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  1. Hi guys, came across this footage on you tube. Thought you might enjoy. Seems to be a bit of New Zealand influence mixed in. Cheers JW
  2. I was going to suggest the Falcon MD 20, but yes, it is very finicky & with no ferrous discrimination. But Very Sensitive. How about a strong rare earth magnet to sort out any iron? I have never been a fan of a pin pointer out in the field when gold detecting. When I have the need to pin point or get a ferrous/non ferrous answer, I just bring out either the GB2 or the GM 1000. That works. Good luck out there JW
  3. Hi there Gerry, Thank you. The life I live is the one I have chosen. I guess we are all responsible for our own destiny & mine is just unfolding as it is now. I took a huge emotional & financial hit when my first marriage of 14 years & four sons later went under. I was blessed to meet & marry my 2nd Mrs JW. Now in to our 12th year of matrimonial bliss . My wants & needs are very simple & I don't want & need for much. Since we moved down to Queenstown from the Coromandel region of the North Island, in its own right a very beautiful place with its coastal ocean beaches with many of them being quite remote & unspoilt, even has gold up in its hills & streams but not as good as Central Otago. Most of my outside of work time is spent wandering the hills exploring & detecting for gold. I just love being "out there" up in the wilderness with often just me & not another soul to be seen. I like it like that. Mrs JW tags along on occasions but they are getting less. She used to swing a detector but lacks the patience.The jet boat is a very recent thing & again it just offers another form of freedom & being able to explore remote places when all to often it is just Mrs JW & I. Just like my 4x4 takes me to some amazing & remote places the jet boat is like 4 wheel driving on water & takes you place that you otherwise would not be able to get to. Well not with out a very long & difficult walk. Lake Ellery. Just stunning. A bit of video footage that Mrs JW took. As to girls...Mrs JW is the only girl in my life. And as to the GB2 being in my hand & the GM in the "bushes" Mrs JW just caught a pic of me when I was using the GB2. As much as I like the GM I still have a very soft spot for the GB2. I love its little 6x3 robust bullet proof coil as I do get a bit of bump falsing with the GM. When I can "drive" to an area I always have both with me. If I hike into areas I always shoulder the Zed but take turns with either packing in the GB2 or the GM. If i aren't hiking too far I will pack in both. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW
  4. Hi there you lot, Happy Prosperous & Prospecting New Year to you all. Hope you all had a joyess festive season & that 2018 sees you getting your share of the precious yellow metal. My last day of detecting in 2017 was on the 23rd of December where I went to a couple of old timer turned over gully workings. It was a stinking hot day & I was struggling in the heat & dry conditions. Hard ground & lots of shot gun pellets & general junk. I moved on to a run of old prospect pits that now had power lines running down them. I struggled here back in my PI days with EMI but did manage a few bits with small mono coils. Tried DD's & in cancel mode but no joy. So I tended to avoid these workings. When I first got the Zed I hit them & got a few small bits. That was in the conservative settings. This time I was running the hot settings. Sensitivity flicking between 18-20. It was a tad noisy due to the power lines & the hot settings, but nothing I didnt think I could handle now being so use to the hot settings. A signal still leaps out amongst it all. My first signal was not long in coming. A sassy bit of gold. Looking back up towards the power lines. There was of course the usual shot gun pellets but then another sweet signal came in. Another small bit of gold. Yet another wee signal. And a tiny bit of gold for the Zed. Close to the power lines & another signal on the top of a throw out pile. Another tiny bit of gold. I then had a play with the the Gold Monster. Deep All Metal mode & flicking between Auto+ & Manual 10 sensitivity. No head phones, just the detectors internal speaker with volume down a few notches as it is plenty loud enough. Scoop a must so the coil doesn't pick up on your hand. After numerous shot gun pellets I was finally rewarded with a tiny piece of the good stuff. I managed one more small piece with the Monster before calling it quits for 2017. So 2 for the monster. And Four for the Zed. For the grand total of 1.06 grams At least I wasn't skunked & I was happy to end 2017 with a bit of gold to show for my last day of detecting for the year. The next day, Christmas Eve day, Mrs JW & I packed our gear, the jet boat, & headed to the South Westland coast for a few days. Mrs JW had a wedding to video on the Wednesday so we took two cars as I was going to stay on for a few more days as the weather was looking to be good. Which is unusual for the West Coast. While Mrs JW was there we did a jet boat run up the Aarawhata River to my mates bush camp. When we got there he had just returned from further up the river & was tying up his jet boat. He got a hell of a surprise to see us rock up. We went up to his camp & he put the billy on. He was planning on coming out that evening as it was due to rain that night & when it rains on the Coast it can RAIN & the river can become very ugly very quickly. So after our brew we headed on down the river & to a mates place of my friend. Which suited Mr's JW sleeping wise. It rained that night but not too bad. Next day the Arawhata was up quite a bit & the boat launching area was under water. So that was a no go. So we went to the Jackson river & did a run up from there up to Lake Ellery. That was stunning. To be continued........ Good luck out there. JW
  5. This is definitely not my only sun baker.....but it is my BIGGEST Put you buggers to shame Good luck out there JW
  6. Try your GM 1000 on a few of those bits. That will tell you. You will need a plastic scoop for waving your dirt with signal in it over the coil. Similar to the green one in this pic. Could even be a plastic garden trowel or a plastic tea/coffee mug. Other wise the GM 1000 will give a false reading on your hand. You will also need a decent pick for attacking the ground, similar to the one in the top right. A geologist pick isn't ideal as you really want a pick one end & a flat blade/hoe on the other. I also have a strong rear earth magnet drilled & screwed & siliconed into the end of the handle. This will pick up any ferrous items like old boot tacks, horse shoe nails & fragments, any rusty iron scale crap etc. Save you time trying to sort it out by isolating it in your hand or scoop. It just goes"click" straight on to the magnet when you get a signal & then drag/wave the magnet through the dirt. Cheers JW
  7. Geezzz Simon.....haven't you got a job to go to?....... I am out of action this weekend. Just had a bunch of friends come down today from Auckland. We have the Gibbston Valley concert on this Saturday. Men At Work, Electric light Orchestra (was supposed to be George Thorogood & The Destroyers but a family illness saw them cancel) & Alanis Morissette https://www.gibbstonvalley.com/nz/experience/summer-concerts/ So I can't hook up with you this weekend. Coil size depends on how tight the spaces are that you will be poking & prodding the detector in to. In theory the 5" will give you the tiniest of gold but the 10" ain't too shabby either. Just remember....you want to be targeting bedrock or very shallow ground if at all possible to stand a chance. There aren't, if any, places around Queenstown that hasn't seen a detector or two. Don't for a second think you are the first to be doing so. You may like to read this thread from our local forum. Don't let it put you off though. http://community.paydirt.co.nz/t/new-in-queenstown/2168 Best of luck out there & let us know how you do. JW
  8. Not sure that you would call these animated either but they are pretty crazy unusual specimens. Again these are from the Coromandel region of NZ, where I used to live. Found with my home made 4" dredge flip side The next three are the same one from different angles And another from three different angles Flip side Cheers JW
  9. Simon, I think you need to settle down, catch your breath & count to ten or you will end up with a divorce Just wait for your GM 1000 to arrive & take it from there. One step at a time. My honest opinion of the SDC 2300 here in New Zealand is that it doesn't have the same clout here as it does over in Aussie & there highly mineralised ground. That is due to our ground being so beautifully insanely mild, as I keep saying. My 4500 & little 8x6 Nuggetfinder sadie coil left the 2300 for dead. The reason I got the 2300 was for its water proof ability. Fact is I have never used it in the water. Also its fold up back packable design really appealed to me as I do a lot of hiking to remote spots, you have to these days. But after many times using it & the 4500 always doing better, I lost faith in the 2300 & just kept on taking the 4500. I know quite a few people here in NZ who have moved on their 2300's. Another bonus of the 4500 over the 2300 is that you can fit many other different size, shape & configurations of coils to the 4500. I have many coils for it. Each one being a game changer out in the field. Coils for small gold, bigger deeper gold, Elliptical coils for tight detecting spots, bigger coils for more open ground & bigger ground coverage per sweep etc. The 2300 just comes with that one 8" coil. Thats it. My advice for you would be to get a 4500, in time. It will just give you so many options with that one detector & a selection of coils. Good luck out there JW
  10. This is where we are blessed Simon due to our insanely mild ground. VLF's struggle in highly mineralised ground, the more so the higher frequency ones & that is where the bad wrap comes from. To try to handle the hot ground they have to dumb down the detector to the point that it struggles to "see" any gold at all especially small gold or any thing for that matter. There were of course settings they could have explored to increase their chances....but they didnt. One of those bad wrap footages showed them comparing the GM 1000 with an SDC 2300 in hot ground. What a total miss match, chalk & cheese. A Pulse induction against a high frequency VLF in hot ground. The 2300 thrives in that environment & why it is so popular with many, in hot ground & small/tiny gold. You can never get the one detector that excels at everything in all conditions. Hence many serious prospectors having a number of machines & coils to match all ground condition gold size & depth encountered out there. It is very disappointing that people do those kind of videos. The comment you made about your GBP not getting one piece of lead shot is also a good reason as to why it didn't get one peice of small/tiny gold the same size as a lead shot. Bullet shells are a much bigger target than a lead shot, so not surprising it got those way deeper. Think about it Size of target, depth, coil & detector used. Remember the trade offs I mentioned earlier. Good luck out there JW
  11. Aint that the truth. You will still be digging HEAPS of shot gun pellets. There is just no avoiding it when chasing tiny gold with higher frequency VLF gold detectors. Lead/gold is all the same to the detector. Even the Zed gets its share Good luck out there JW
  12. First Gold Of 2018

    Top row is my last days gold of 2017. The other three rows were on different days on three different gold fields early 2018. I went back to the area of the second to last row on Saturday just gone & managed two more for a late afternoon early evening as its too hot during the day. Cheers JW
  13. Found with a crevice sucker in the Coromandel region of New Zealand. Close up Cheers JW
  14. Good choice Simon & it won't break the bank. Now you just have ALL the shotgun pellets to deal with as well That will test your sanity. Good luck out there JW
  15. Probably nothing to see in this nugget as far as animation goes but a pretty cool shape. Make a nice pendant due to its shape. One that I found. Flip side Another one that I found. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  16. Very well done Simon. I am so happy for you. It was just a matter of time as you seem very dedicated. Good on you. Shame you weren't there for the weekend as I would have caught up with you on sunday. Yes...we do live in a paradise & that is my backyard. I have to pinch myself every day....even when driving to work, which I have to do right now. Again...well done. You are stuffed now. You will never be the same. Another GAD victim. Gold Addiction Disorder. But that is all good. Good luck out there JW
  17. On the 5th of Jan Mrs JW & I went on a bit of a walk to a spot that I hadnt been to for two years almost to the day when I took my eldest & youngest sons. I was running the 4500 with 14" Coiltek Elite coil & my eldest the SDC 2300 & youngest the good old GB2. He was the only one of us to find gold that day. He got 6 little bits of gold with the GB2. The first bit was the smallest ever bit of detected gold I had ever seen. My first time in here was with the friend that found that 4 grammer with his GBP in the above post. This time though he had his TDI & I was running my GP 3000 with Minelab Commander 11" mono. It was hard detecting.The gold wasn't flowing, that is for sure. I eventually found a deepish nice slug in the bottom of a wash. I then put on the little coiltek 10 x 5 mono joey coil & scored a few smaller bits in shallower bed rock that the old boys had sluiced down to. My mate got nothing with his TDI. I cant recall what coil he had on it. Any way. Here are a few pics. Mrs JW sitting in amongst the washed bed rock just to the right of center. In a direct line from her to my back pack you will see the white coil of the Zed. I was just scoping out that gully. I had taken the Gold Monster as well. This hill side has been ground washed pretty thoroughly by the old timers. This is where they brought the water down the top of the spurs in shallow drainage ditches, spilling the water either side of the spur washing the ground pretty much ever where. Just above Mrs JW you will see that line of greenery which is a little gully they opened up as is the one just below my pack. To the right of the picture these two gullies meet. There is absolutely no water in any of these gullies across the entire hill side. This pic shows where the two little gullies meet at that dark rocky bank & the next pic just blows me away with the labour & effort the old timers put in at this junction. Check out the stacked rocks terraced up the bank side. The picture doesn't do it justice. There is a path heading down on the right side to the bottom of the dry gully that they would have walked up & down & possibly with a wheel barrow. I went all over these workings & washed bed rock with the Gold Monster first off. No gold but a heap of lead pellets. Man....where didnt they discharge these bloody things?? So out with the Zed. It was hard going but I finally got a signal that lived on down into the schist bed rock. This was looking promising. I broke out the GM to confirm ferrous or not & not won the moment. Oh yer baby....this has got to be gold now peeling out schist bed rock & the signal still there. And it was. Ye Ha. It was a long time before I was on to another promising signal. Oh so faint but as I scraped down it improved slightly. Still not very convincing but it appeared to still be there after scraping into the schist. Again I used the GM to confirm ferrous or not & not won again. Could of course still be lead shot. Then with the Zed it was gone. Couldnt get a signal any where. WTF.....Back with the GM & located it & retrieved it with the GM I had detected this area with the GM & didnt get that signal. So initial signal got with the Zed then lost & recovered with the GM. That was odd, but happy to snag it. That Zed still blows me away. We decided to head on down but I detected as we went across these washed areas & gullies. Wasn't being too careful & the Zed scored another tiny bit similar to the one above. That was it though, just the three for the day. .32 .13 & .05 of a gram all to the Zed. Just on half a gram Next day was to a local spot for a quick late afternoon/evening detect as it is too hot during the day. Didn't take my camera but scored 6 bits for 1.87 grams. It was to some old workings where I had taken the Zed before but in the conservative setting when I got just over 5 grams in 12 pieces. So I was chuffed to get those. In fact I went back again yesterday & got two more for .68 of a gram. On the 7th of jan headed of to some different workings. It was a stinkin hot day & I wasn't focusing too well in the heat. But I battled on. Finally got a sweet sounding signal. And it wasn't too shabby a bit of gold. Not far away from this one I managed another so two so far for the Zed Then it dried up for ages & the heat was rattling me. But I soldiered on & finally got another nice sounding hit. Very faint but it lived on down into the rotten schist bed rock. Peeling out the schist & starting to get on down bit I could have sworn it was going to be a decent bit of gold. Gold it was but not that decent. I couldnt believe it but gold none the less. I will take it. Called it quits after that one. So again just the three for a long HOT day. .82 .37 & .13 total of 1.34 grams. Top row is my last day of 2017. 2nd row when Mrs JW came along with me up into the hills. 3rd row when I went to a local spot & didnt take the camera with me & the last row is the above 3. Total of 4.88 grams Cheers Best of luck out there JW
  18. Hi there Simon, nothing too shabby about the depth you are getting those at. You just have to walk over them out in the field. Thats the hard part. In the workings of my above post a good friend of mine found a 4 gram nugget in these workings with a GBP. That was long after I had tried with my GP 3000, of which I did get a few but it was hard work due to the EMI. I am a sucker for running my detectors as hot as I can because our kiwi gold is on the small size & that is just what you have to do to stand a chance of pinging them. Any bigger gold will just leap out but they are few & far between. It is the tiny whisper signals that you have to target & focus on. With interest we both went back there at a later time. He had since got a Whites TDI & I still had my 3000. I still to this day cant understand why he didnt get a Minelab as gold was his living. But that is a different story. From memory I dont think either of us got any thing. He was able to detect right under the power lines but I just put that down to him dumbing down his detector so much that he wouldn't have got any gold any way. The bits I got with the Zed were .29 .35 .23 & .11 of a gram. You can probably see in the pics the depths. They weren't deep. I would say between 1 inch to 4 inches at the most. Cant tell you which piece was at what depth now. The Gold Monster bits were .05 & .03 of a gram & just a couple of scrapes & they were out. What I didn't show was how many bloody shot gun pellets I got as well. Both with the Zed & the GM. Often with the Zed a pellet gives a double blip. Not so with the GM. They all sound just like gold & I have to dig them. I only came on here quickly to have a look as I was charging up my batteries for the SDC 2300. Havnt used that in a long time but the 12 mile has heaps of iron stone & the 2300 is pretty good at ignoring those & not too bad on small shallow gold. I was going to head on out to you at 12 mile but on seeing your post realise now that you just did a day trip yesterday & didnt camp over night. So I will give that a miss now. May as well carry on now & continue this post with my 2018 gold finds. I have been try to nut out video editing so I could put together one clip showing our jet boating trips over my xmas break. I see you tube editor has been taken down & as I arent the sharpest tool, tool yes, but not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes that kind of stuff. So I have downloaded a free editing program. Just have to suss out how to do it all now. Detecting for gold is a lot easier . Stay tuned the jet boating may happen yet. Ok...So from the 23rd of decembers last detecting day of 2017 & getting back from the West Coast, Mrs JW says to me (apparently on facebook little reminders pop up of what you did 12 months ago) "Oh, NZ Jet Boating is having that Jet Boat run up the Matukituki river tomorrow, shall we go?" Last year 12 months earlier we went along as spectators & Mrs JW put up some pics on facebook. Hence the reminder 12 months later. I agreed. So we packed a picnic etc off we went the next day. Ok....I will throw in some pics that Mrs JW took. She took some video too but that is what I ma trying to suss out & put it all on one clip. I did have the GO Pro on but thought it was on one touch operation, but it wasnt. I didnt activate the video BUGGER. Would have had some cool footage in some of the skinny narrow bits of water. Grounded once on the way back down. No one helped but we got out of it. Had to get Mrs JW to sit on the bow to get the jet unit up off the bottom a bit. She wasn't that rapt but once done & we were off again realised it wasn't all that bad. Waiting in line to launch. Launched & ready to go On the way up Our arrival at the top end for a picnic lunch before turning around & heading back down. Our little boat is the fourth one up (with the blue rope) from the blue one in the foreground. Was a brilliant day weather wise & river wise, just over 30 boats. 36 degrees Celsius. No better way to spend it than on the water. Getting too hot to go detecting. Was a way cool day. Had a blast. Next day Mrs JW & I headed on down the Clutha river to some old gold workings that are only accessible by boat. I packed the GB2 & the Gold Monster. Boat in the drink & just picking up Mrs JW. Our arrival at the old workings. Suck it in JW Some of the workings. Down stream is a hydro dam so the river level is now about 30 meters higher than the original river back in the gold rush days. So these workings look to be old ancient river bed although the rocks arent that river rounded. Maybe a bit of glacial too. Here is the extent of where they sluiced back to. You will notice those two horizontal stone walls above. They are water races the top one came from a creek to the right of the pic. The bottom one you will see terminating at the right down over the bank where it has cut into. The bank material. This looks more like stream material. They had tunneled into this face as well. Prospecting deeper in. Remains of a hut. The two gable end walls. Hows this for stacked rock work, where as up the back it is just a tumble of mess. Formed steps going up the rock tailings End result on the gold front. ZILCH. But a pocket of lead shot. to be continued. Good luck out there JW
  19. Thanks Mop. You can fly direct to Queenstown from Melbourne. Look me up if you jump the ditch. Good luck out there JW
  20. Steve has hit the nail fair & square on the head. That is exactly how it is. Well I know it was/is for me & as flakmagnet has said, I am sure most of the people in this forum do as well. To keep being dedicated it helps to have a love & a passion of the great outdoors & ALL it has to offer. For me personally, I just love being "out there" the gold being a bonus. I have more to say but I am off out for a "hunt". Good luck out there JW
  21. Hi Simon, Don't get too beat up mate. They say the first nugget is the hardest one to find. Believe it or not some out there say it took them over a year to find there first detected gold. Now that is dedication. Personally I would encourage you to get out of the creeks & rivers & look for old timer gold workings where they brought water to the area via water races. Often these type of workings they didn't have enough water & so left gold behind. But what the old timers did was to wash off a lot of the overburden. Often to the bedrock.That is the type of ground you want to suss out. If you have a look at my posts on my gold finds you will not see any water for miles. Absolutely none where I am detecting, but the old timers had been there & found gold. A lot of places I go there was no water at all & the old timers dug prospect pits here & there in the gullies until they found a run of gold. They would then only pick the richest of the dirt & load into wagons & cart it for miles to the nearest water source & either cradle it or put the dirt through a sluice box. The dirt needed to be worth there while to do this & all too often they chucked gold out as they dug down to the pay layer. The beauty of there throw out piles is that the last shovels of dirt containing gold as they got down to there pay layer that they carted away is now on top of the piles on the ground where they left it. Just perfect for detecting. My last post that I did last night shows just that scenario amongst the old timers prospect holes & turned over ground. My continuation of that post will be off similar ground up in the hills, but is ground they ground sluiced by bringing water down the ridge of the spurs in shallow ditches & just spilt the water either side of the spur to wash the ground. The gold they left behind was gold they didn't see that was caught up in cracks & crevices & not washed on through to their sluice boxes. They didn't have an abundance of water but they were pretty thorough with what they had. But they did leave gold behind in the bedrock. Cheers JW
  22. Hi Simon, Whats the GBP like on picking up shot gun pellets? I have only used the higher frequency VLF's on gold. Like Whites GMT which is 48 khz & the model before it the Gold Master 4B which was 48-52 khz & the Gold Bug 2 which is 61 khz & finally the Gold monster at 45 khz. These machines all LOVE shot gun pellets & tiny gold. Although the tiny gold does need to be pretty close to the surface. Your GBP I believe is 19 khz, while maybe not super sensitive to tiny gold will hit deeper on slightly bigger gold at better depth than the higher frequency models. There is a trade off between frequency & size of gold & depth of gold. The higher the frequency the more deadly on small/tiny gold, but it needs to be closer to the surface. The lower the frequency the less sensitive to tiny gold but gets better depth on the bigger bits. There are many gold VLF machines at around the 19 khz frequency & for good reason. That frequency range is a good all rounder for gold size & depth on average. The smaller the coil too, the more sensitive it will be for small/tiny gold. Of course your ground coverage per sweep will be a lot less. So again, another trade off. I know there are quite a few people here in NZ who do really well with their GBP. Just a matter of getting into the right areas & targeting the right ground. Trouble is, there probably aren't many areas that haven't seen a detector these days. Unless you go real remote. How deep are you digging to find your sluice box gold? If it is fine flood gold & down a few inches then there is fat chance a detector will pick up on it. You want to be targeting bed rock or very shallow ground with your GBP. We haven't had a decent flood in years in the Queenstown area to stir the rivers up & get that gold moving & washed on down from up in the hills & re sorted & re deposited. I will send you a PM. Good luck out there JW
  23. Garrett AT Gold Pros & Cons

    Hi there Simon. Have a look here at Steve's detector reviews, if you haven't already. http://www.detectorprospector.com/gold-prospecting-equipment/metal-detectors-metal-detecting-accessories.htm Good luck out there JW
  24. I called this the "Scotty Dog" nugget. Not one I found, unfortunately. It is an Aussie nugget. But I did buy it only to on sell it later to buy my 4500. This one was found in Hokitika on the West coast here in New Zealand. Again....not by me but I purchased from a chap who got it from the finder. I still have this one. Just shy of 2 ounces. Looks a bit like a rat to me. This one I did find. Looks a bit like a gnome type gold miner man with his slouch hat & giving a cheeky finger to go with his cheeky smile. Good luck out there JW
  25. You are not alone there Strick. I know the feelings & hardships both emotional & financial on that front. Best of luck out there JW