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  1. Hi there Rod, I detected side by side (well not quite side by side but in the same location) for a couple of years during our summer months with a mate of mine who was running a TDI Pro Oz series detector. Well he became a mate. When we meet, l had just walked back to my wagon from this location ( A BIG location) after a successful days detecting & he just happened to be driving past. Saw me with detector over my shoulder & pulled over for a chat. He had been detecting in a location in a few valley systems further over. He had had a little bit of success. I was very careful in not giving too much away, as you do to strangers in the golding world, as I have been burnt numerous times by some people over the years who only want to know you for what info you can give them, usually...where are you finding your gold......then you never hear from them again. So naturally I am now very secretive. Over a bit of time & getting to know him better & his golding back ground history I gained a lot of confidence in him & so opened up a bit more to him. That worked both ways. To cut a long story short, in return he has shared locations to me from his neck of the woods. We both understand that unwritten miners creed that you dont come out right asking, where are you finding your gold, but if it is given to you in confidence without asking & that what we share with each other goes no further than between the two of us. That is a trust that is very hard to get these days & has to be earned. I was just a weekend warrior, he was full time for two summer seasons on this location after I meet him & shared what I knew. Well not quite all I knew on locations. As it had taken me many years of ground work to find many of them. I wasnt going to tell all. He ended up living in the area & living off his gold finds for two summers. I was running my Minelab GPX 4500 & he his TDI. When I first meet him he was running a Fischer Gold Bug Pro. Any way.....sorry for that little bit of prattle & back to thread at hand. He ended up getting a Whites TDI Pro Oz detector on seeing the gold I was getting with my minelab PI. Why he didnt get a Minelab is beyond me to this day as not all PI's are equal. More so when gold was his living.Now I am sorry that I cant help you with the minelab coils on the TDI but my mate ended up getting three Nugget Finder coils for his TDI, again on seeing my results with them on my Minelab. The little 8x6 sadie, 12x7 & the 14x9. He swore by these coils. May be he was lucky if you read what Steve said above on non stock coils being used on other make detectors. It was a clever marketing ploy from White's though making their detector "compatible" with coils that fit the Minelab range of PI detectors. As there is a huge range available. I have to admit that when I asked my mate if he had finished with an area & could I go over it. And he said yes go for your life I cant get any more. I ended up getting quite a bit more gold off the ground. I think that tells its own story that not all PI's are equal. My question: Has anybody used the "new" flat wound coils, Evo's & Elites on their TDI. If did they go & your thoughts? Cheers. I am out there for a quick arvo swing. Good luck out there JW
  2. Have to agree also. I know I am the BIGGEST nut behind my coil/detector Good luck out there JW
  3. Hi Mark....ok...l will bite. What feature???? Good luck out there JW
  4. My thoughts too Steve....but I held off saying anything. It will be interesting to see what he would prefer. I dont see the housing & set up as being bad. JW
  5. What REALLY matters (despite its maybe NEW cosmetics dress up & other features) is, (and this goes for any "NEW" release detector IMHO) Will there be any electronic wizardry changes to a same old....same old...... platform that will actually help in getting more gold (maybe smaller but deeper) than there previous OLD/SAME platform?? Whats the point of making a silk purse out of a sows ear if it aint going to find more gold at better depths than the previous model. OH...I know.....$$$$$$ for the makers. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  6. Hi Mitchel, That is very how do you get it to sound a threshold. Does it have to be done internaly?? Cheers Good luck out there JW
  7. Hi Dave, No worries mate. Sorry to hear about Tremains finger. Thats a bugger. Hope it isnt his trigger finger & nose picking finger. Good luck with your gridding. Best of luck out there JW
  8. Nice find Phoenix. That surprises me about the 2300 hearing it deeper by 2" when the Zed's coil is 14" & the 2300 only 8". Or were you using the 19" on the Zed. Like Bloodgold2 says.....the zed is good on species. What settings were you in with the Zed & did you have a play around with the settings? Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  9. Hi Col. No mate I havnt & I doubt very much that I will get the 19" coil for my Zed. I would prefer a smaller coil than the 14" as our gold is mostly small, as you may have seen in my finds. The smaller coil would be great for tight spots where I just cant swing or poke & prod that 14" coil. To answer your question further though.....I have used a Nugget Finder 25 inch coil open web design with the Pro Swing Harness on my 4500 as well as the 18" commander both mono & DD (they arent too light) also a solid 20" NF coil too & had no problems swinging them all day. I did make up my own swing arm though for the 25" NF coil to combat the inertia & to control it better. Not sure what the weight difference may be to the 19" Zed coil as I can see that is where you are heading with me banging on about people having problems with the Pro Swing Harness. People were complaining about the Pro Swing Harness long before the Zed came out & long before the 19" coil. What ever works for you & makes your detecting comfortable. Thanks. Good luck out there JW
  10. Thanks for that Northeast. Interesting about High Yield not getting those nails. Thats a nice clean hand there mate.....LOL Good luck out there JW
  11. So that is where Minelab got the "dust bin Lid" coil idea from for the early SD's. Good luck out there JW
  12. Be really nice if Minelab were working on a SMALLER coil for the Zed. WOW.....The Magic month of many choices in the VLF range.....But is there going to be any advances in technology on the actual workings of the internals to give an edge on actually finding MORE GOLD that the technology of todays, & yesterdays VLF's, have already given us. Other wise it is just the same old round about. Sure there is the going wire less & being unteathered from your detector while still using head phones or external speaker/booster. Repackaging the same internals in to a more attractive & more user friendly more "modern" looking set up isnt going to get the coil to find gold deeper or smaller gold at deeper depths. I think that is where technology has to head. That is finding the smaller gold at better depths. That I believe is what the Zed has done. I also think that most of the large gold has already gone & all that is really left is the smaller gold at depth. Look at the "success" of the 2300 on small just has to do it deeper.....Easier said than done I know. My 10 cents worth. What do you think? Good luck out there JW
  13. OOOpppss...Forgot to mention a Minelab xterra 705 Gold Pack. JW
  14. My first ever detector was a Dick Smith VLF kit set that I had to put together. It came with all the separate electronic bits & pieces. Printed circuit board but had to solder all the diodes in place & in the right places . Had to wind the coil wires, DD, & set them up with correct overlap & actually had to make the coil housing to suit & silicon the wires in place. Had to make detector shaft & handle set up from PVC pipe & jointers & bends. Came with a control box but had to drill holes for the pots & head phone jack & put them in the right places & solder up the wires. Was a bit of fun. Got it finished & raced down to the beach. In the first minute I found a big pyramid shaped sinker that must have been for a long line set up that some one had lost in the sand. That was a hoot. My first bought detector was a 2nd hand Garrett Treasure Ace 300 & a Garrett Master Hunter 7X. I found a heap of stuff with the 300. Coffee jars full of coins. Here are just a few Ace 300 finds. I then got a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. That was about it for the coin & relic detectors. I then cut my teeth on gold detectors with the GP 3000. I have never gone back to coin & relic hunting since the 3000. Got totally hooked on the gold hunt & all my detectors since the 3000 have all been gold machines. Had the 3000 from new & had it for years. Ended up with two 3000's Totally LOVED That machine . Eventually got a 4000....but only for about a month before getting the chance to buy a 4500. Ended up LOVING that machine too & have ended up with two of them. One being a Woody modified one. Sold both the 3000's. Got an Infinium & have never even used it In the VLF range of gold detectors my first was a Whites Goldmaster 4B hip/chest mount version. Then a GMT. Have ended up with two GMT's. Even got a Whites MXT 300 which is all Steve H's fault. I got it for bucket dredge tailings piles after seeing his success in Alaska back in his AKMDS days. I have yet to be successful with it. Those piles are bloody hard work. More so when they haven't been leveled out with a bulldozer & are full of lead & brass from rabbit & goat shooters. My favorite VLF gold machine has been the Gold Bug 2, but that is mostly from using it in conjunction with the 4500 & now the Zed in pin pointing & discriminating. That may change with the Gold Monster 1000. Time will tell. Might be hard to beat the GB2 for the purpose I use it for though. Love that tiny sniper coil & the ease of use & with discrimination. I got a new SDC 2300 but most of you will know that I am not a fan of it. Not long ago I got a Garrett Gold Hunter A2B in great condition at a good price & just for an antique collector piece. I still have all the above machines except the 3000's. Oh...better not forget the Falcon MD20. That is quite a neat piece of kit too. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  15. OOOhhhh....Very nice Steve...... and you were going to keep that from us. Awesome find. Cheers. Good luck out there JW