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    Being a state game warden I enjoy the outdoors, history, tracking, primitive survival skills, riding my Goldwing, metal detecting, arrowhead and relic hunting, coin shooting and lockpicking legally...
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  1. Minelab Equinox Tones & Advanced Tone Options

    That's some stuff right there!!! "D"
  2. Minelab Discount For U.S. Military

    I ordered mine from Kellyco and they were very flexible when it came to what information was needed for the veterans discount. I can't say they'll allow the VA card or not, but it's worth a try and it would surprise me if they refused to except it, but who knows. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful... "D"
  3. Got To See An Equinox This Weekend

    Not laughing at you Northeast, just never heard that question asked in my neck of the woods before.... "D"
  4. Minelab Discount For U.S. Military

    Never could find my DD214, but I located my DD256A, Honorable Discharge Certificate for picture frame display, anyhow Kellyco had no problem excepting it in lieu of my missing DD214... "D"
  5. Another Equinox 800 Pre-ordered...

    That'll never happen Steve, everyone of us has hung our hat's on something we believed in, an in my opinion I respect that man whether he's right or wrong over a man who straddles the fence!!! If you believe in something by George stand behind it 100%. If all goes well then you can pat yourself on the back, if it goes south, oh well, you didn't build it, but you stepped up and let people know you believed in it, so again pat yourself on ya back!!! I'm just beginning to know you an I like a man who lay's it all out on the line and stands up for what he believes in. Since I've joined this forum I've met some really good folks and learned a thing or two along the way. Your past experience and honesty stands for who you are, and I'm betting hands down you've picked a winner this time, so let the haters be haters and lets keep on doing what we do best, share our combined knowledge, help each other when we can and keep our friendship going!!! "D"
  6. Another Equinox 800 Pre-ordered...

    Thanks Chuck, I have no problem with the wait as long as what Steve has pointed out, that Minelab will look at what people are wanting and expecting an they make the changes and tweak the machine, that is if it needs it and provide a quality unit that will stand out above all in its class. Once again thanks Chuck for the input and advise, it's alway welcome by me, after all isn't this what the intent of this forum is all about, to share thoughts, advice and ideas? Let's hope other's do the same... "D"
  7. Another Equinox 800 Pre-ordered...

    Thanks Steve, I totally understand your point and upon receiving the Equinox I'll be a part of the Equinox family learning the machine and its potentials, discovering and reporting any bugs, which with all new things you can expect and hopefully help make this the machine we're all hoping it to be... "D"
  8. Today I went and pre-ordered the Equinox 800 and with my veterans discount it was just to good to pass up. The sales rep could not or would not give up any info on its arrival, but I feel it's gonna be worth the wait, I just hope I'm not waiting for months. Even though there was small amounts of information concerning the Equinox' full potential disseminated to the public, it was enough to convience me to step up and pre-order the 800. So now starts the waiting game and the butterflies hoping I made the right choice, but from what i've been reading and the information shared by steve and others, I feel I've made the right choice. "D"
  9. Equinox Double Page Ad In Lost Treasure January 2018

    Thanks for the info Ridge Runner..."D"
  10. Release Date For Us?

    I'm with ya Redneck!!! This waiting and not knowing is killing me, heck I've done chewed all my fingernails off and now I'm startin on my toe nails!!!😃😃😃 I'm just kidding, I'm to fat to get my toes close enough to gnaw on them....😁😁😁
  11. I'm selling my Fisher Coin$trike, which is in excellent condition along with its original instruction manual. This machine was bought new and it's never been rented or loaned to anyone. I'm asking $335.00 and I'll pay the shipping / insurance cost within the lower 48. I personally assure you this unit is in perfect working condition and should anyone have any questions and wish to contact me peersonally, my cell # is 985-205-0960. Thanks "D"
  12. I agree, from reading the last info released by Minelab it appears as though the battery can be changed by the user when it's depleted it's intended life expectancy. Once again the more I read the closer I'm getting to preordering the 800!!! Thanks again Steve for the info and that was a great question Redneck.... "D"
  13. Minelab Discount For U.S. Military

    I've recently divorced and God know's where my darn DD214 is. I'll keep digging, but worst case scenerio, I'll get a copy from my department, they'll have one on file...
  14. Minelab Equinox Tones & Advanced Tone Options

    Thanks for all the valuable info your're sharing with us. Please keep us informed on any new infromation or updates that might just trickle your way. Once again thanks!!! "D"
  15. Minelab Equinox Tones & Advanced Tone Options

    I totally agree, The more I read and hear about the 800 the more I want it and this waiting is killing me!!! Lol, but that's how it is, I'll just back and patiently wait like everyone else... Plus that gives me time to look for my DD214....