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  1. Hey Strick. The Anderson Lower Rod works good with the 10x5. It allows the coil to lay down and doesn't put so much pressure on the cable. The early run 10x5 coil had too small of a hole and did not accept the stock CTX bolt. Some guys drilled there's out. Bryan
  2. I'm not surprised. The 10x5 was a dud also with mounting problems of its own. The coil selection for the CTX is sad. I finally sold mine and now run the Etrac. Coil selection played a large roll in that decision. The one thing the CTX has going for it is that its stock 10" coil is fantastic. Its one of the few detectors I have bought that I didn't feel the need to immediately put an aftermarket coil on to improve its performance. Bryan
  3. Thanks Mike. I did notice that with the T2. Unfortunately it wasn't enough of an improvement to make much difference.. I really wanted to like it because of its simplicity and ergonomics. FBS has spoiled me I guess. Bryan
  4. Hey Mike. How does that F75 handle your ground as far as depth and accurate ID at depth? I recently had a new T2 Classic which was amazingly quiet but it couldn't punch my ground. Bryan
  5. Nice! Hope your able to further identify it. That 1864 small variety is worth some good money. Great find either way. Bryan
  6. I have D2 coil off an 09 V3 that ways 18.25 oz on our digital food scale. Not sure of its accuracy. Bryan
  7. Here are a few Crow Creek nuggets I found several years ago with a GMT when I was there for a day. Fun place! Wish I had the chance to go more while I was there. Found these in the side of the bank across the creek. Bryan
  8. Great point Steve. I have some parks that I won't even visit in the summer. I hunt them only in the spring and late fall when they are nice and moist. I save the well irrigated shady parks for mid summer hunting if I go out at all. Besides the dead of winter, July and August are my slow months for detecting for old coins. I plan on doing some shallow sport field Jewlery hunting this summer when it's too dry to plug for deep coins.
  9. That video motivated me to finally put the gasket scrapper I bought some time ago in my bag for my next trip detecting. Been using the Raptor 31C Khouse also uses in the video for almost two months now. Can't say enough about that digger. Absolutely love it! Congrats on the ring Kenny!
  10. Hey Mike, your might shoot Keith Southern a PM. I know he's been inside the Lobo and I think he's still got one. Bryan
  11. Now I'm curious. What was the mystery detector that was in Bill Lads video? Obviously not the AT Max.
  12. Looks super light!
  13. I think the Monster will be a success even if it can't out perform some of the other we'll know gold detectors. I ordered one with my wife in mind. She wants to try nugget hunting this year just for a little fun. She is not into detecting like me and will never put the time in to learning how to set up and run a regular VLF. This detector is perfect for her. To be honest I'm looking forward to a little simplicity myself. Running my FBS detectors for coin hunting has kind of spoiled me with their fantastic ground tracking. Bryan
  14. Thanks Mike. Since they both run at 7.8 kHz I was thinking they might have the same guts with added user controls put on the F5. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a good deal on one to try out. I'm a fan of the dials. Bryan