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  1. Best Day With The Equinox So Far...

    They call them fatties because they are actually a little thicker. 2.33 mm vs 1.55 mm Bryan
  2. Best Day With The Equinox So Far...

    Great hunt Steve! Love the 1904 Indian Head part of the story.. It’s a real beauty and it was very nice of you to offer it to the owners.. Bryan
  3. It is not a typo.. The 11”coil was on the list of accessories for $229.00... The 15” Coil was not on the list.
  4. I received a list of Equinox accessories that I could order from my dealer several days ago.. The 6” Coil list price was $179.00 plus $10.00 for the skid Plate.. 11” Coil is $229.00 +$18 for the skid.. Waterproof Headphone 3.5mm Conn. $149.00 Many other accessories available for order too. Headphones, adapters, chargers etc.
  5. Wheat Penny Respect

    Warning! This cleaning tip might destroy the value of your coin. Here is how I clean my pennies.. There’s little hope for the rusty orange ones.. Those are usually what my Wheats from the 40s -50s look like.. The older green or brown ones that aren’t bubbly can usually clean up pretty nice.. The first thing I do is rinse off the loose dirt with just water.. NO detergents.. Then I will use a big pink eraser to see if I can rub the remaining dirt off.. If the grime won’t budge I heat up some 3% Hydrogen Peroxide In a glass cup using the microwave.. You want to get it to a boil to work best.. Drop the penny in Peroxide and it will start fizzing.. Try to keep it in there no longer then you need to. It will darken the penny.. I usually give it a minute or two and test it.. If the grime rubs off with the eraser easily, your good.. Some pennies will have to go back in and soak for around 5 minuets.. Again, cleaning coins can wreck their value.. Use your own judgment on weather to use this method, especially on key date coins.. Speaking of key dates. Here is my most valuable Wheat Penny.. If I remember correctly, it cleaned up with just an eraser and didn’t need the Peroxide bath.. Bryan
  6. Value Of E-trac

    It might seem absurd but I plan on selling my E-Trac also now that I have my Equinox.. I haven’t used my E-Trac since I got my Equinox, and have no desire to.. The speed of the Equinox is just too addicting.. The only reason I haven’t sold my E-Trac yet is because I would not have a back up coin detector if something happened to my Nox.. There are features I like more on the E-Trac and CTX over the Equinox but they don’t override the performance of the Equinox for my style of hunting.. E-Trac and CTX is a more refined smooth ride but I’m convinced the Equinox has the edge on finding the goods.. Especially in tough, hunted out conditions.. Bryan
  7. Wheat Penny Respect

    This location I hunted yesterday was pretty kind to the Wheats.. One trend that I have noticed is that the older Wheats tend to hold up much better then the ones from the 40s and 50s.. You can see in the bottom photo that a couple of the Wheats in the top row from the mid 40s and the 28 S have some corrosion on them.. I figure it’s either a depth factor or coin composition factor.. I tend to lean to the composition of the coin being the difference since the early Wheats and Indian Head cents have a lower ID then the later Wheats.. Bryan
  8. Thought I would show the Wheat Penny a little respect today and post my finds.. The lowly Wheat Penny is usually only givin credit to be an indicator of possible silver in the area, so we are happy to dig them.. Today was a no silver kind of day but a couple of Wheat Pennies helped save my otherwise lackluster hunt.. I had a moment of excitement when I saw a 1914 on one of my Wheats with a little mint mark on it..I was hoping I had finally found the rare 1914 D.. After I pulled out my magnifying glass I realized it was a San Francisco Mint version which is still a respectable semi key date coin at just over 4 million mintage.. I also found semi key date 13 S Wheat at just over 6 million mintage.. Other Wheats found today were 1911, 1925 S, 1928 S and three Wheats from the mid 40s.. The two Semi key date Wheats are probably worth far more then any silver I might have found today so I thought I would show them off.. The Equinox did a great job finding these today.. A couple of them were real close to iron or had iron in the hole with them.. This area has been hit multiple times with my CTX, E-Trac and friends V3i.. Only thing left is the tough signals.. Bryan
  9. A Couple Firsts

    Good reminder to look for the S on the 08 Indian... I always forget.. My hunting partner actually found one a little over a week ago while I was hunting with him. It’s a nice one too.. I haven’t found one yet myself.. Bryan
  10. A Couple Firsts

    Awesome coin Steve! You better be careful. Your likely to get hooked on coin hunting if you keep this up. Very nice coin, and a hard one to get in most areas out West.. Bryan
  11. A Couple Firsts

    Great report and congratulations on your first V Nickels and Indian Steve.. I have also found that the older Buffalo and V Nickels have leaned more 12 then 13 in Park 1 and the tones often sound a bit special.. I really like the 50 Tones Audio on the Equinox.. The deeper Nikels just have a warm fullness to them that you don’t want to pass on.. I remember the Gold Coin I found also had that same warm, smooth fullness to the signal that I was aware of at the time.. Bryan
  12. Unless I missed something I don’t think you can.. I do wish that all modes required a long push of the mode button to save though.. I have had trouble with losing my custom settings 3 times now.. It some how reverts back to 5 Tone from 50 after the Detector gets turned back on for my next hunt.. At first I thought I had inadvertently changed it, but after the third time I’m starting to wonder.. When this happens you have to set your notching all over again.. Bryan
  13. Very Satisfied

    Great Report Mark.. Reminds me of an old school site that is now a park that I need to take the Equinox too.. I’m not sure what happened there but the the iron and charcoal in some parts of the location is overwhelming.. My CTX was not productive in those locations.. I will have to see if the Equinox can pull some goodies out of those areas. Thanks for sharing your results.. Bryan
  14. I Struggled At A Desert Rail Stop

    Cool finds! I like that old spark plug.. If everything is real shallow maybe drop the sensitivity even further, or try 15 or 20 kHz and see if it runs better for you.. If there is not much aluminum there I would try digging some of the lower conductors.. Some small cool stuff hangs out in 9 -14 range on the Equinox..
  15. Some Coins And A Ring

    Crazy Nickel count!