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  1. Adjustable pinpoint mode??? Not sure what was going on there but it looked interesting.. I ratchet my pinpoint a lot so it would be neat to do it with some control. Bryan
  2. What Date Did You Pre-order Your Equinox ?

    I ordered an 800 on September 16th at 3:40 AM Pacific Time.. My dealer texted me the Pending Equinox release at 3:37 AM Pacific Time. on September 16th.. I happen to be up and had watched the Drop at Detectaval on the net. Bryan
  3. Recent Encounter

    I door knock occasionally when I go on a silver dry streak and I can muster the courage to do it.. It goes against my personality in every way. I don’t like people bugging me and I don’t want to bug people... It is surprising how many people give permission and do so happily though... old home yards are easy pickings for the most part although quite a few have been hit. You can usually tell within the first 5 or 10 minuets.. I look for the limiddle to lower class neighborhoods.. Most of the higher end neighborhoods with fancy looking homes usually have been re- landscaped or hit before. Yards are fun because you find lots more interesting things like old toys, tokens and other odd ball relics compared to parks that have been pretty much cleaned out.. Got my first silver dime trifecta working a very small front yard of an early 1900s home for less then an hour a couple years ago... Bryan
  4. A pennyweight per yard is definitely enough to get me moving some earth..
  5. Beer Caps

    Unlike most FBS users I started with the CTX and then later moved to the E-Track. I thought I would miss the target trace moving to the E-Trac I but can’t think of a single time I’ve missed it. If the target trace would give good indication of a target it also showed up in the audio. The problem was that the target trace also got fooled a lot with iron falsing. If the Equinox has good audio I’m not worried about not having a target screen. Because of its superior audio and better coil selection I feel I have done better with the E-Trac then I did with the CTX. I do miss the nice clear depth numbers of the CTX though. Bryan
  6. Four New Aftermarket Coils For The Nokta Impact

    I did some testing of the Mars Sniper on a T2 against the Teknetics 10x5 and NEL Sharpshooter coils... The Mars Sniper was lighter, deeper and separated better then both coils on the nail board test. The NEL was very close to the Mars in performance and both were noticeably better in every category against the Tek coil. My experience with a Mars Tiger Coil on an E-Trac was not so good. I end up sending it back. Very anemic... Inthink something was wrong with it or just didn’t mesh with FBS.. Bryan
  7. Found A Barber Yesterday

    Nice find! I don’t find any New Orleans Mint coins in my area let alone my yard.
  8. Mercury Dime Teaser

    Sounds like there is possibly some hope that the Equinox MIGHT reopen sites. I was hoping for more depth from the next Minelab but maybe it will be its ability to unmask that is its secret bullet. I should be able to tell pretty quickly if this is the case. I know most of the old parks I hunt very well and there are 3 in particular that I have completely stoped hunting... A 6 hour hunt might produce one old coin.. Sometimes none. These were parks that me and my friend pulled lots of very nice old coins, tokens and other goodies from. My soil is also very tough and almost all single frequency detectors turn coins to ferrous signals at roughly 6+ inches. The difference between my soil and Steve and Daniels is that the CTX and E-Trac ARE able to reach 9 and occasionally 10” with bigger coils where the others can’t. My Friends V3i with big coil can get down there too, but not with the ID accuracy of the Minelabs. We both will dig ANY non ferrous signal that is in the deep old coin zones... At this point I will actually just be happy if the Equinox is as good as FBS but in a faster, lighter package.. My tendons are messed up and the weight of the E-Trac is not helping.. Thanks for the peek into one of your Equinox hunts Steve.. Bryan
  9. How Accurate Is The Depth Meter?

    Sometimes I get a little thin skinned and defensive on forums for some reason and my response above was not one of my better moments... I apologize for that. We all detect in our own way. None really better then the other as long as we are enjoying what we do. Bryan
  10. How Accurate Is The Depth Meter?

    I probably should have kept my depth discrimination techniques to myself. I knew it would open a can of worms. I am fully aware of all these scenarios.. I too have found old coins at the surface level. I use my common sense wile hunting and do dig some shallow targets. The parks I use these methods at I have spent many, many hours hunting over a couple years time. I know them very well and know what areas within the park to dig the shallow coins. I am bit fortunate to have a friend that hunts with me that loves clad.. he digs everything and we keep close tabs on the depth of the coins we find. I would be alerted to any surprise shallow old coins in an area I wasn't expecting... The very few old coins I might miss because of my technique don't make up for the swing time I waste digging clad. When I was in a club last year I found more silver then any other club member by a long shot with my friend the closest competitor at just over half of what I found. He hunted many more hours then me too. I'm not trying to brag, just pointing out that my goal is old coins and I found a way that works for me to find the most I can in the time I have. He finds an enormous amount of clad and he also finds more jewelry then me. For some reason jewelry just doesn't get me excited.. I'm not in it for the money .. I like the old stuff.. My style is definitely not for everyone, especially if your not confident in your detector or you are after modern treasure.. Bryan
  11. How Accurate Is The Depth Meter?

    Your right GB. Very complicated subject... Depth of coins not only is different from region to region but within the city I do most of my hunting it varies dramatically... Some of the parks I hunt I am not able to discriminate by depth except for surface coins. I will definitely digging everything for awhile once I get my Equinox... Bryan
  12. On the subject of depth... How accurate is the Equinox depth meter on dime size objects? The depth meter is very accurate on both the CTX and E-Trac and I take advantage of it. This is a risky tactic but I do have a few parks that have what I call the old coin layer. In these parks I use depth as indicator to dig or not dig. In one particular park I have never found an old coin less then roughly 6" I use common sense while doing this and will retrieve all quarter signals (aka silver ring) and also dig the shallow targets around tree roots and hard packed areas with slower sink rate. I'm after old coins and don't like wasting my time retrieving clad pennies and dimes. It takes too much swing time away that can be used for getting over an old coin. Some will say I need to clear out the clad to hear what's below but I have found this to be so extremely rare that I have concluded the math tells me it's not worth it. Bryan
  13. A Unique Accidental Coin Find

    That's an awesome find! Better then finding a common date undamaged Barber in my opinion.. This coin you can imagine some history behind it. Nice showpiece.. Bryan
  14. Smaller coils are usually more sensitive to small Gold. Get some gold or cut up some tiny pieces of lead and test your different coils.. Bryan