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  1. Headphone Amplifiers

    As I am making larger batches now, they will be distributed throughout the US soon. We can however ship direct to the US via our website.
  2. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    On the weekend I was in an area of pine plantations and detecting over where trees had been removed and the ground ripped by dozers. I flew the drone and could see colour changes of the soil (ironstone bands and old diggings that had been covered by pines). I then followed a gully which lead me to some diggings that I hadnt seen before and arent on maps. The drone is working out real well! On a side note, it was quite windy and I think if I had bought the Mavick instead of the Phantom 4, I would have struggled to fly it.
  3. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    Hey Reg I have the Phantom 4 and its great over the goldfields. I just shoot it up above the treeline and have a scout around. As Im not using a 4x4, I also run it down tracks Im not sure of to see whether I will have access. I have spotted diggings and quartz reefs that I couldnt see from the road. I had looked at the Mavick but being smaller, its not quite as good in the strong winds that we often have once you get above the trees. Pat
  4. Steelphase Hits The USA

    Nenad of Phase Technical has a had some cases made. I am still getting some done.