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  1. The more I read about the Impact, the more impressed I am with its number of unique modes and settings. It doesn't seem to be just another rehashed VLF. I'm a little torn because I like to keep things simple if I can, but some of the features and the flexibility of the detector are real appealing. I always feel a little uncomfortable owning a lot of detectors. I don't like to having them and all their coils sitting around to use just for specific locations. The Impact might replace a few of my detectors plus add more technology to the lineup. I'm close to pulling the trigger. Bryan
  2. Great site! Thanks for posting the link. Bryan
  3. Very nice! I always enjoy your gold photos and videos. Doesn't look like you will be getting Gold Racer back anytime soon though. Bryan
  4. I know what your saying about VLF depth Steve and ID accuracy at depth. My soil sounds a lot like yours. Some detectors are a few inches deeper in All Metal mode as you know and I was just hoping they discovered a way to impart enough iron discrimination into the All metal to squeeze out another 1 or 2 inches. I have one site in particular that I don't need accurate ID just a rough iron ID. I tend to get a little too optimistic sometimes I guess.. Bryan
  5. Thanks Steve. I had a feeling that might be the case that the All Metal mode is no deeper than the disc. modes. The Gold Racer seems to be like that. Bryan
  6. Thanks for the info. Tnsharpshooter. The Impact looks to have some great capabilities but really I am only interested in that one All Metal Mode that Keith showcased in his video. If I understand it correctly and it works at depth it would be the only VLF that I know of that has this capability and I would buy it for that reason alone. I crave depth more than separation... I want to pull dimes past 10 inches which is my current limit in my ground with my FBS detectors. Bryan
  7. Thanks Steve. It will be interesting to see how it works at depth. I have a site this would come in handy if it truly works. Old coins start at 7" and go deeper from there. I am tapped out at 10" with my detectors. I have had some success hunting in All metal with other detectors but it's frustrating as you know. If you can discriminate out most iron I could dig everything else past 7" since there is no or very little aluminum past the first 7". I could see where this could be good for larger nugget hunting too if it actually works at depth. Bryan
  8. Steve Keith showed the mixed mode you are talking about but there was another All metal mode that was different. Non ferrous targets give a nice zip zip like normal but a nail had kind of a duel tone type zip. Kind of reminds me of how a TDI works. Bryan
  9. What caught my eye in this Video of Keith's is the special All Metal mode that has somewhat of an audible discrimination ability.. I was not that excited about this detector until I saw this. Could be a very powerful tool the no other detector has that I know of. I think he called it the General D mode iron actually low tones in All Metal Mode. I would like to hear your opinion of it Steve. Bryan
  10. Makro/Nokta seem to be speeding up the proscess and their open communication with their customer base might kick the other manufactures in the but and get them moving if they start digging in to thier sales. Bryan
  11. I used to drive Lowboy for a construction company and have hauled some big loads, but those are impressive! Makes me a little envious. Not counting the hairy situations you can find yourself in, it's a pretty neat feeling owning the road with pilot cars front and back. Bryan
  12. Minelab Go-Find is pretty close to a toy but I don't think the Monster will be. Like you I'm not ordering one until I at least read some reviews and see some real video of it in action. Hopefully that time is soon! Bryan
  13. I wasn't worried about it finding bigger gold. My thinking on the chart was that if it only out performs current gold detectors on the market in 0.1 to 0.9 gram range, would it be worth buying if you already own for example a Gold Racer like myself. There is definitely other features about the detector that make it attractive besides it performance though. Bryan
  14. Hope that time comes soon. The chart they show is a little vague in ways. It apears to beat other current gold detectors in "sensitivity" to gold but that looks to be in a very narrow range of nugget size. Bryan