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  1. In Spain a couple of years ago, in the Discovery channel they began to throw some chapters of some American detectorists that Ivan with bulldozers and the archeologists put the scream in the sky and managed to eliminate the program with the excuse that it fomented the plundering
  2. Due to the large number of orders that there seems to be. I wonder if Minelab after sending the first orders, will raise the price of the equinox?
  3. Equinox Beach

    Thank you Chris. I thought I had put it in English.
  4. Hoy he estado probando mi nueva bobina para tdi y me ha gustado cómo funciona en la playa. Va muy estable y lo noto más sensible que el dual. Hoy no ha habido suerte y no he traído oro, la próxima vez será "Today I have been testing my new coil for tdi and I liked how it works on the beach. It goes very stable and I notice it more sensitive than the dual. Today there has been no luck and I have not brought gold, next time it will be"
  5. ¿Por qué hay tan poca información sobre el equinoccio en la playa? . Mi intención es usarlo especialmente para la playa, pero sin saber cómo funcionará con sus hermanos con la tecnología BBS y FBS. Tendré que ver antes cómo se comporta en la playa antes de hacer el pedido.
  6. G. B. TDI SL

    Thanks for your reply tboykin. I like to use the pulse delay in gold, as long as you can
  7. G. B. TDI SL

    Cuando uso el tdi sl en la playa, puedo usarlo con el GB apagado sin problemas, incluso poniendo la bobina en el agua. Pero sin embargo en el campo no puedo. Tengo que equilibrar la tierra. ¿Cual es la razon?
  8. Equinox Versus Fbs?

    I have an Explorer 2. I can not wait for the equinox to go on sale to buy it, but I do not think it will sell my explore. The sound that Explorer 2 has and how stable it goes in salt moisture is second to none
  9. GP 3500

    Fred Mason I use the Google translator and the forum I can read why it is translated with the browser crhome😀
  10. GP 3500

    I own a tdi sl that I use for the beach. But this coming year, I want to start the golden nugget. The area of the seeds is 500 kilometers from where I live. Surely fence, two or three times a year and I do not think it's worth me to buy a 4500, or, a 5000 for the price they have. That's why I ask about the 3500
  11. GP 3500

    Me gustaría saber cuál es un precio razonable para el GP 3500 de Minelab. Supuestamente está obsoleto ya que hay 4 nuevos modelos. Gracias
  12. Minelab Website Down

    maybe the Chinese have hacked it after the news of the prison sentences for the counterfeiters😀
  13. healthy envy. In Spain we are considered spoilers of heritage. With the laws we have only serves to remove the amateur, the professional spoilers continue in their tasks
  14. A friend of mine has been speaking today with a Minelab manager and has informed him that they have sales forecasts in January. That's what he told me, but even I pick up this information at tiptoe, as they say around here. As it has been commented, until it is publicly confirmed by Minelab they are all gossip