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  1. Thanks for posting that Steve. Even though I kind of new we were near the limits of VLF, that gave me a whole new perspective and understanding of it.. The part about removing ground affects is where the Minelab FBS detectors have succeeded in moving in front of the pack for coin hunting.. They are not necessarily deeper than any other brand detector but their technology allows better ID at depth over others in bad ground. You see the same thing in their gold detector line as well. I'm hoping they have a little of that ground penetrating magic in their new Monster Gold detector. Minelab seems to be in the forefront of "removing ground affects" Bryan
  2. I hope they are clearing inventory for a new model but you would think the new company's are digging in to their market share. The used detector market seems flooded too which I'm sure affects them. As for the T2 Classic , I just bought one and was a little take back by it. I love the simplicity of it. I have not had a chance to hunt with it because of snow but just playing around in the house with it I can tell it's going to be good. One button, one dial and a trigger combined with speed and depth.. At $499 it feels like a steal and they can be had for just over $400 if you shop around. The more serious I get about detecting the less I depend on screens. I crave depth, speed and audio.. Bryan
  3. Thanks Steve for the additional info. Steve. There's a lot going on inside that Impact! Can't wait to see some videos and hear more details on performance. That little elliptical coil will be a must have if its anything like the one they make for the Gold Racer. Are the Impact updates available on both PC and Mac? I know CTX software only works on Windows PC. Bryan
  4. Fred I bought one of these Mojave's out of curiosity and frankly cabin fever with still over a foot of snow in my yard. I have only been able to play with it in my basement with the nail board test and various targets, but it performs a lot like a Silver Sabre. I would call it a cross between a Silver and Compadre because it does have the expanded Full Range 180 Discrimination like the Compadre. At less than the price of a coil for my CTX the Mojave is a bargain. I won't be able to test the new ground switch until the snow melts so I'm not sure how functional it is. Should be a great detector to keep full time in the back of the truck for when you wished you had one. It picked up a 2.5 grain nugget at 2 1/2" which I though was respectable for a cheap silent search detector. If the bad ground switch works it might actually be usable as a nugget detector for the kids or friend along for the hunt. With Tesoro's famous iron handling abilities you can use it for relic hunting too. Bryan
  5. Were you an Impact tester Steve? Looks like it could be very capable nugget detector. Bryan
  6. Really early yet but the Impact might be the ultimate trash busting detector. there are a lot of features, some of what Keith alluded to in his post about audio adjutability that can be used not only in the iron range but the aluminum range if I read it correctly. That 4x7 coil they have for it looks like the one I have for my Gold Racer which is shockingly deep for it size. I absolutely love that coil. There Is also some type of discrimination on one of the All Metal Modes. Three different frequencies that sound like they actually work like 3 different frequencies unlike the multi frequency machines out now and 12 different modes makes for a complex but possibly powerful tool.. Bryan
  7. New condition. Never used 5" GR-13 DD Coil for Macro Gold Racer. $65.00 with Free Priority Shipping in the US
  8. You are exactly right Steve. Out of coil frustration for my CTX I just picked up a used ETrac and one of the first coils I purchased was the SunRay 8" round coil. I have no desire for this 9x14 for Turf hunting. Bryan
  9. I'm optimistic about the Monster. It might not be submersible but it looks like it can play in the mud to me. Knowing how well the Auto ground tracking and sensitivity works on the CTX this Monster might be a smooth running little beast. Also the components look to be versatile so you can put them on custom shafts easily. Might be able to put together an ultralight telescopic shaft setup to throw in a backpack.. Extend the shaft for regular detecting and shorten it up for banks and hill sides. Bryan
  10. Just a guess but if it's like the CTX 3030 the Auto + will run 1,2 or 3 numbers higher than the recommended Auto sensitivity. Bryan
  11. Like you said Steve. Tesoro has the ability to put something together pretty easy. The Tejon is very powerful, runs at 17kHz, and has dual discrimination knobs that you can trigger between. Add another tone or two and a tone break and you could have a great detector.. Fix the weird All Metal mode and you would have a good nugget hunter too. Bryan
  12. I picked up a Golden uMax off Craigslist last fall. Definitely a very unique detector with what seems to be great potential as a fresh drop type Jewlery detector. I threw a 3x18 Widescan coil on it and took it for a short spin one time before the snow rudely interrupted my detecting season. I didn't find any Jewlery but was very happy with its performance with the 3x18 coil. It was my first time using one and I was a little shocked at the speed you can cover ground with that type of coil. Not sure why Tesoro stopped making the Golden uMax because it's a pretty neat little detector. Extremely light which is a big plus for that type of hunting. Bryan
  13. A lot of these different VLF detectors have pretty close to the same performance but a completely different feel, sound, display and menu.. You almost have to try out a lot of the different brands so you can to see what YOU like. What might be a complicated menu for one person might be a breeze for someone else. The sounds of some detectors is enough for me to refuse to use them no matter what their performance. Join a club so you can check out other members detectors or do like me and buy used detectors to try out.. You can re-sell them and get your money back as long as you don't over pay for them in the first place. Another thing to think about is your type of hunting style and ground conditions. One guy in some state across the country gets 10" dimes with detector X and in your state detector X IDs a 6" dime as a nail if you can hear it at all. Bryan
  14. Nice! That cross is pretty neat. That 01 Barber have a mint Mark? An S would be a bonus for sure.
  15. Nice hunt and great story. Shows it's smart to change up settings and detectors on a good property. I'm going to try and run more detectors this coming year just for this reason. Bryan