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  1. Well, I guess I'm becoming a grumpy old man but I would rather have seen you first post more about your experiences, finds, and relic hunting in general rather than trying to sell me something. I truly wish you the best of luck.
  2. Fun video. A couple of times a year I take on a job of demolishing old buildings. I find priceless treasures each time (treasures not worth putting prices on makes them priceless).
  3. AAUUURRRGGGHHH! More snow on the ridge lines last night. I think I need to START drinking that stuff.
  4. Sourdough Scott; AKA Highgrader Harry; AKA #$@*&)% )$&#$!; Sir. By the power vested in me, by me, for me, you are hereby, forthwith, therefor ordered to appear in THE PLUMAS COUNTY SUPERIOR QUARTS wherefore, whereby, henceforth, you will be given the opportunity to defend your boast of "Pocket Hunter Extraordinaire". An appearance date has been set for the Twenty second day of April in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Seventeen at 8:00 am. You will appear before the Honorable, Impartial, Non-biassed, Self Righteous Judge Klunker (even though he knows danged well you couldn't find a pocket if it was sewed on the backside of your britches). Failure to appear will result in the arrest and ransom of your dog- "Rooster". Klunker Esq. a
  5. I fully expect you to write a glorious addendum to that article by the end of this coming summer.
  6. Not necessary. Just convince him the target is a nugget (of any size) and an excavator would just get in the way.
  7. This detecting business is a lot of work. I can remember one time last year that the ground was so hard that I had to put a smaller bucket on the excavator.
  8. Your problem with the metal will haunt you when you are on the ground running handfuls of dirt over the coil trying to sort out the tiny nuggets that the 19" is capable of finding. Guaranteed. The best solution for that would be to only find nuggets large enough to kick out with your toe..
  9. Dang! You Ausies sure have a wide variety of snakes. We have some what the same problem here but the people who could do a lot toward putting a stop to it keep wimping out. What is it with gold that brings these people out from under their rocks?
  10. Ha! The fly was my disguised drone! We got off with .0025 grms. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Wow SH. Open flat ground? Is there really such a place? do you have to pay to go there? jus kiddin'. I have spent very little time with the 19" but I believe some bird shot could be eliminated by lowering the sensitivity but it would still make me nervous.
  12. I would hesitate tuning a detector to weed out bird shot and tiny bits of trash. It's the small gold that pays the bills until I find the larger gold that make the profit. As far as ground coverage goes the added weight of the 19" coil will subtract from the time in use which = less ground covered. So we're right back where we have always been- detect an area change coils and detect it again. That being said I will still probably get a 19' at some point.
  13. OK, OK. I'll explain it. The last time up here in the Northern Sierras that we had a seemingly endless winter, I went to my wise old Indian friend and ask "when will this winter end"? He thought silently for a long moment and said "winter will pass very soon- white mans wood pile is down to bark 'n knots".
  14. But 3 lefts do. Hava heart VAP. the dude got 14" of snow and it won't take much to tip him over the edge.
  15. Do I really have to explain it?! Sheesh!