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  1. Forum Rules, Help, Tips, Contact Info

    I didn't know where to post this but here seemed as good a spot as any. Ad blocking I have an Ad Blocker on my Google Chrome, the reason is to stop being bombarded with junk advertising and spyware and so on, however, there is a downside to this, genuine sites like this one which only has minor advertising and it's very unobtrusive helps pay for the site to exist in the first place. Once I noticed I rapidly disabled my ad blocker on this site, Steve deserves every penny that advertising brings in to keep the site up and running and as good as it is, so it would be absolutely fantastic if people using ad blocking can all disable it on this site, on my ublock origin it's simple to do, I click one little button and it will work on every other site but disable its ad blocking for this site. Most people like me probably haven't given it a thought, ad blocking is always on as a form of protection on most peoples Browser but I am sure you all agree the last thing we want to do is take revenue off Steve which would contribute to keeping the site running. Please Steve if I've put this in the wrong place move it to where it will be seen, I am sure everyone would happily follow my advice if they knew about it. It's the least we can do. Thanks everyone! Simon
  2. The Fog Is Lifting With Equinox.

    I'm keen to know how well it handles the local magnetite rich gravels/soils, I may have to find out for myself as detectorists are few and far between in my area and none that I know of any getting an Equinox.
  3. So you're saying the Americans have been cheating!!!!! We don't even have 5 cents here anymore.
  4. Thanks, the more gold testing done with the Equinox the better, I'm on the edge of getting one but having trouble deciding. Here is hoping they come out with coils like the Gold Monster for it but they may not as it would probably kill the Gold Monsters sales.
  5. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    Well it all comes down to mileralization, everybody agrees, it's a great Gold machine if the ground conditions are right, my Monster is perfect for me in the right situation but it's mighty hard to cover a lot of ground with the coils it has, the Equinox has a wider range of coils and the large coils are what i'd need to cover a lot of ground... Now it comes down to John's experience with the area and how much ground I would be missing out on because of the VLF. Estimated %'s would be great, you know a lot if not all the gold prospecting ground in our local area. How much of it do you think would be beyond the capabilities of a VLF (keeping in mind the Equinox seems to handle it better than other VLF's with its multi frequency technology and seems to punch pretty deep) and when you are in that crazy ground, are the finds you get with your ZED regularly deep or shallow. Price vs performance is the key here. If i'm missing 30% of the gold due to the VLF in bad ground or just too deep for a VLF but the price is $1600 vs $10,000 it's acceptable to miss that 30% and deal with the pain of hearing you getting it all It it's getting over a 50% loss then I'd be starting to get more disappointed. Eagerly awaiting John's response on this one
  6. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    John, it's on you now If all your machines disappeared overnight and you were left with a GM1000 and an Equinox 800, how well do you think you would do? I am not overly fussed if I can't use a detector at the Arrow, my sluice does a fine job there and I love using my sluice anyway. How many areas would I be missing out on? In all the secret places you go to, how many of them would an Equinox be unstable and unusable, I guess that's the biggest part of the question really, how much would I be missing out on. I understand you'll get better depth and many other benefits to your Zed, but as a new driver I probably shouldn't be and can't afford to be starting with a Lamborghini anyway so perhaps a Toyota will do as long as it gets me from A to B. I just want a detector I can cover a lot of ground with and still find tiny gold. Whites are out of reach in NZ, I would have to import it and then it attracts duty and so on, I may as well by a SDC, it'd be cheaper. Thanks Steve for bringing it up that way, I didn't think of it like that. Sorry if this question keeps dragging on, I just don't want to make another detector mistake, especially when it's going to be my last purchase for a year or two, so for me, it's a big decision. I appreciate everyone's help.
  7. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    If I even had one of John's PI's I wouldn't even be considering an Equinox, I'm just trying to find a way not to spend masses of $$$$$ on a PI and was hoping an Equinox with Multi-IQ on gold mode maybe it, but then again.... maybe not. They need a hire service so I could try one out at Arrowtown and see how it handles all that black sand, if it takes it on OK i'd have one in my hands rapidly if it fails I'd be more looking at an SDC2300 for now, the closest I can see to affordable on the PI's with an aim to get a 4500 or 5000 in the future. I like the idea of the waterproof side of the SDC as I spend a lot of time at Creeks, I think it's because I like being in the water I'm just trying to not buy the "wrong" detector this time, I have a few of them when you look at my collection, I want to get it right this time. I spent most of my life in Brisbane (Australia) where you'd be very brave to enter a creek, you don't know what's under the brown water and there are dangerous animals and insects trying to get you from every direction, I come here and the water is crystal clear with nothing out to get you so wandering around in creeks splashing around with your detector in summer, cooling off, looking at the mountains above is a very enjoyable experience. John just needs a few more arms and he could swing them all at once but then again, he's already cleaning up the area of its gold so maybe that's not a good idea either leave some for me!!!!
  8. all good johndoe, all very helpful. You have some great gear!
  9. I have very much been considering a 2300, its more of an affordable introduction to the PI type detectors.
  10. I am waiting for my supplier to get back from a dredging trip to buy an Equinox 800, two other local suppliers have them in stock but I told my usual supplier I would buy it off him so that's what I'll do... He has them in stock also but he's not there to send it to me at the moment, no big deal as I'm not in a rush. Only problem is, the longer I wait, the more I wonder if it's the right unit for me as it appears I now do need a detector that can handle black sands. We do mostly have mild soils, or so I thought until I hit the Arrow river the other day and struck all that black sand. I wanted something to complement my Gm1000 and use in environments the GM1000 isn't ideal, not be the same as it.
  11. A video has been put up of an Equinox 800 on small Gold in Australia I am not sure if I'm impressed by this or not. It seems OK
  12. that's pretty cool, I bet it captures a lot of fine gold!
  13. I would love to but it's in a public fossicking area, and I believe the rules in NZ are you can't use any motors or pumps or anything, , also a bit of gold I got was bigger than the black sand and if I spend the time I am sure a few bits would be bigger than the black sand, I will probably go back this coming weekend and spend a full day and see how I do. I might just clean up the sluice every couple of hours into a bucket and bring the bucket home and deal with the separation at home.
  14. No, but she's used a little shovel and dug herself a hole and got some gravel into a pan and panned it down and found a few flakes, shes still talking about that to this day. She did the entire thing by herself so I thought that was pretty good.