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  1. Well, turns out it was simple to wire up the speaker. Chopped the 3.5mm plug off, seperated the 2 wires. one wire had its own shielding, the other was directly inside the external shielding. Shielded the other wire with heat shrink, and added heat shrink over the original shielding. Soldered the wires onto the terminals, left off any grounding so the GPX amp kicks in. and off we go, all working a treat.
  2. phrunt

    Our First Dusting Of Snow

    John has such a nice house! he built the thing himself! I can only imagine how many tourists got stuck up Coronet Peak these past couple of days, hopefully they all drop lots of things in the snow never to be seen again so when I go back up after winter with my Nox I get lots of good stuff šŸ™‚
  3. phrunt

    T2 Classic Videos

    The Ground balance, Pinpoint trigger on the T2 is such a good idea, not to mention it's super comfortable to swing. If you haven't seen the trigger switch before you don't know how good it is. I'm surprised every manufacturer hasn't copied it. Flick it forward for ground balance, back for pinpoint, fantastic idea and all part of why I still think the T2 is the best designed for ergonomics detector there is in existence. I don't see the wireless as a hindrance, for $20 or so you can get an aptx low latency transmitter to make any detector support wireless headphones. They are tiny and you just cable tie it onto the shaft and you'll never know it's there. The battery life on the T2 is also exceptional. I even used a aptx low latency transmitter on my GPX before I got the external speaker, worked wonderfully and just sat in the back of my harness in the battery pouch connected to the battery with a 10cm cable.
  4. Welcome to the forum, I am sure you'll enjoy your 600, a mighty fine machine. I have the 800 but don't have this problem and my strap looks like it could take quite a big arm, I'm sure it will have the same strap as the 600, you must have arms like Popeye šŸ™‚ I guess you could get out a sewing machine or needle and thread and a trip to a sewing supplies shop make your own strap to suit. I made a carry strap for my sluice from scavenging parts from an old laptop bag, and I'd never sewed anything in my life šŸ™‚
  5. phrunt

    T2 Classic Videos

    The T2 is a really powerful machine, I am very happy with mine and it's just the T2 Classic. I still like to pick it up to use even though I own an Equinox 800. Having it at a lower price point might help more people get into the hobby who otherwise wouldn't. If they buy some rubbish cheap detector that is useless it puts people off when they don't do so well with it, having such a high performance feature rich machine that they will do very well with at a cheaper price point will be very beneficial to newbies. The pricing of the Nox is going to force other manufacturers to change their market pricing strategy, I feel sorry for the dealers who have lots of stock of detectors that they may end up making a loss on though. The T2 is also quite easy to learn, good for a beginner.
  6. phrunt

    Rare Oregon Pocket Gold

    Stunning rocks you got yourself there!
  7. phrunt

    Needle In A Haystack

    An enjoyable and inspiring read, thank you! I really want to get out there but the weather just isn't playing nice at the moment. It's good you decided to head out and try find some gold over the beach šŸ™‚ and it paid off.
  8. Well you're doing a good service cleaning the bottle caps up! You do have beautiful beaches though. Stunning in fact.
  9. phrunt

    Ordered An Nox 800

    Don't get too excited, you still have to charge everything up fully before you can take it for a spin šŸ˜®
  10. phrunt


    Am I seeing some sort of solid skid plane on your Nox there? Did you make one yourself? I would like a post on how you did it šŸ™‚
  11. I see your bottle caps pictures and feel sorry for you, not because you get so many bottle caps, but because people around where you live throw so many bottle caps on the ground! I absolutely hate people throwing rubbish and don't understand why they would do it. I'm glad your Nox journey has improved, I really enjoy using my Nox. I pick rubbish up off the ground some clown has dropped and put in in the bin no more than five steps away from a rubbish bin, why people drop it on the ground right near a rubbish disposal spot I will never understand. It's not until you've seen completely destroyed countries you appreciate the country in which you live. You've taken some really nice photos of your beaches, they look so beautiful if I didn't know they were trashed filled šŸ™‚
  12. If you want me to, I'll be there with bells on! šŸ™‚ Next weekend?
  13. You can never get too carried away, it's when you get carried away your posts become the most enjoyable. I think to this day that first bit of gold I got was my biggest bit of gold so far. I have such fond memories of that day.
  14. phrunt

    Class Ring Goes Home

    So nice of you to put the effort in and track him down, well done, a great story.
  15. Just in the back of it. I assume you got all the snow on the mountain tops today that we got down here then! It stopped me going detecting today The speakers were meant to get 36 hours off Alkaline batteries, I suspect by turning a twin speaker set to a single I will get a lot more time on that, and I'll use Panasonic Eneloops in there, they're rechargeable and just go forever. There is no better rechargeable AA battery.