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  1. Equinox 600 No Respect???

    Full respect for the 600 over here.... :)
  2. Your comment has made me depressed!
  3. Bold Prediction On Release Date......

    Well,.. I'm guessing just after Christmas...
  4. Who's Buying The 600?

    Fishing, Mud Larking, Detecting, Bottle Digging my wife get's involved with it all.. I might take up knitting club a few nights per week to get away from her.. HAHA.. All the very best to you too my friend.. :)
  5. Who's Buying The 600?

    Well.. We both detect, so It's the 600 x 2
  6. Who's Buying The 600?

    Hey Steve, I wish that statement would work with my wife... HaHa
  7. Who's Buying The 600?

    Very true! After reading a lot about the Equinox, I think 20/40khz will be great on fine gold pieces in mineralised soils..
  8. Who's Buying The 600?

    Anyone else buying the 600? I am for sure! I have owed a handful of detectors that run between these frequencies and they have been truly amazing. I think the 600 specifications will be adequate for all my fields here in the UK, what about you?
  9. Equinox Battery Replacement Program?

    That's good enough for me!
  10. Equinox Battery Replacement Program?

    I agree with you Steve.. In regards to the Deus coil, I was trying to explain to a friend recently about why he was having problems with detecting underwater.. But sometimes our words fall on deaf ears.. I must admit, I do enjoy watching the Deus owners on YouTube attaching their underwater antennas (grin..)
  11. Equinox Battery Replacement Program?

    I'm a full time web designer and mainly work in the evenings/night, I spend nearly every day detecting here in the UK. My current machine uses 4AA rechargable Duracell (2400 mAh) batteries which after around 6 Months need replacing.. I know any Lithium-Ion battery has a limited recharging cycle and do believe the design could of been made better, but I truly believe the Pro's of owning an Equinox outweighs the battery issue 10 fold! If I need to send my detector away to get it's battery replaced, so be it...