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  1. Take a four prong take and attach a few high poundage rare earth magnets and spend a bit of time raking out as much of the cans as possible. The long four prongs will work very well to plow up the ground and the cans so they can get sucked up to the magnets. It might take some time but chances are it will be worth the effort when you go back into the pile, this time swinging your detector.
  2. Trying To Find Good Video Tutorials And Hunts

    Do you know of any old stage coach routes in your area? Your not all that far from Libby Creek by Libby MT. Good gold in this spot . If you are ever able to make it down this way, let me know in advance and I can take you to a couple good spots. There is a lot I can teach you if you are interested.
  3. Trying To Find Good Video Tutorials And Hunts

    Underscore, I don't know what BC's laws are concerning detecting historical sites but here in Montana if someone gets caught doing that they can face thousands of dollars in fines, confiscation of their equipment and vehicle and up to 20 years in prison. Check your laws before searching those areas. Better safe than sorry, you know. My videos will be of great benefit to you in your region. Don't discredit finding gold on the mountain sides for float or residual gold deposits. Those are excellent places to search. A friend of my sold a claim to a couple guys and their first trip there detecting netted them 6 ounces of gold/quartz specimens.
  4. Trying To Find Good Video Tutorials And Hunts

    Underscore, the DVD's I will be making will have plenty of how to tips in regards to looking for the clues to put yourself where the gold should be hiding as well as to look when it is not where it typically should be trapped. There will be input on hunting creeks, bedrock in and out of the creek, how to find the earliest stream level of a creek you want to detect. By earliest, I mean the beginning of that creeks history. This can put you in areas to detect for gold that many people may overlook. I will talk about tools for different types of hunting, a lot of it is not rocket science but things that can speed up retrieval. I will have footage of hunting dredge piles, hydraulic pits, hunting for eluvial and alluvial deposits, bench deposits, residual deposits, recognizing the important rocks associated with gold, the type of research you want to undertake to find out what exactly was taking place with the gold deposits in the area you want to search, understanding your detector. I am a Minelab kind of guy so I will only talk about their detectors in depth. I my opinion their detectors are the highest quality and best performance and I have used other brands with much less success than Minlabs. Just my opinion based on my experience going back to 1980. There is a reason Minelab has 50 engineers developing their detectors. I will have much more in my videos as well such as gold detecting with specific detectors like the gold monster and the Xterra 705. They will be in dvd cases with a front and back cover and single dvd's will probably be $19.95 and videos that will be a two DVD set will be $29.95. The singles will be around an hour long and two hours for the two dvd set. I am curious as to what state you are hunting for gold in?
  5. River Hunting Advice Needed.....

    I have found nuggets towards the middle of a creek wedged tightly in bedrock which took around 45 minutes to chip it out of the crack with rock hammer and chisel. For bedrock a Estwing rock hammer and a good set of chisel are essential. Have you tried using a gold suction tube after you loosened up the target zone? You might want to tie on a cord or something to your detector attached to your chest area when you are digging to keep it from falling into the river. Stick closer to shore as well as the benches along the river.
  6. GM 1000 Question

    The gold monster is perfect for hunting bedrock. All the gold in my attached photo was found on bedrock. All but the two larger ones were found in a hydraulic mine and were in the bedrock. Most all these tiny pieces were found on average of 6 inches down in the bedrock. Some were under the middle of two slabs of bedrock and one was completely encased in a slab of bedrock 6 inches down. It is very good at this type of gold hunting. The other two were found in bedrock also but along Libby creek. One was in the middle of the creek.
  7. Trying To Find Good Video Tutorials And Hunts

    Hey underscore I am in the process of purchasing the equipment I need to make the very exact type of videos you are looking for. I have the camera and just purchased a powerful new laptop for soul purpose of editing the footage, which will arrive on the 6th of February. This spring I will be creating videos on gold detecting and geology relating to detecting for gold. They will not be YouTube videos. They will however be dad's that will be available to buy. I have searched for a long time for just such videos as well several years ago. Not much out there so I decided I needed to undertake that myself. I hope to have the first one done by June or July. Let me know if you are interested. I would like to know what kind of info on tips has been in your mind that you are looking for.
  8. I will. Just dropped $1150 on a high end laptop to edit the educational videos I will be starting this spring. I'm thinking my taxes will help get it.
  9. I would go with the Gold Monster 1000. You can't go wrong with this detector. It is very effective and capable and is fully automatic or run it in manual sensitivity. For me the Gold Monster 1000 and X-terra 705 is what I use and have great success. I will be adding the Equinox 800 which I will be getting from Gerry. All gold shown below was found with the 705 and the Monster.
  10. Land Slides, Debris Flows And Mass Wasting

    These photos show just what enormous energy a debris flow has. They often will be in stream systems and can be on the slopes leading to them. They can travel up to 186 mph.
  11. Land Slides, Debris Flows And Mass Wasting

    I think you are correct. There are many things at work with how gold gets to where it is. Some places it might be very simple and straight forward but other areas it is a multi faceted puzzle regarding where the gold turns up or not. Thanks for sharing. There was a glacier that traveled up the valley then receded.
  12. I was signed in and I still was not able to download the pdf file.
  13. Land Slides, Debris Flows And Mass Wasting

    Anyone can certainly chime in on what you think.