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  1. Not Too Bad A Weekend

    Thanks guys for the comments & kind words. It has been a long time coming & long time over due getting that Zed over some multi gram pieces. Be it only the two. Admittedly I am still going back over old ground & I am thinking just how well my 3000 & 4500 did on the deeper bigger bits I got with them. While the Zed has been dynamite on the same size smaller bits but at better depth than the 3000 & 4500 the bigger deeper ones haven't been leaping out at me. Like I said in my post, I just had a very good feeling about the conditions & the depth of the moisture in to the ground & it possibly giving me that bit more depth & sensitivity. I still have many just like spots that I just need those "better" conditions to prevail to give me an edge on bigger deeper bits if they are there. I am a sucker for going back over these areas time & time again, just hoping that conditions are better for me on the day as I always feel there is deeper gold there. I also think the cooler weather helps too & the overcast cloudy rainy day that it was. No direct sun or heat to cause solar influence. I noticed solar influence with my PI's & more so when the sun was at its highest in the sky. Night time has always been a good time to detect. The detectors always run much quieter & smoother & you can up the sensitivity. Made some nice finds during the dark hours & no fly's. Norvic: I have been trying very hard to talk myself out of getting a 19" coil & I have been doing a good job of it....up until you chimed in....you bugger. Maybe your 19" coil is in need of a vacation & a change of scenery. Hint hint....I will look after it.... Cheers again guys. Best of luck out there JW
  2. Hi madtuna Steve, Here is a link to the operation of the MD 20 Falcon gold probe to help you get the best out of it. There are tell tail signs between metal & mineralization. Rather than me try to go through it the link explains it all. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/682706/Falcon-Md20.html Good luck mate. JW
  3. Thats awesome mad fish. You may need to try a Falcon MD 20 if you are getting no signals on the stone from detectors. The Falcon is in its element on that kind of stuff. Cant have you throwing away stone like that due to no signals....Did you try the Gold Monster or a Gold Bug 2 on the stone? Good luck out there JW
  4. Two From The One Hole

    Thanks Dave. A new pick hey.....that will explain it. Good luck out there in WA JW
  5. Two From The One Hole

    Nice Dave. Good on you mate. I am still surprised how much paint is still on your pick handle. And the label is still on the side there I can see. just taking the piss. Good luck out there JW
  6. Hi guys, Well....Mrs JW went up north for a few days to catch up with friends & family leaving me home alone for the weekend. We all know what that means......Johnny click beetle can go detecting for the whole weekend & stay out up there in the hills sleeping rough. So early Saturday morning with batteries all charged up, tucker bag, thermos, cooking primus & all other required paraphernalia, I was off. 2.5 hours drive later & I was rigged up & in to it. The conditions were absolutely perfect for detecting. About 4 degrees Celsius, that's 4 degrees above freezing point. So cool but not cold. Well not to me anyway. Not a breath of wind & going to be a lovely sunny winters day. The ground was nice & moist but not saturated & I was amazed at how deep the moisture had actually penetrated into the ground. Found this out after digging a few crap signals. Usually the ground is bone dry when you have dug down 4-6 inches. I was excited by the depth of the moisture in the ground as I know this enhances depth & sensitivity beyond what is "normal". It did make for a bit more liveliness from the ground but nothing I was uncomfortable with. I stayed in High Yield/Normal & even cranked the sensitivity up to 10 from my usual more conservative settings of around 4-6. I had decided to hit some well flogged areas, three in fact, where I had done very well on & had found some nice patches. Two of the areas were pretty close to each other all had each given up to me well over an ounce from each patch. They were all discovered back in my GP 3000 days & with the 24 x 12 inch coiltek UFO coil. Giving up numerous multi gram pieces & the usual small gold that I normally get. I had been over them a couple of times all ready with the Zed. Getting some small but deeper gold from two of the spots but nothing off the other. Due to the conditions I had a very confident feeling as I know that no one gets all the gold & despite me having been over these areas so many times over the years with all coils on my PI detectors I knew there still had to gold there. The day had a good feeling about it. The grass was very short, not only due to the winter conditions, but the sheep had been in these areas in the last couple of weeks & chewed it right down. They had even chewed the tussock grasses right down to the little nub or crown that sticks up 2-3 inches above the ground level. In the past I had to just detect around these tussocky grasses as I could not wave my coils over them. Today was different. Although with the Zed I had to be very careful in lifting the coil up & over these crowns as the Zed doesn't like to have its coil raised & lowered from the ground so I had to do it very slowly. In fact I detected very slowly over the entire areas skidding the coil over the ground listening intently for any faint whisper or interruption in the threshold. So....first spot & after an hour I got a faint but nice sounding signal. I had been getting quite a few of those little double hit signals that usually end up being a very shallow shot gun pellet. I usually dig every thing but as I had been over these areas not long ago with the Zed I took these to be new shot gun pellet type signals to be from recent rabbit shooting. So if they moved after a couple of scrapes I just moved on. I was waiting for the signal to live on down a bit before I would carry on to retrieve the target. So this signal was living on down beyond the usual shot gun pellet signal. If you click on a pic once it goes through to flicker. If you click again on the pic it will go full screen if you want a closer up or to see more detail. Bingo....a sassy bit of gold. Then just heaps more shot gun pellet signals So I stopped for a coffee break before getting back into it. Half an hour into it I got a signal that lived on down a bit. The dig was into a top soil & not looking promising. So I went & got the GM 1000. It told me it was non ferrous so I carried on with the dig. I was just getting into crunchy schist gravels when the signal was out. So I placed a few handfuls of dirt over the Zed's coil until it nutted off. Whittled the target down to a light in weight item in my hand. Hmmmm I thought.....not gold but not iron either. I rubbed it in my hands to get some of the dirt off it. I then ended up with two bits in my hand. A piece had broken off. I passed the smaller bit over the Zed's coil & nothing. So I dropped it in the dig out dirt pile & waved the bigger bit over the coil & it nutted off. Couldn't see any gold in it & was thinking that maybe it was a piece of aluminum. Which seemed odd for this area. I didnt want to stick it in my mouth so I went back to my wagon, which wasn't far away, & got my bottle of water & gave it a wash. It was a gold quartz specimen piece. Choice but bugger. As I had dropped the smaller bit that broke off in the dig out dirt. As the Zed didn't register on it I got the Gold Monster on to it in the dig out pile. It sniffed it out & I gave it a wash up & it showed colours of gold. Ye Ha. Scanned the hole again with the Zed & the Monster & nothing. Scanned the dig out pile again with them both. Nothing with the Zed but got a hit with the Monster. Another small specimen bit. So two for the Monster & one for the Zed. The Zed getting the signal in the first place & the Monster cleaning up two more. Loving it. A couple of hours later & nothing more so that called for another time out & a coffee break. Another few hours & no more gold. It was just getting on to dark when I got a signal that again lived on down a bit. Into that lovely crunchy schist gravel & then the signal was out. Another little bit of gold. That was it for Saturday. So made myself comfortable in an old timers rock hut shelter. Cooked up a feed, had a coffee & hit the sack. Woke up to rain. Bugger. So was in no hurry to get up. Made a coffee at about 9.30am & cooked up some sausages, baked beans & toast. Another coffee, made up the thermos & then the rain stopped. I headed off to spot number 2. Rigged up & got into it with the Zed. Not even 5 minutes & a sweet sounding signal that lived on down. Just to the right of the bottom of the coil you will see a little grassy clumpy nub/crown from a tussock type grass that the sheep have chewed down. More on that in a minute. I was down onto schist bedrock & the signal was out. Backed up on the dig out dirt & bingo..... Sweet. No more signals. Back filled & carried on. One very slow sweep over that little clumpy nub of grass. Oh...what was that?? Oh...nothing. Changed direction & tried again. Oh...that was something...I am sure....Mmmmm....maybe not. bugger it. Tried again. Still not convinced. Got the pick & knocked that nub of grass off to ground level. Scanned again. Oh hell yeah...that is something. but Oh so faint. Scrapped away quite a bit more & yes...that is something & still in the ground. Again I got down to that schist bed rock & it was still in there. The signal was booming. Where the scoop is was where the first bit of gold came out of & back filled. Down 500 mm, 20 or so inches, & the signal was out. I was just about to get the Gold monster to pin point it & to see if it was ferrous or non ferrous. No need now & I could feel the weight in my hand. You bloody beauty. My biggest bit since last year. 3.62 grams. A beaut round ball chunky bit. YE HA.... Then it started to rain again but I battled on. A few hours later & nothing more. The rain got heavier so I went to my wagon & had a coffee. Thinking of heading off. I moved to the third spot which wasnt far away. The rain stopped so I thought I would give this area a go. It was the area where I had got nothing with the Zed on two previous occasions. About an hour into it I got a very faint whisper on another of those grass nubs. Knocked it off to ground level & it brightened up. Down on to the crunchy schist gravels & it was still in there. Suddenly it was out. Backed up on the dirt pile. Got the signal in my hand. Ended up with a dirty looking stone in my hand nutting off. Had a little bit of weight to it. Gave it a rub & saw the glimmer of gold through the dirt. Bit of spit & polish And.... Another whopper. Well whopper for me aye. 4.39 grams to be exact. YE bloody HA. Bit of quartz still attached to it. I wasn't far from my wagon. Hows that ground for detecting? Bits of quartz scattered about. Very low grass. just perfect. The rain came back in & I decided to head off. Had to pick Mrs JW up from the airport back in Queenstown & a 2.5 hour drive to get back. So...my best weekend for a longgggg time. 8 bits for 12.20 grams all up. Cheers guys. Best of luck out there JW
  7. Hi Dave. Don't be so bloody sensible. I better raid Mrs JW's bedside cabinet. I have no idea why she would have those..... Good luck out there JW
  8. No. Mine is still good as gold. Excuse the pun Although I have not had my Zed yet for quite one year it was 2nd hand when I got it & it still had a years warranty left on it. The bloke I got it off got it in Western Australia & used it hard over there. Paying it off in two weeks detecting & then using it hard over here in NZ. I use it a lot & I have had no issues with that. I recharge it after every session & it is on charge as we speak. I am about to head out for an overnight mission. Mrs JW is up north visiting friends & family. What I did "lose" the very first & only time I have ever used/removed it, is the plastic plug that goes into the headphone jack in the back of the Zed housing. I searched & searched for it, but damned if I could find it. I have been back again & still couldn't find it. Cheers Good luck out there. JW
  9. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    Seems like you got lost in the crowd Steve & the thread certainly took off on a different tangent. I totally agree with what Trev said. Thank you Trev, well said. JW
  10. From our local New Zealand online detector fossicking forum. http://community.paydirt.co.nz/t/garden-carats/1903 Good luck out there JW
  11. WOW.....143 grams. That is fantastic. Very happy for you. Thanks for taking us along on the journey with you. Hope the great grades continue for you. Wishing you every success. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  12. Bit More Zed & GM 1000 Gold

    Thank you beatup. You are welcome mate. Yes...beautiful country, just a bugger getting in there & not too easy to detect even when in there. Not a lot of level ground where I actually swing the detector. Always battling gravity. Cheers Best of luck to you. JW
  13. Some Gold Basin Love

    Nice Chris. Good on you mate. Rewarded for your effort. Well done. Good luck out there JW
  14. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    MMMMMmmmm, That is a bugger Chris. Not sounding too good. Let us know how it pans out. Was there any moisture involved? Congrats on the speci find. Good luck out there JW
  15. Gold Monster / Golden Mask Rod Adaptation

    Bugger..... & it isn't in brale either. Shame on Minelab.