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  1. Thanks for the offer, I'd love to get access to your plans! My brother in law lives in Edinburgh, I didn't realise there was much gold there, I should encourage him to start hunting!
  2. Hello! I would love to but I know it will be waaaay out of my price range! I appreciate the offer and don't blame you for wanting to keep the GB2, I might just have to save my pennies and buy one new but there are some reports the new ones aren't as good as the old ones. I am unsure if there is any truth in that. I am most certainly a beginner and my stomping ground has been 12 mile creek but my sluice is doing all the work there, I've had no luck with my Gold Bug Pro at all, probably as I am just learning how to use it.
  3. Thanks, I read it a few months ago but now I understand more I need to read it again, might make sense now. :)
  4. Thanks, I'll pick one up this weekend, they're only $25
  5. That was explained well, now I understand it. thanks so much
  6. is this what you mean by grease gun with a handle? or this one
  7. I have noticed with my sub gram nugget that unless it's within a couple of inches of the coil on the Gold Bug Pro it won't show on the bar across the top where it's telling you the numbers of what metal it is, at more than 2 or so inches it makes a zip zip sort of noise when I go over it but nothing on the top bar. I do notice the ground phase numbers (the big ones in the center of the screen) change from what the ground balance numbers are to numbers in the 40's to 50's as I wave over it. Is this what I'm looking for out in gold country when I am searching for tiny nuggets? I assume they won't show up on the top bar either, they will just change the ground phase and perhaps make a zipish noise, would I be right in thinking this way? If this is so, I think i've passed over many nuggets and ignored them as I thought they would show up on the top bar in between say 35 and 60, I totally ignored signals when they just showed on the big numbers in the middle. Sorry if my question seems silly, I'm very new to this.
  8. Has anyone made a crevice sucker? I was thinking of buying one until I saw the price locally, cheapest ones are $110 + $15 shipping, seems a bit much for what they are, looks like people are making some out of PVC pipe but I can't find any decent plans online to use to make one. If anyone has some good plans they would be greatly appreciated.
  9. that's the plan, only problem is all the gold i've found is more than 2 inches underground
  10. well I found a tiny nugget the other day with my sluice, .26 of a gram, the T2 with 5" coil signals off on it just over 1.3", the Gold Bug Pro with the 10" elliptical coil sounds off nicely with it at 2.2 inches and the Gold Bug Pro with Nel Snake coil gets it nicely at 2.8 inches. I guess I've found the best coil to use for my tiny nugget hunting. The 10" would cover more ground but I feel i'd find it easier with the Nel Snake. Obviously I did a very amateur test but kept the settings the same on both Gold Bug Pro's Inside my house has a lot of interference but it messes with the T2 more than the Gold Bugs.
  11. if you're keen to sell your GB2 for a good price kiwijw I would snap it up if it's affordable, I do live nearby you.
  12. Unfortunately they will take a couple of weeks to get here yet, they're coming slow post as they Li-ion the airlines don't like them to transport by air. They've got to get from Singapore to New Zealand by ship! I've bookmarked Steve's alternative ones so if mine turn out rubbish at least I can order his tried and true good ones. The concept seems good and they sure have a lot of power so here's hoping! I also like they fully charge within 2 hours via USB
  13. Has anyone tried using a Lithium Li-ion battery in their Gold Bug Pro? I thought I would order a few to see what they're like, they are yet to arrive. These are the ones I ordered out of interest https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Brand-NEW-Etinesan-9V-3600mWh-lithium-li-ion-rechargeable-li-polymer-battery-for-Microphone-GPS-remote/32811854849.html It seems like they would provide long life power for the Bug and they charge using a USB cable so I could use my phone charger in the car to charge them up if i'm out and about. If they work out I'll get them for my Carrot too