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  1. Hi deutran, Welcome. Nice to see you here & that is a lovely sassy lump of the good stuff. Awesome matter when you found it. Yer...cant wait for some cooler weather either. I dont know how you buggers detect out in that 40c + days. Beyond me. Good luck out there JW
  2. Many happy returns for the day Jonathan. Hope you had a great day. The big 50 aye. Was it a big event?? I'm with Jen. Thanks for all you do in the detecting/prospecting community. Good luck out there JW
  3. Hi Dave, Nice to see you posting here. Even though you have been a member here for a while & since it is your first post....Welcome. Good luck out there JW
  4. G'day Mike (Bro), Welcome aboard. Very nice to see you here. We have both you & Jen here now. Awesome. Make yourself at home. Good luck out there JW
  5. Hi there Steve.....You have planted the seed...... So when can we expect your book?? I will be first in line. Cheers JW
  6. LOL Klunker.... that first bit cracked me up. Is that a bit like Take your time but hurry up..... Welcome Mr X....... JW
  7. G'day Sqizz, Good on you mate. That 5.5 grammer is a beaut. Yer the Zed certainly lifts those signals & gives you the impression that it is going to be a lot bigger (especially if the signal is still there at a bit of depth) than it turns out to be. is gold.... & thats what counts. No catch & release. The others arent too shabby either. Well done mate. Good luck out there JW
  8. Nice to see you here Johnny. Welcome to the machine. (Pink Floyd just flashed through my mind) Gee....Steve is going to be busy at passport & customs control with all you Aussies coming on board. LOL Best of luck out there JW
  9. Hi Fred....Good point & you are correct. I dont recall seeing any mention of severe being used either. Not even in Aussie. With our ground here in New Zealand being sooooo mild.....I dont even need to go into difficult. So hadnt even given severe a thought. Be intersting to hear if others have had the need to use it & what their results were.Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  10. WOW.....that golden fish hook is a real good catch Very nice clean gold. Nice finds. Well done in the conditions. Good luck out there. JW
  11. You are very clever Steve in the "building" of & the improvements you keep adding to your site. A credit to you. This little fish (me) is totally in the dark when it comes to such things. I have trouble rigging up & tuning my TV..... Good luck out there JW
  12. Ha ha. Hi there Bill (Wombat) I too would like to welcome you here. I am very surprised that it is your first time visiting Steve's great site. You will feel very at home here with numerous familiar names to you & I have a feeling there will be more trickling in here. They are a great bunch on here. Yes the internet makes the world a very small place. Cheers JW
  13. Not a truer word spoken ozgold & the way I look at it too. It is the whole journey not just the destination. Go out there with no expectations, be mentally ground balanced & if the gold is there & has your name on it then it is yours. Just enjoy the day for what unfolds. You cant beat the great out doors. Gold or no gold. It is great to be alive & out there. Good luck out there JW
  14. Sajuu. The problem will never know what the target is until it is in your hand. That means you have to dig it to know for sure. Wasted time or not. That is all part of the "game."You can choose to walk away from a junk sounding target but you will not know if it is junk or not unless you dig it. I dig all signals & I still get blown away by signals that sound so much like junk but have turned out to be gold. That is why I dig every thing....because you just dont know & cant tell 100% by the sound of the signal alone. I have also dug many junk targets, & once out of the ground & rescanned before back filling, have got a nice mellow gold signal. The junk signal masking the good mellow signal that was gold. Has happened to me so many times. So I just dig them all. The problem with discrimination in a dedicated gold machine is that gold by its very nature is never of the same purity from goldfield to goldfield. Unlike coin & relic machines that have a much more accurate discrimination ability which I believe comes down to them running at lower frequencies than gold machines, but also due to the objects that those detectors are used to hunt for. Coins are all made from a known amount & mix of metals. Usually non magnetic, Except our stupid new New Zealand coinage which has an iron content. So coin machines discrimination has been calibrated on known metal content & coin size. Hence they can even tell you what the coin is & how deep its. Unlike gold out in nature. Being mixed with different & varying amounts of other metals & impurities. Copper & silver being the most common but also others. Gold & ironstone are often what is the discrimination going to tell you about that mix?? It is the variation of the amounts of other metals/impurities mixed in with the gold from nugget to nugget that is the problem with accurate discrimination. One of the very first objects of gold that I found when starting out with my GP 3000, with DD coil & in discrimination mode was an old rusty nail. The detector was blanking out in discrimination, but because I was learning the detector & wanting to get familiar with the different sounds....even objects of discrimination, was to dig every signal. That nail was jammed in a crevice in the bedrock in a shallow creek & coated with flakes of gold caught up in the rust halo of the nail. From that day on I have dug every thing. Dont use DD coils & always detect in no discrimination. I moved on from the 3000 to a 4500. Still have my 4500 but I am full time on the Zed at the moment. Technology is what it is at the moment on gold detectors. The Minelab Pi's do have a discrimination ability with DD coils. But I think you will find that the more successful operators dont detect in discrimination & dig every thing. I also believe the discrimination circuitry takes away a bit of grunt from the depth & sensitivity of the detector & so you arent getting full depth & sensitivity on those slightly deeper bits of gold. You want all the depth & sensitivity that your detector has the capability of giving you. The discrimination in the detectors is programmed to be on the cautious side & when dealing with gold not worth the risk of walking away from gold because the detector is telling you it is just may not be. Some VLF gold detectors have an iron probability form of discrimination & VDI number read outs. The VLF's lack the depth of the Pi's. An accurate 100% trustable discrimination in gold machines is still a thing of the future. At the moment it comes down to your choice to dig a signal or not. I know I will keep on digging them all. Knowing how to operate your detector to its full potential in any goldfield situation & digging all signals is what will lead you to the present point in time. Good luck out there JW
  15. Not meaning to hijack your thread Jen ... Hi Madtuna (Steve) Very nice to see you post on here. Just like to welcome you seeing it is your first post. Hope all is well with you & you are finding your share. Take care & best of luck out there. JW