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  1. T2 Depth On Coins

    Most of today's coin and relic detectors including the T2 that have the ability to ground ballence will get you down to at least 6 inches with good ID. What happens after that depends on your soil, coil size, trash density, etc.. Bryan
  2. Gold Monster / Golden Mask Rod Adaptation

    I'm very uncommon.. I missed that as well. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    Until yesterday I have been using the 5" coil exclusively sniping bedrock. Like others have said, the bump sensitivity is worse when using higher gain. The coil cable is the worse offender. Every root or branch the cable hits really makes it sound off. I have adapted pretty quickly to the extra noises with the 5" coil since I'm use to running my coin detectors pretty hot, but when I put on the 10x6 yesterday for the first time it was annoying.. I was still shooting rough bedrock which is better suited for the little coil but I just wanted to give it a run. The 10x6 touch sensitivity was much worse in those conditions than my little 5" coil. A lot of the extra noise can be tamed by running on 6 where I hunt but I have always had a hard time turning down the gain. It's a mental thing I need to get over. Besides the touchy coils, the little Monster is growing on me. I sometimes miss having a threshold I guess out of habit but the simplicity, design and sensitivity to super small gold makes the Monster an easy choice to grab over my other VLFs. Bryan
  4. Thought I would post on how I modified a GPX shaft to make it a little more compact. I cut roughly 6" off the end and drilled 7 more holes in the shaft so the lower poll would go further up into the upper shaft. Now my Monster shortens up to about 30" and extends to 4 feet. I now have lots of adjustment options from extra short to full length. I also picked up an extra lower poll to keep the second coil mounted. Changing coils is a pet peeve of mine so I like to keep it quick and simple. I've been on 4 short hunts now with this setup and can't be more happy.
  5. Mystery Pebble??

    So it's not a super rare specimen worth thousands of dollars? Dang!
  6. Mystery Pebble??

    Took my new Minelab Monster out for a spin and ran across this little mystery pebble. At first glance I thought it was a piece of broken junk Jewlery or somethings man made. When I brought it home and looked at it through a loupe, the grey parts look like natural rock. It was really hard to capture on photos so I hope they are good enough for you guys to see and help me identify.. It registers as non ferrous and weighs 1.3 grams. What do you think? As for the Gold Monster, I really like it. Literally found my first nugget in less than a minute after turning it on! Only had about ten minutes to test it out but went back for another 45 minutes on a different day to score the half gram nugget and flake. The little flake was so small it won't even register on my scale that measures down to tenth grain. My only complaint so far is that the little 5" coil is not very sensitive on its outer edge or end. I like to tip the coil on end and get down in to cracks and the GM 5 coil is not good for that. Bryan
  7. I use wooden meat skewers, tooth picks and large pink erasers to clean my copper coins.. I use the eraser first and get more aggressive as needed. Sometimes I will use hot peroxide for a quick dip but this will darken the coin the longer you soak. Don't use any of these methods on silver coins. Bryan
  8. New CTX 14"x 9" Coil

    Hey Strick. The Anderson Lower Rod works good with the 10x5. It allows the coil to lay down and doesn't put so much pressure on the cable. The early run 10x5 coil had too small of a hole and did not accept the stock CTX bolt. Some guys drilled there's out. http://andersondetectorshafts.com/products/lower-rods/ Bryan
  9. New CTX 14"x 9" Coil

    I'm not surprised. The 10x5 was a dud also with mounting problems of its own. The coil selection for the CTX is sad. I finally sold mine and now run the Etrac. Coil selection played a large roll in that decision. The one thing the CTX has going for it is that its stock 10" coil is fantastic. Its one of the few detectors I have bought that I didn't feel the need to immediately put an aftermarket coil on to improve its performance. Bryan
  10. Thanks Mike. I did notice that with the T2. Unfortunately it wasn't enough of an improvement to make much difference.. I really wanted to like it because of its simplicity and ergonomics. FBS has spoiled me I guess. Bryan
  11. Hey Mike. How does that F75 handle your ground as far as depth and accurate ID at depth? I recently had a new T2 Classic which was amazingly quiet but it couldn't punch my ground. Bryan
  12. 1864 2 Cents

    Nice! Hope your able to further identify it. That 1864 small variety is worth some good money. Great find either way. Bryan
  13. New White's D2 Coil Design For 2017

    I have D2 coil off an 09 V3 that ways 18.25 oz on our digital food scale. Not sure of its accuracy. Bryan
  14. Steve's Old Stomping Grounds

    Here are a few Crow Creek nuggets I found several years ago with a GMT when I was there for a day. Fun place! Wish I had the chance to go more while I was there. Found these in the side of the bank across the creek. Bryan
  15. Great Video Of Park Recovery Techniques

    Great point Steve. I have some parks that I won't even visit in the summer. I hunt them only in the spring and late fall when they are nice and moist. I save the well irrigated shady parks for mid summer hunting if I go out at all. Besides the dead of winter, July and August are my slow months for detecting for old coins. I plan on doing some shallow sport field Jewlery hunting this summer when it's too dry to plug for deep coins.