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    CTX, AT pro and soon Equinox
  1. I first saw them available at 5:15 A.M Eastern time
  2. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I am sticking with my dealer also and was informed by them That I am first on the list for A EQ600 I bet someone who was first cancelled.
  3. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    What time did you order?
  4. Is It Just Me.....?

    Back at you if you head up this way I hunt from johns pass to Clearwater beach.
  5. Is It Just Me.....?

    I used to live in Key west while in the Navy. Regretfully well not so regretfully I was into fishing and not into detecting at the time.
  6. Is It Just Me.....?

    Me and my CTX would be there every day if possible. That beach looks very inviting and warm
  7. Equinox Too Noisy?

    Alot of WIFI now is at 5ghz maybe that is why there is so much EMI ? I Maybe wrong but just a thought.
  8. Equinox Headphone Jack

    the part# for the strain relief is 3237 mouser electronics. the CTX female end is Part# T4110001081-000 from newark. I have not confirmed either of these are actually going to work as I still do not have my EQ but I have faith it will work. The 1/8 plug is just an extra I had laying that fit into the strain relief. Once I confirm it all works then I will seal up and fully assemble it. I already found a flaw in my design as the strain relief threads are not the same as the CTX M-12 connector maybe a re-threading will work to match it up.
  9. Equinox Headphone Jack

    Here is a photo of my modded EQ to CTX adapter. Not finished due to not having my EQ yet.
  10. Moving To Florida

    Just this morning 2-18-2018 5 people detecting at popular pinellas county beach and I left at 7 A.M
  11. I am up there on the EQ800 pre order as I placed it 25 sept. but am #2 on the EQ600 hope this next shipment is better than the first.
  12. Folks Desiring Accessories For Equinox

    As soon as the accessories were advertised I sent my dealer a pre-order for the items and quantities I wanted. I will deal with the pricing when that is available.
  13. Endings And New Beginnings

    Thank you for all you do/did on this forum.
  14. Equinox And Excalibur Power Bank

    I agree Dew. I am notorious at over thinking and cannot wait to get my Equinox in my hands and hit the beaches as soon as possible.