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  1. goldseeker4000

    Weekend Finds With Gm1000.....

    Rusty these are not anywhere close to my first nuggets.
  2. goldseeker4000

    Weekend Finds With Gm1000.....

    So here is the gold I got last weekend after an acid bath. I think they could use a second bath as I think the acid tends to reach a maximum degree of cleaning when it turns orange. These were in acid for a couple days.
  3. goldseeker4000

    A Crumby Saturday Afternoon (arvo)

    Why was it crummy? You had some nice pieces from the Equinox.
  4. goldseeker4000

    Weekend Finds With Gm1000.....

    Lunk, it was nice meeting you and Steve as well. After you left and I ate dinner I got out my torch and hydro shocked those rocks to get the gold out. Something to do back at camp. I was too wiped out to want to go detecting any more sat evening. I will be glad when my other spots open up from the snow load. If you are up for a trip to Avon let me know. Should be another two or three weeks. That will give me time to replace my entire suspension on my tacoma.
  5. goldseeker4000

    Weekend Finds With Gm1000.....

    Your welcome . Hopefully we will pass over some bigger pieces of gold than the little ones we got. My ten pieces of gold only came to 16 grains. They are now sitting in acid.
  6. goldseeker4000


    If you go with the 705 you most definitely need to get the 6" DD HF coil and the 15" DD HF these two coils are absolutely essential for gold nuggets. The Xterra705 is very good for tailing piles with the 15 coil. I will be using my 705 this weekend on tailing piles from a dredge and some piles on a hydraulic dig. I will grid off a section at a time with surveyors twine to make sure I cover the ground thoroughly with sensitivity reduced to where it is quiet with no ground chatter. I want to be able to hear the faintest real target signal. After this is complete I will research the area with the sensitivity set to max of 30 for the depth and listen for the very distinct target signals through the chatter. These signals should be always repeatable no matter which direction you swing the coil over them.
  7. goldseeker4000

    Best Detector For Quartz Reefs

    Gold Monster 1000 is very hard to beat. Go onto minelab and check it out. If you are former military you will get a discount with proof of service.
  8. goldseeker4000

    1st Detected Noogie....!!!!!

    That's a great first nugget Scott. A big congrats to you. The first one is always the hardest to find. You will see all the rest will be easier to find and when you start finding them, your old methods of finding gold will most definitely be a thing of the past. Thanks for letting me know that Thompson Pass is open now.
  9. Vince, that is some very nice gold and the Goldmonster 1000 is amazing at finding small gold nuggets exactly like the pics you showed all of us. It is easy to use and learn. The coil is waterproof, at least the 5 inch coil is for sure. the control box is not. That bedrock is outstanding for trapping gold. What exactly is the meaning of Gallia Aurifera? You have me completely intrigued with gold from France. I had no idea France was so rich in gold. Here are some nuggets I found with my Gold monster 1000.
  10. goldseeker4000

    The Wonders Of A Acid Clean

    I have been using this jug of acid for 3 years now and to this day when I take the cap off, Smokey fumes will rise out of the jug. It is some very potent acid for cleaning gold and quartz. I use to use a mixture of Hydrofloric and phosphoric acid to completely eat away the quartz and as soon as specimen was put in the acid the quartz started dissolving. I got rid of this particular acid after I had a very close call when my hand jerked to the side and it splashed out of the container. The acid was running down the chemical glove and came about an inch or two from dripping onto my arm. That was enough to scare the Hell out of me, so I just stick to the acid in the picture.If I want to get rid of the quartz then I hydro - shock it. I heat the specimen up till the quartz is glowing orange. Then drop it in cold water. Repeat the process til you get it the way you like it. After that I will give it the acid bath. If you have it in acid for 1 week then you need to neutralize it in a strong solution of baking soda water for triple the time it was in acid. If you dont it won't effectively neutralize the acid.
  11. goldseeker4000

    The Wonders Of A Acid Clean

    Gb_amateur, as you can see from the photograph of my jug of muriatic acid it says right below the word muriatic 45% hydrochloric acid.
  12. goldseeker4000

    The Wonders Of A Acid Clean

    It might be May 2017 on the article
  13. goldseeker4000

    The Wonders Of A Acid Clean

    The result you got is very good. However, muriatic acid with a 31% or is it 41% hydrochloric acid will do a better job in a week's time. You need to change out the acid halfway thru the cleaning period. I have an article in March of 2017 ICMJ mining journal titled "Sampling Cleaning and Hydro-Shocking quartz gold specimens." If anyone has questions, ask away.
  14. goldseeker4000

    Phone Property Ap

    I spoke with Sarah last weekend they are still trying to acquire all the data they need to make registered claims available on OnXHunt. She will call me or email me when she has more info.
  15. goldseeker4000

    4500 Vs 5000

    I was getting about 2-3 inches if I remember with the 4000 with the 8" commander mono and 11" dd. I sold it in 2012 because since I bought my 705 in 2009 I had only found one piece of gold with the 4000 up to the time I sold it. I am getting depth of 6-7 inches with the 5" on the monster even the tiniest in the picture. All pieces in photo were found last summer and fall with the monster. Except for the two bigger ones, all the rest were found in a 6×8 ft area. 10 in one weekend alone.