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  1. Thanks Mike. Since they both run at 7.8 kHz I was thinking they might have the same guts with added user controls put on the F5. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a good deal on one to try out. I'm a fan of the dials. Bryan
  2. Hey Mike. I see you use the F5 and I was curious about it. I picked up one of the last Teknetics Omega version 4 8000s last week when they put a Best Offer option on their already low price. Is the F5 the same as the Omega except with a little more control of settings? How does your F5 handle your bad ground? I too have bad ground and it seems the Minelab FBS detectors are the only ones that can cut through it. I now have a version 4 and 5 Omega 8000 and haven't taken the time to really try them out yet. I was just wanting a cheap and light silver sniper to keep in the truck full time in case I run in to a good looking old curb strip while I'm out and about. Thanks, Bryan
  3. Not all my nickels come out looking that good after a cleaning. (Steel wool on nickels) I get some toasty ones too like you mentioned. Same with some of my coppers. The other Indian I found in a different part of this park didn't hold up nearly as well. It was a different type of soil. Bryan
  4. I found my first ringed bullet yesterday hunting one of our older parks and I'm trying to put a date on it. It's hard to find anything older then the 1880s around here although this park is showing some promise with this bullet and my friends 1836 Capped Bust Dime that shocked us last week. Any help identifying and dating this bullet would be appreciated. My best guess is that it's about 38 caliber and it weighs 12.46 grams or about 192 grains. Picked up a couple of Indians, a 16s wheat and a 1908 V Nickel that cleaned up pretty nice along with the bullet. Edit: I measured the ringed end and came up with 5/16 one way and a hair under a half inch the other. Bryan
  5. I've never been a fan of the AT housing either. Seems out dated and bulky with a poor display. The Racer is one of my favorite pods.. It would be nice to have a waterproof version of that. Now days with the micro technology I don't see why it can't be done. Just take a look at our phones we carry around in our pockets. Amazing screens and computing power. I understand there is a need for power and I don't mind that under my arm. The light RNB battery for my Etrac is amazing. They could probably cut the size of it in half and still get at least 20 hours hunt time with it or more. Bryan
  6. My first detector was a Fisher CZ-5 I bought new in the early 90s. I've bought and sold quite a few since then. Trying to cut down on the arsenal but good deals keep popping up. I think Iike to buy and sell detectors almost as much as using them. Bryan
  7. Awsome find! Any half dime is a great find but that one has some serious age and value on it. I'll share a quick story on a good find from this weekend. My friend Joe and I were hunting an early 1900s park and he found an 1836 Capped Bust Dime! We are talking Eastern Washinton State here. We are lucky to find one Seated coin a year in our area and Bust Dimes aren't even on our radar. It was an exciting find for sure. Bryan
  8. For those of you who don't mind metal eyelets, the Keen Briggs hikers are my favorite waterproof hiker I have ever owned. They are much lighter then they look and are very flexible.. I had no break in period. The best way I can describe these is that I am completely unaware that I am wearing them until I get home and take them off. This was from day one of wearing them. I remember coming home the first time I wore them and was kind of bummed that I didn't notice my new boots all day. Then I thought to myself, this is good. They are made with thin leather and have been 100% waterproof so far. Again these are not nearly as heavy as they appear.
  9. Figures! I walked right in to that one. Bryan AKA Fool
  10. I have a Clean Sweep mounted on a Tesoro Golden uMax. I got it last fall and have only had it out one time and it was a real eye opener! I'm more of an old coin hunter but I do plan on doing some sport field hunting this summer for fresh drop Jewlery with it. The amount of ground you can cover with one was somewhat shocking to me. It worked very well and was easy to pinpoint with using the wiggle back method. Bryan
  11. What's the deal? Are they shipping them now? Last I heard they haven't even released anyone from even talking about it. Bryan
  12. I know I'm straying off topic from this thread but Rob I noticed when testing my Mojave that it was surprisingly sensitive to small gold. Here are some Air test results while in high ground mode. Bic Pen-3/4" 1/2 Grain (not gram) nugget 1" 1.3 gram nugget 5" . One tenth oz gold coin 8 1/2".. This is with the stock coil. I bought a Nel Snake coil for it in hopes of using it on my custom shorty shaft but it fell on its face with that coil and lost all its sensitivity to small gold. If the Mojave can handle bad soil with its stock coil it might be a good little silent search nugget hunter for the right person or location. It's so light, simple and cheap it's easy to make the case to own one. Bryan
  13. I haven't tried the PCGS App but have had good luck with CoinBook Pro on my iPhone. I use it when I'm out detecting.. The coin prices are a little high but it still gives you an idea if you have a key date coin. It's quick and easy with no glitches so far. Bryan
  14. The more I read about the Impact, the more impressed I am with its number of unique modes and settings. It doesn't seem to be just another rehashed VLF. I'm a little torn because I like to keep things simple if I can, but some of the features and the flexibility of the detector are real appealing. I always feel a little uncomfortable owning a lot of detectors. I don't like to having them and all their coils sitting around to use just for specific locations. The Impact might replace a few of my detectors plus add more technology to the lineup. I'm close to pulling the trigger. Bryan