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  1. What Are Aptx Low Latency Headphones?

    The CTX-3030 using the WM10 is very much the same as the Equinox 800 using the WM8 and both allow the user to use their own preferred headphones, here in the UK we have a Minelab tester called Gordon Heritage who makes his own brand of headphones called GOGS and so as to utilise them on the WM10 wireless receiver he supplies them with a short screw on curly cable and a longer screw on curly cable to allow the user to use any other detector with his headphones. Gordon owns and runs the (MLO) Minelab Owners Forum here in the UK and where there is plenty of information about his GOG's headphones. When I am using my CTX-3030 I put the WM10 wireless receiver in my left shirt pocket and utilise the short curly cable and there is no dangling cables and I have used this setup for the past 5 years with the CTX without any problems and for me to use the same idea with the Equinox WM8 I will need a ¼" to a 1/8" adapter plug about £3 on ebay.
  2. Survey: Whats Your Main Detecting Environment

    As long as you don't lumber me with a tribe of kids, I will give it a bit thought. Ha Ha
  3. Survey: Whats Your Main Detecting Environment

    Thanks guys for your kind replies they are much appreciated. Sorry I can't divulge his Lordships name or the estate location because here in the UK we suffer from scoundrels "Night Hawking" and it is rife they scour about the forums for snippets of detecting site information and then before you know it your permission is like a battle field with holes and scrap all over the place, these "Night Hawkers" are what we call SCUM the lowest of the low. Good Hunting Randy Dee
  4. Survey: Whats Your Main Detecting Environment

    I am eagerly awaiting the collection or delivery of my pre-ordered Equinox and I will be putting to use here in the UK on one of my permissions which is an estate owned by a sitting member of the "House Of Lords" it is a massive estate covering 17,500 acres and myself and two deceased detecting mates gained sole detecting permission some twenty years ago from His Lordship and on this land there crosses two Roman roads, two Roman Villas, a Roman Settlement, a Bronze Age Enclosures & Tumuli , an Anglo Saxon burial site, a site of Saxon habitation and the site of a DMV (Deserted Medieval Village). Over the years I have used many different makes of metal detectors on this permission and have come about thousands of both relic and coin finds from the Celtic, Roman, Saxon & Medieval periods and many of these finds have been treasure trove and displayed in the British Museum in London and it is this permission where I am looking forward to putting the Equinox to good use. Good Hunting Randy Dee UK
  5. Sorry guys it must have been a lapse in my judgement.
  6. I thought that Steve set up this section of this forum as an "Equinox Fan Club" but as I watch many negative post about the machine which has not been used by most of the members and the same people quoting comparisons with other detectors even though no comparing test have been carried out yet. Even the title of this thread is poor judgement in my eyes, I wonder why people can't wait for their purchase of the Equinox to form a comparison test report. Patience is a virtue.
  7. Dug That Facebook Page Gone Missing?

    Steve I am much like yourself regarding facebook, I rarely visit it as it is a hot bed of supposedly grown up people spouting off filthy language about any posts which they think they have a little bit of knowledge about.
  8. Equinox In Wet Salt Sand. By Neil Jones.

    Hello Is your folding mechanism something which can be bought ready made or is it something you have developed yourself. A bit more information and photographs would be greatly appreciated.
  9. OK Steve I haven't detected with the Equinox but have many years of detecting knowledge under my belt using a multitude of makes and models of detectors and it is a well known fact that the larger the coil and the lower the frequency the greater the achievable detection depth. This theory may not work in the highly mineralised soils in the states but it certainly works well on the UK soils. And I maybe should have chosen a different word; The Equinox fitted with the 15 x 12 inch elliptical Double-D coil "Should" provide maximum depth using the 5kHz Frequency.
  10. The Equinox fitted with the 15 x 12 inch elliptical Double-D coil will provide maximum depth using the 5kHz Frequency. This frequency is ideal for hoard hunting in the UK and for relic hunting in USA.
  11. No Owner's Manual In Box?

    Steve the Equinox "Quick Start User Interface Guide" has been out now for a few weeks but any detector guide is not of the same value in gaining knowledge as a full blown manual and the only point which I was making is the fact that there is no paper manual present in the photograph of the carton contents and it is a sad day when one has to wait to download an operators manual from the manufacturers web site. I know that this has happened previously as with the CTX and that is why the likes of Andy Sabisch steps in with the User Hand Book. I have been in this metal detecting game for nigh on 47 years but that does not make me proficient and knowledgeable to pick up a brand new machine fresh on the market and go straight to my permissions and expect myself to be a wizard with it and that is where if one had the chance to read the manual prior to putting the coil to the ground a great many problems can be ironed out instead of being self taught and learning by trial and error. Just before Minelab brought out the CTX3030 and when I bought my CTX I was assured by Minelab that there would be a full blown paper manual in the carton and when I received my parcel and there was no paper manual I got back onto Minelab and complained that there was no reason for them to tell me lies and they replied that Minelab would be shipping to many countries of different languages and it was prohibitive to take this on board yet the DVD's were in multiple languages. I am not moaning but just being observant. Good Hunting Randy Dee Durham UK.
  12. Steve I notice that there is no "Operators Manual" just a "Getting Started Guide" in the photograph of the carton contents it must be a case of having to go on the Minelab web site and downloading the manual and printing it off yourself.
  13. 2018 - Year Of The Equinox!

    Thanks Steve for that excellent report and very pleased to see your returns from extremely productive sessions. I have in my mind one of my permissions where the Equinox is going to have a field day, it is the site of an annual four day music festival where I have hit it late in the summer for 4 or 5 sessions each year and producing over £100 a session and over the past 4 years I have used the CTX3030 with a program which I concocted using a total blacked out screen and then only accepted the UK £1 & £2 coins because this site is covered in ring pulls, silver paper and tiny bits of pie case foil and crown caps and another thing which I didn't want to find is the UK copper and clad coins as it takes 100 kneeling and digging times to get the equivalent to a £1 coin. The only drawback to using the CTX with this massive amount of discrimination is the total loss of any detection depth I could only find signals to no greater depth than a couple of inches and I can see the Equinox hammering this site.
  14. Equinox & Salt Water

    . And that was an English £1 at about 10" deep and possibly the coin was still on edge ways. A cracking response even with the coil underwater.
  15. Merry Christmas!!!!

    Hello Darryl And A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you and your family from us here in the UK.