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  1. I use a 7000. I am expected to adjust my body to make the detector comfortable. Changing settings, on the other hand, is very agreeable and simple enough for my nonadjustable brain.
  2. Toss an arrow head in the trench. Archeological site. Problem solved.
  3. Dang SS, you made a pretty little nugget look kinda scrappy. But I can see where it could turn some of the itsy bitsy teeny weeny Z gold into a stupendous find. What is the magnification power?
  4. Lots of rumors floating around (no pun intended) but one thing I know for sure is that being a fine upstanding citizen of California I will be politely asked to to help pay for the Department of Water Resources' little goof. The only way I can possibly do that is to spend more time gold mining. Did you notice the strike and dip changes indicating a fault diagonally across where the spillway failed?
  5. KW. Your stories and photos are among this sites best posts. I will someday be able to respond in kind but right now my phone camera and computer aren't on speaking terms and I have to pester Sourdough Scott to post my pictures.
  6. Why DD. A very brief synopsis. 1. Gold miners came to this area in 1850. By 1852 they numbered in the thousands. 2. Waste Management didn't have door to door trash pick up until somewhat later. 3. I am exceptionally lazy and I like exceptional quiet. 4. discrimination with a DD on a P.I. is not always accurate. Discrimination with a mono coil is never accurate. 5. If I were to detect in a wide open place with consistent mineralization, low EMI, little or no trash and big deep nuggets I would use a mono coil. I am not a good enough person to go there when I die.
  7. 11" DD 0n a GPX. And don't get me started on my well rehearsed rant on why!
  8. OK. I'll fess up. I turned you in hoping to get the reclamation work so that I would have an excuse to go dig the +=&& out of your claim with the excavator. You must understand It's been along winter.
  9. In the winter I am just able to do a little detecting. Around here the outside air temperature has little effect on the temperatures inside an adit or a shaft. Always very cool.
  10. Here in the Sierra Nevada mountains we will be fighting the snow for at least another two months but I am confident that the gold will still be there. Thanks for keeping us up dated on your operation.
  11. Egads MP! This forum has some of the best detectorists on this planet and a fella that somehow keeps it on track and organized so a perusal of the well organized archives would answer all of those questions. Be warned- you will find strong opinions all over the map on any one topic but the ones that are the most important are mine.
  12. I don't remember ever forgetting anything. You know, things like head phones, picks, batteries, water bottles,................ .
  13. My goals are to completely wear out my jeep, invest tens of thousands of dollars in detecting technology that I haven't got the patience to use, freeze my @$$ off in the winter, bake myself to medium rare in the summer, be the worlds foremost expert on the social-economic impact of square nails, be the first to discover that I am not the first to discover something and meet a whole gob of darned good folks I have succeeded beyond my wildest expectations
  14. There is no way you are going to hear what you need to here from a detector without high quality two-ear headphones. There is no way you are going to hear a rattler at a safe distance with quality two-ear headphones. I go for hearing the detector and paying very close attention when I'm in snake country. 1. Snakes are generally not a big problem in this area. 2. I am about deaf so ignorance is bliss. 3. FredM has ex-ray hearing.
  15. The nuggets must be HUGE!