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  1. Late last summer I took my new Gold Racer to the park along with a conventional detector. I swung both, one in each hand. At one point I got a strong signal on the GR but nothing on the other detector. I dug it and found a one carat cubic zirconia on a silver tie tack. I took it home, and just before I left for my winter home in Mexico, I put it under the GR for an air test. It came up a unshakable ID50. Now ID50 is about what I would expect for platinum. I was way too busy to pursue it further at that time. Now all winter long I'm going to wonder: Why would anyone mount a cubic zirconia on a platinum setting.
  2. Angus Mckirk Sluice Boxes

    Angus MacKirk... was acquired and moved from Boise to Canada. I bought mine from Boise online before the move. I suppose the new owners at http://brokenback.ca would be a good place to look. They do indicate several west coast retailers.
  3. Advice On Using The Makro Gold Racer

    Thanks guys. I did a study last summer. I dug the first 20 "hot rocks" < ID 5 and >ID 90. All were hot rocks. Still I wonder about these targets. Next summer I'll re-do the test with maybe 50 "hot rocks." Finding 50 "hot rocks" here will not be a problem. : ) If I still don't get anything, I'll kiss off "hot rocks." I'll also follow the consensus here and dig anything else that doesn't lock on ID 20/21. After a couple of months, I'll re-evaluate. I'll also do more testing with test nuggets in hopes of learning more about the audio signal. Training my ear will be a priority. I'm utterly in the dark about audio. Any further advise from forum members would be much appreciated. Thanks again guys. Oldmancoyote1
  4. Steve: I spent about a month learning my Makro Gold Racer this summer. I went out almost every day. Most of the time I worked bare red soil over siltstone (ground balance values about 67) in and close to old pocket gold diggings in the Klamath Mountains. I didn't find any gold this year, but next summer I hope to do better. I have a few questions. Your answers might well help me succeed. 1) Would you advise I change the following protocol: In All Metal mode I ignore anything less than ID 5 or greater that ID 90 (lots of hot rocks here). I'm not inclined to dig anything that shows a dominate signal above ID 65 or anything that mostly grabs onto ID 20/21. However, most of my targets show multiple IDs (mostly in the teens and 20s with a few IDs above 70), and I dig any of these that show a few indications in the 40s or 50s amid the other IDs. 2) Do you feel you get useful information from careful attention to differences in the audio response? I discard responses giving the null-beep-null pattern even though I have seen some using a test nugget. Otherwise I ignore differences in the audio. 3) In one of your posts you dismiss using the Gold Racer in highly mineralized ground. I will have to deal with a lot of this next summer. Would you discuss the issues you had with highly mineralized ground?