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  1. Yes! I set up 50 tones for my programs but I think I’m going to make a custom 5 Tone mode for my User Profile.. It would be cool if the 50 Tone was a little more customizable zone wise.. Bryan
  2. Need Advice With Ground Balancing...

    I wouldn’t be afraid to start out in tracking until I found a clear spot.. Bryan
  3. Is Park 2 The Magic Mode??

    Ya thanks for the reminder to read the manual again. I pick up new stuff I missed each time I delve back into it. Reading Gold Mode 2 it seems to imply that lowering the Recovery Speed can increase ground noise.. Am I reading that right? I know it affects depth but I didn’t think of the ground noise. I figured Iron Bias Settings might affect ground noise.. I’m really socked in with a bitter cold and snow here and can’t head outside to test. I definitely got the new detector curse.. Two waves of snow and now bitter cold most of the week.. Bryan
  4. My 800's Maiden Voyage

    Very nice first hunt! The Equinox looks like it’s going to be a Nickel Monster! Bryan
  5. Another Equinox VDI Chart...

    More testing. My very thin silver rings read properly on edge. If the ring has any thickness to it, it reads anywhere from iron to 1 and 2 on the ID scale. Silver quarter on edge also reads 1-2. Not happy! Tested on Park 1.. No discrimination..
  6. Another Equinox VDI Chart...

    Wow! That ring on edge thing inspired me to do some testing.. My Equinox does not like big silver on edge! Took a Franklin Silver half dollar and stood it on edge. Reads 1 and 2 on the ID scale while on edge.. I did the same test with an Indian Head and mercury dime and it performed as it should with high ID numbers. I broke out my E-Trac to see how it did on the half dollar and it screamed high silver on edge. I’m not sure what going on with the big silver and the Equinox.. Something’s not right. Would like to hear from others on this. Bryan
  7. Accessory Page Down?

    This detector really deserves a nice 10x5 or similar coil..I hope they don’t have Coiltek make there 10x5. Both of the ones I had for the CTX and E-Trac were very underwhelming in performance.. I would love to see a very flat, solid and light coil for this detector.. Bryan
  8. ***fixed Audio*** Nail Test Revisited

    I appreciate your efforts.. I had no problem with the video but like you have developed a Minelab ear.. I could see where someone who is not used to running a hot detector or the Minelab tones could get confused.. I did notice between the Equinox’s excellent Noise Cancel function and Sensitivity control I was able to run mine very quiet and smooth at my house today. Play around with those Recovery Settings and you will see even better control in the nails. Big improvement over FBS from what I see in my limited nail testing so far.. Bryan
  9. Tone Volume And Pitch Adjustments

    Figured it out! Had my Tone Break so low at -9 that it basically eliminated the region to adjustment. Brought it up to O and now I’m good! Bryan
  10. Tone Volume And Pitch Adjustments

    Ya I maxed my gap and thought that might be the reason why I was having trouble.. I brought it back down and still did not fix my problem. I’m going to try again here shortly to see what I can do. I’m probably missing something right in front of me.
  11. I’m fiddling with my new Equinox and can’t seem to be able to adjust the region 1 iron zone volume while in 50 Tones. Works great on 5 Tone. I feel like I’m missing something here but can’t seem to figure it out. I also can’t adjust the pitch for that region.. Iron is a little higher pitch then I like while in 50 Tone. Again when in 5 tone everything is great. Shout out to the build quality and design of the Equinox while I’m here. Better then I anticipated.. Really a nice detector! Too bad it showed up with a fresh 6” of snow!!! Bryan
  12. Safari Best Coil For Coin Shooting??

    I tried several small coils on my E-Trac and they all performed very well except the Coiltek 10x5.. It had poor depth compared to other small coils and just had a sluggish feel to me. I had the same experience with the one made for the CTX. Not sure how small you want to go. The Detech 4.5x7 Excelerator and SEF 8x6 Butterfly are both great little coils. The SunRay 8” is deep for its size if you want something a little bigger. I wanted something with a little better coverage in moderate trash conditions and found I really like the NEL Hunter. I sold all my other smaller coils and haven’t missed them yet. If I ever wanted to buy another real small coil for high trash conditions, I would probably get the SEF 8x6 again. After all this rambling I guess I’m trying to say they all have performed good for me except the smaller Coilteks. Bryan
  13. Good Video

    Awesome! Love that recovery speed adjustment..
  14. Equinox 800 Park Hunt Video

    Did it seem like the depth meter wasn’t working correctly? Hard to tell when watching a video and your not in control of the unit. I really like the display. Bryan
  15. Shipping Confirmation

    My has shipped with a Wednesday the 14th expected delivery..