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  1. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Thanks Steve for the Anderson shaft info for the Equinox I have just sent them a message requesting contact details of the UK dealers for their product..
  2. What Are Aptx Low Latency Headphones?

    Hello Mitchel Yes it works spot on and I have used it now for the past 7 weeks when I am out at least once a week for each session 8 hours long, the 3.5mm jack plug clicks home perfectly. I have put an ebay link for the same seller who I bought from but you can use the description as a guide to what the patch adapter looks like and in USA they shouldn't be much over a dollar. Good Hunting Randy https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stereo-Audio-Cable-3-5mm-Male-Jack-Plug-to-6-35mm-1-4-Female-Socket-20cm/132120734278?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 .
  3. Thanks Steve That is a top dollar report on. Recovery Speed & Target Masking Fortunately for most of us here in the UK we don't have much of a problem with trashy fields and our land is of "Low or Very Low Mineralisation" which enables us to operate the Equinox with the lower "Recovery Speed" Good Hunting Randy Dee
  4. My Roman Coin Bonanza With Equinox 800

    Congratulations Steve on one hell of a detecting report and I hope the forum members have a browse through it My trip to the U.K. I am very pleased that you enjoyed your visit to the UK and you can imagine what it is like for myself when I am out a couple of times each week in this detecting environment. .
  5. My Roman Coin Bonanza With Equinox 800

    Many Thanks guys for all of your kind Replies and Likes.
  6. My Roman Coin Bonanza With Equinox 800

    Hello Mitchel Yes I have been detecting all of the fields in the same vicinity for many years now, getting on towards 20 years and the whole area is rich in Roman occupation and Roman roads passing through, over the years I have had literally 100's and 100's of Roman coins many of them silvers and also two Roman Gold Aureus my avatar is one of them an Aureus of Nero 65 - 66 AD. I have also had a lot of Roman artifacts. Thanks very much for your interest in my post. Randy Dee Durham England.
  7. On Sunday 25th March I returned to one of my permissions where I have found Roman bronze coins in the past few weeks using my Equinox and on this occasion I ended up with 24 and one of them was a large silver but badly mangled most of the bronzies are 10mm - 14mm across. The Roman bronze coins are on the small size and are difficult to locate even though this field is low in mineralization it has quite a lot of small iron about which is typical of sites of past Roman occupation and this was my 4th 8 hour session on my Roman fields using my Equinox since I got it almost 6 weeks ago. As I always do I "Noise Cancel" and use "Manual Ground Balance" with "Recovery Speed 3" and "Iron Bias 3" and if the field is quiet I try to keep the "Sensitivity at 20 - 22", over the previous weeks I have used different settings but found these to be most beneficial for getting the maximum depth and more Roman coins.
  8. Iron Bias

    I strongly suggest that some of you guys read the Equinox Manual Page 51 as it proves all along what "Nuke em" is saying is 100% correct that using a higher "Recovery Speed" influences a detection depth reduction. Page 51 Equinox User Manual. EQUINOX 600 has 3 Target Recovery Speeds, and EQUINOX 800 has 8 recovery speeds. Recovery Speed adjustment is local; only the current Detect Mode Search Profile will be affected by changes to this setting. While using a higher target Recovery Speed may increase the ability of the detector to find difficult targets, it also results in reduced Target ID accuracy and less detection depth. Swing Rate A good general swing rate is around 2-3 seconds from right-toleft- to-right. A higher Recovery Speed generally allows for a faster swing rate with less likelihood of missing targets. A higher Recovery Speed, for the same swing rate, will help to reject ground noise, but also decrease detection depth. A lower Recovery Speed, for the same swing rate, will increase detection depth, but may increase noise.
  9. Minelab Equinox Essential Information

    Thanks Steve that is a wonderful library you have set up a great go to one stop shop.
  10. Another youtube video of Gordon Heritage using his Equinox to find another Gold Stater + Hammered Silver coins + Roman coins. The sound quality on this video is not the best but the viewing is an eye opener of the Equinox capabilities. Enjoy it.
  11. Our UK Equinox tester Gordon Heritage put out a Youtube video on Friday 16th March of himself finding several Roman coins and a Celtic Gold Stater, link below. https://youtu.be/_Mlu1zwsdpo
  12. Equinox 800 Recovery Test

    I will keep my gob shut then.
  13. Equinox 800 Recovery Test

    Now do the same test again but this time in the soil, bury your dime 3" deep then do your test also try burying a nail 2" to 3" away from the dime and you will see a truer and real response. Give these settings a bash Recovery Speed 2 & Iron Bias 2 with the dime 8" deep.
  14. I think you have answered this minor problem yourself why would you want to use the detector with a "Sensitivity" set so low the general idea is to get the best detection depth performance from any detector is to operate it with as high a "Sensitivity" as possible without chattering and in land or sea usage not air testing.
  15. Minelab E-trac, CTX 3030, Excalibur Versus Equinox

    Richard All of the answers you are looking for are there in the manual (ie) "Tone Volume" Page 43, "Target Tone" Page 46 & "Tone Pitch" Page 47. Try Target Tone 2 on page 46 then on Page 47 set your "Tone Pitch" as follows TONE 1 (T1) reduce to 1 (Number 1) this covers all of the ferrous and produces next to no sound for small ferrous items, then Click on the Accept / Reject button \//X to move forward to TONE 2 (T2) increase the Tone Pitch to 25 this is very high. Then revert to Page 43 "Tone Volume" (Advanced Setting) this is where you turn the volume right up for the two separate TONES 1 & 2 (25 is full whack) and again using the \//X button to move from Tone 1 to Tone 2.