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    etrac, GM 1000, Angus Mackirk sluice, Grizzly Gold Trap (motherlode), pan, buckets, and the trusty #2 shovel

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  1. Like Steve said...."an individual decision". Depends on what you're after and the amount of time you have to chase whatever you're after??? I hunt old coins in public areas. I've hunted out the 2 tiny burgs near me to the best of MY abilites so the last few years when I used to coinshoot I drove 220mi RT to the big city. So take 4.5hrs of driving time off a hunt and that takes it's toll on the whole hunt? So depending on where I hunted, etc. would dictate how I would attack. Parks I like to focus a lot on old nickels because they fall right in with beaver tails/trash so many don't chase nickels so there always seems to be a lot of old buffs & V's to be had? In parks, outside of nickels, I also only dig deeper higher tones like copper/silver and leave the zinc and shallow coins for the others. I might lose a few IH by not digging zinc but I'm against the clock. Curb strips have little modern trash and few beaver tails so I tend to dig any nickel type signal and even a few zincs hoping for an IH and dig about all good repeatables? To me it's all about allocating and managing my hunt time which is dictated by travel time, hunt time and the location(s) I hunt. Bottom line....If I'm digging zinc and modern shallow coins I'm NOT digging the older coins I prefer?...….
  2. oneguy


    Your expertise shows...good job!!!
  3. some noogies since last post and I also got some coin shootin in last weekend for about 3 hrs. Gold has been slow with a few skunks including today plus I got rained on and soaked....lol. First time I've had the etrac out for coins in over a year...wished the gold was as easy as coin shootin!!!!! Gold was got with the monster.... Coins were 1921s/1935 wheats,1919s Merc, 1899 V nickel,1898 Indian.....
  4. oneguy

    Gold Bug Gold

    NICE noogies!!!!!!!!!!!! I got skunked today after 5 hrs...………...next time!
  5. Skunks happen as I've found out...lol Had 8 in a row following my 2 big nuggets right outta the gate! Goldseeker helped me out last weekend on a spot and the skunks ended.....(thanx again GS4000) Next time you'll get em. Good story and pics guys!!!!!
  6. oneguy

    Weekend Finds With Gm1000.....

    Thanx for the words guys!!!!! It was also nice meeting you, Steve, and GS4000. I'm sure we'll cross paths again both here and out in the brush. I learned a LOT from all you guys and I really appreciate it!!!! GS4000..... NICE job squeezing those bits from that clay/rock...... Once again, had a blast and learned a bunch....THANKS!!!!
  7. found these little guys and had fun! thanks RT for all the help and info!!!!!!!!!
  8. oneguy

    Winter Season Wrap Up

    Very impressive!!!!!!
  9. Glad I stumbled onto this as I was very curious about how Muriatic acid would work on cleaning nuggets? I have used it before several times at a place I used to work so I'm very aware of how powerful it is...... Thanks for this post!!!!!
  10. stumbled onto this bad boy about 4 hrs into yesterdays hunt. Today was all lead , lead, and more lead.....
  11. That's dedication (weed whacking) right there Kiwi.......!!!!
  12. oneguy

    1st Detected Noogie....!!!!!

    Thanks guys!!!!! Don't have a clue as to weight? Got it with the Monster @ about 4"-5". There's some quarts locked onto it but mostly gold. I'll get back asap to find his bigger brothers.....lol
  13. no longer a nugget virgin.....!!!! Pretty nice one too for my first imo....... VERY happy and it sure beats sluicing & digging!!!!!
  14. oneguy

    Why Dig Nickels?

    Oh man...that one is really pitted....but still a big improvement over fresh dug red. Keep em coming!!!!
  15. oneguy

    Value Of E-trac

    glad you guys brought this up as I'm considering letting my etrac go as I'm outta places to hunt and turned to gold closer to home. Mine is out of warranty (4yrs old?) and has the Sunray X-1 probe, stock 11" coil, 13" Ultimate, 9.5x 5.5 Nel, 6" EQ2, Sabich book, charger, manual, etc. Hate the thought of parting with it but it has been sitting for a year doing nothing? If I sell it...sure as S**T they'll tear up Main st 2 days after I sell....lol I was kinda thinking 1100-1200?????