stands out with the GM 1000's all time auto audio boost. Unless it is a right on the fringe target signal. They are the tricky ones that can be masked by the bump signal & take a bit of fiddling with to put your mind at ease as to if it was a target signal or a bump signal. This area I am covering at the moment with the GM 1000, when I am done I will go over it with the GB2. That will be interesting. Cheers. Thanks too beatup. Best of luck to you all out there JW
  4. Hi guys, A short clip finding a tiny bit of gold with the GM 1000 & 5" coil. The battery went flat right at the end before I had finished. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  5. Nice find deutran. Is that a Chinamans tooth stuck in it? Good luck out there JW
  6. Hi there IdahoPeg. 6 must be a lucky number with the GM 1000. I have achieved that number a few times now with it. Good finds. Well done. It is hard not to like. You are right..... it is a fun machine. Good luck out there JW
  7. Hi guys, Emirates team New Zealand had a great day on the water today. 2 wins takes them to a 6-1 lead & are now on match point & one win away to bring the mug back to New Zealand. We can not forget San Francisco 4 years ago when the Kiwi's were up 8-1 & only needed the one more win & it just didnt happen. Oracle Team USA taking the next 8 races to retain the Auld Mug. Heart break for NZ. Hopefully....fingers & toes wont happen again. Go Team NZ. Good luck out there on the water tomorrow. Cheers guys JW
  8. Hi there Sourdough Scott. I can see you "fighting" your wife to use it....I reckon you are just using your wife as an excuse to get one. I know you will like it. Good luck out there JW
  9. Very interesting...thanks Steve for putting that up. Wouldnt that high frequency read off his hand waving it over the coil in locating his target?. I know the GB2 at 71 khz does as does the GM 1000 at 45 khz. I like how he said "All that noise is ground information". Which it exactly is. Certainly is a different kettle of fish detecting on those types of sites & for the targets he is after compared to gold & goldfield sites. Whole different ball game. Thanks again. Good luck out there JW
  10. That stinks. What a slap in the face. The home country of Minelab....... JW
  11. Hi Jen, Thanks Sis for dropping in. Nice to hear from you. At first I thought you were using the GM but take it now it was the SDC 2300. Be interesting to see how the GM does for you. I haven't missed yet with the GM......but then I am going to areas where I did well in the past & just know there is small/tiny gold there that my PI's & the Zed weren't getting. Be it oh so small. Dont know how long I can keep it up getting that fly speck gold. Good luck to you & Mike out there. All the best JW
  12. Hi guys, Headed out for 3 hours late this arvo to the spot where I left off on my last little finds with the GM 1000. In amongst the exposed bed rock schist that the old timers had sluiced down to & also in & around their tailings races. Didnt take long to get the first little hit on the drop off down in to a tailings race. Scratched it out of that crevice on that little ledge The next signal was down about three inches & I thought it was going to be bigger than it turned out to be. My next signal was in the exposed bed rock on the top edge of a tailings race or drainage channel that the old timers had carved out of the solid schist. A few scrapes & the signal was out It wasnt long until the sun would be going & I hit another signal just as the sky lit up in to a beautiful sun set. The signal was a small piece of gold. And the sky was a beautiful gold as well. Time to pack up & walk out. All up 5 tiddlers for .34 of a gram Deep All Metal Mode & Manual Sensitivity on 10. Cheers guys. Good luck out there JW
  13. Hi Steve, I recall following your UK hunt all those years ago at the time of you reporting it with great interest. That bell find stuck in my mind for some reason. Something very different & it must have exciting detecting a freshly plowed field in hope & expectation. Cheers. JW
  14. That is why I said it wasn't fair But should never ass u it makes an ass of u me & if you submit never know your luck. As to the coin....Didnt you also find a little silver bell thing that was thought to be off a servants clothing/uniform sleeve....or something along those lines.....that was held on to as you had to relinquish "precious" metal finds until a search & ID was done on them. Did you get it back eventually? Good luck out there JW
  15. Is that a Whites battery? Looks like my GMT & MXT battery. JW