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  1. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    Haal the 705 is actually a very easy detector to learn. Like DSmith said play with it and see what happens each time you try it. A couple things to remember that are very important. If you run the 705 in the preprogrammed coin mode you will rarely find the good old coins because those TID's are blocked out to be rejected. Read Randy Horner's ebook and set one of your preprogrammed modes to open up the tide for those old coins and watch your best and oldest coin finds stacking up. The other thing play with the other tones that are on there. Don't just stick with the 99 tone as minelab calls it. It is actually one tone for each tid notch. Try the 4 tone and two tone. Never ever pass by a target for example 10 12 and with it -6 -8 if those 4 tids keep coming up it will be a nickel with a nail or other piece of iron.
  2. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    I have used the beach mode on Scratch Gravel Hills in Helena Montana. The entire hill system is made up of granite. It is rotten and in the gullies you can dig down two feet and constantly hit visible thick layers of magnetic black sand. It helped a little but the quietest detecting I had was with the 15" HF, surprisingly. There have been nuggets found up there as large as 9 ounces detecting. It is definitely an area ideal for pulse induction.
  3. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    I couldn't even imagine what that would be like to detect an area with 2000 years of iron and other metals . But I do know what it is like to hunt relatively small areas with thousands of people working and leaving trash everywhere over course of 100 or so years. Mines in montana and Idaho. In one area the is still a bulldozer resting on the bench of a creek from 1930's .
  4. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    Rivers Rat, why haven't you used it? The 705 is one of the two best detectors you have. Do you have one of the 15" coils? The coin mode is really good as is the prospecting mode. Pull it out of the box and use it get familiar with it. As you do this write down some questions. I can help you thru the learning curve.
  5. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    Haal perhaps the problem you are experiencing with the 705 and discerning from rusted cans and iron relics is that the rusted cans are tin and the detector sees that as not a bad target with the discrimination you have set. Try taking one of those cans and an iron relic and play with the discrimination til you get the can to blank out and the iron relic to come thru.
  6. I run my 705 on threshold of 1 so I can hear the faintest signal and the volume on max. Like Steve said the connection between gain or sensitivity and threshold is very much connected with the 705. You raise the sensitivity in upper ranges your thershhold with be louder and noisy. You back it way off and your detector will be quiet and you WILL hear your target if it is within the depth range that the 705 can reach. Trust the 705 it will never cease to amaze you.
  7. Dealing With X-Terra Wrap-around

    The 705 is very powerful and in a lot of cases you just can't run it too high on sensitivity, back it off. I rarely run in coin mode on 99 tones. I just run it in four tones. If you are hunting in heavy iron infested areas it will help to put it on two tones. You will have improved speed to discern between iron and a good target next to each other. Also all my best coin targets had negative id's mixed with the appropriate good I'd. This is because there were nails next to every one of them. I will never pass up a signal that has both positive and negative I'd. You will also get this mixing of I'd numbers when you have a deep target and the 705 knows there is a good target but it is at the farthest point it can lock on but until you get the coil closer it cannot determine that it is a 100% good target. I.E. non-Ferris.
  8. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    So here are some of my finds with the 705. It is kinda hard to comment on the strengths of the 705 if no questions are asked but I will give it a try. I am experiencing problems with my computer so I will post these and switch to my phone for the info.
  9. Having Faith In Your Detector

    It took me six or seven years before I found my first nugget with a detector. With that said, one's success does In fact have everything to do with your faith and confidence in your detector and in yourself. Every time I went out gold detecting and didn't have 100% confidence that I was going to find a nugget that day or weekend , I was met with failure. But on the other hand that every time I went out with 100% confidence I would find one, these are the days I have success. Don't let that doubt creep into your thoughts from the moment you leave your house to go detecting until you have nuggets in hand.
  10. A Few Days At Rye Patch

    Lunk that is some nice gold. Scott Thurber says you hunt around Murray. So do I. We should meet up over at Murray next spring and detect for som beautiful Murray gold.
  11. New Wireless Headphones By Minelab

    You are correct Steve these headphone will be universal for their detectors. I'm tired of kneeling on my headphone cord for the Monster. Awsome detector, bad headphones.
  12. There are new wireless headphones by minelab coming soon that will work with the Gold Monster 1000. I was told they will be in the ballpark of $125.
  13. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    Hey Kiwi, do you have the 6" DD coil and the 15" DD both in HF? If you don't then you really should get them these two coils are my main go to coils for the 705. I find gold with the 5x10 but the 6" DD HF will hunt circles around the 5x10. If I need depth then I go straight to the 15" HF. The 15" is surprisingly stable with this detector. I will hunt an area with sensitivity around 20-24 then go thru the same ground with it set from 26-30. I will make a third pass with it set very very low until all chirping is gone and the threshold is very faint but steady. You may think that you will loose too much depth but don't worry as you will have retain more depth than you think. I have learned to trust this detector and what it is communicating to me. Also set your threshold to where it is a whisper but steady. As you increase the sensitivity the threshold will increase in volume. I truly believe they work hand in hand. If you run it hot you will just have to get used to chatter and distinguish between a good target and ground noise except for loudest of targets.
  14. X-Terra Coils: Minelab Vs. Coiltek?

    Regardless of the price you pay for the coil by coiltek or minelab, you have the same coil. Are you using this coil for coin hunting? If so keep in mind that it doesn't pinpoint well like a mono coil or smaller DD does. It is equally hot all around the coil. Ease up to the target with short side to side sweeps from all four directions using the top edge of the coil. You should really use a pinpointed with this coil choice. You will end up digging deeper holes with this coil so it may end up drawing unwanted attention if you are detecting in parks or peoples yards that you have permission to hunt. If you are intending to hunt gold nuggets then you need the High Frequency coil. With an air test on a 1 3/4 ounce nugget on a sensitivity of 26, I was getting a faint but definitely repeatable solid signal at a solid two feet.
  15. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    Except for a small hand full of people most of you don't know exactly who I am. On these forums I go by goldseeker4000 but my name is Reese Townes and I have been detecting for gold nuggets and coins since 1980. I write articles on gold detecting for ICMJ Prospecting & Mining Journal. I have an ebook out called "Last Chance The Prospectors Field Guide To Finding More Gold". I am currently writing my second book that is strictly on gold detecting. I have a new article in the mining journal that will be out in a few days for December's issue. I bought my 705 in 2009 as a detector to compliment my Gpx4000 to get the tiny gold that the 4000 misses. I sold my 4000 in 2012 and from the time I bought my 705 to the time I sold my 4000, I had only found one nugget with the 4000. I had found many with the 4000 before this period of time but just the one while owning the 705. I sold the 4000 because since buying the 705 all the nuggets I was finding were found with the 705. It is light weight extremely sensitive and is an over all very enjoyable detector to hunt with. A lot of people do not give this detector the respect and credit it is due. When I sold the 4000 I was forced to really get to know how to operate and find gold with the 705. This detector is capable of finding gold as small as the monster and goldbug 2 but will find it deeper than the goldbug 2. It is far more sensitive than most people think and as a result most people will hunt it a little hot but I have found the tiniest piece of gold with it on a sensitivity of 5 at a depth of 3 inches. There is a lot I have to say to all who want to learn the secrets the 705 is harboring. I will add to this thread this weekend when I am able to do so with my laptop which is where all my photos are regarding nuggets I have found with the 705. I will be doing some educational videos on detecting for gold nuggets in the spring and one of them will be on finding gold with the 705. So if any of you have questions about this unsung hero in the world of gold detecting , by all means present your questions regarding the 705.