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  1. Hi guys, One of the main reasons I got the 2300 was for its under water ability. All be it just 3 meters (9 feet) Ok for snorkeling around some of the smaller creeks & shallower rivers. I then found out that all the gold bearing creeks & rivers around here had gold dredging claims on them. So that ruled me out. I had many Aussie's inquiring as to how I got on with it under water. I dont think too many were too keen to stick a NZ$4k detector under water, despite warranty. I know I had reservations. In the end I never got to take it for a swim & I never got the water proof head phones to even do it, at an extra cost on top of buying the detector in the first place. Wouldnt you think they would be part of the purchase? I have not come across any post or posts on the 2300 being used under water. Is there any body out there who has done this, & if so, how did you do, what were your thoughts, what were your results?? Be very interesting. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  2. Hi Chris, You seen that movie then? That goes back a few years. Pretty sick bloke aye. I think it was based on a true story. You better watch out for Madtuna then....especially if he hasn't got his pants on (just kidding Madtuna Steve) He is a good bloke. I am off out there & up into the hills for the weekend.(by myself) Cheers. Good luck out there guys JW
  3. Nicely said DDancer. Madtuna said, My hardest decision in the morning is will I put pants on or not today. You dont share camp with General Hercules do you? Also said, If I do happen to do myself a mischief, I have no doubt I'll be found sooner or later, just follow the smell. Yep....the dingo's will find you. Good luck out there JW
  4. That is absolutely disgraceful. Do you know who the paid organiser/operator or business name of the tour group was? If so, you should name & shame them. It pisses me off when people can carry in (for bloody miles) all this kind of stuff (food packages) when full & heavy, but cant be stuffed to it take out when empty, light weight & a lot more easily to be compressed down & so not take up as much room, put in to rubbish bags & taken back out with them for proper disposal. Scum bags. JW
  5. I too wish for a smaller coil for the Zed. More of an elliptical shape for tight places. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  6. I disagree....USE BOTH. It has proved itself to me every time I go out detecting. Any aid that helps you to maintain absolute control & COMFORT in using your detector is going to help you get you more gold. Good luck out there JW
  7. Nice score Chris. Well done. Sure is a pretty little piece. Cleaned up real nice. Congrats. Good luck out there JW
  8. Yer....And full of Australians leaving the place...... I reckon there are more Australians in Queenstown here in New Zealand than Kiwi's. Plane loads of them arrive they are just here on holiday & then bugger off home again. My wife videos weddings for a living & she reckons the majority of her weddings are Australians getting hitched here. True story. Good luck out there JW
  9. Hi there GoldEn, Yes mate .....I think Sourdough Scott got it wrong. Had to laugh though. The sheep shagger jokes are usually aimed at New Zealanders JW
  10. Aussie Joke. Why do seagulls fly upside down over Australia? Nothing worth crapping on. JW
  11. Hi Andyy. I dont have a problem with my zed picking up my pick, which I carry just back around from my left hip in its pick holder on a belt. I do extend the Zed's shaft out a bit though to get the coil further out front. If I have the pick on my hip or slightly forward then occasionally I will get a hit on it. My new picks handle is 4" longer than my old pick & I have a rear earth magnet embedded in to the end of the handle. So it is more than likely the magnet that the Zed is picking up. Until using the swing arm, which I do all the time now for that control & smooth steady swing, I too use to carry my pick over my shoulder. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  12. Ha ha. I reckon the complete opposite. AFL...whats that?? JW
  13. Yep....I am the same. Dont mind my own company I have always been a bit of a solitary type person so detecting out there by myself suits me. When it came to sports I was never much of a team player but preferred single individual sports & hobbies. Like singles tennis, squash, surfing, wind surfing, fishing off the rocks, spare fishing. I used to race one person sailing yachts. Your success or failure comes down to just you. No one else. It is almost a selfish type thing, not that I am a selfish person. But when you are out there detecting it is just you. Your results come down to your own skills, knowledge & abilities learnt over time out in the field &.along with help & info from great forums such as this & the bunch of like minded people who participate, contribute & share. You are in a world of your own when you are out there, your own thoughts, you go where you want to go, you go at your own speed & pace. You can make some cool discoveries & have some great adventures. Often the gold is just an excuse to get out there. Great food for the soul, great healing & a therapy all in its own. Then there are the marvels of nature out there with what the 4 different seasons individually put on show. I am prattling. Good luck out there JW
  14. Thanks Dave for the update. Best of luck to you guys JW
  15. Sweet Good luck out there JW