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    Southern California
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    Metal detecting for coins and jewelry in the sand and water.
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    XP Deus with HF coils, Sovereign GT, Equinox 800 preordered
  1. Deus Elliptical And Round HF Coil Feedback

    My opinion on your question is add both the HF Coils to your Deus. They are both a great upgrade and compare them head to head to the LF coils then decide what you want to sell. Sorry. I know you didn’t ask me the question. Good luck
  2. New Member

    Seal Beach occasionally, Bolsa Chica and Huntington Beach more often. I used to surf these locations so I like going there to detect and enjoy a few hours. Are you local AW?
  3. New Member

    Thanks Al for the welcome. Best of luck!
  4. Having Faith In Your Detector

    Congratulations on the gold and best of luck out there.
  5. Deus Elliptical And Round HF Coil Feedback

    Awesome! I finally got a tracking update for the new HF Coil. It should be here tomorrow. I just get s little edgy when things aren’t delivered when the tracking indicates it should be. very excited to try the 9”round HF coil out at the beach. Thanks everyone for letting me get a little stressed online.
  6. Equinox 800 Pre-ordered

    The lighter weight and speed is what I’m looking forward to as well. I primarily beach hunt so recovery speed is important. That and the lightweight will allow me to last longer detecting. Best of luck! BH
  7. Deus Elliptical And Round HF Coil Feedback

    I did. It didn’t get delivered so I’ll just try and not stress out about it, relax and take it easy..lol! Thanks for the history tab tip Tn.
  8. Deus Elliptical And Round HF Coil Feedback

    As I read this, I’m sitting here waiting for my new 9” round HF Coil to arrive to compliment the Elliptical. It’s to be delivered today as per usps tracking but the tracking hasn’t updated to “out for delivery” soooo I’m wondering what’s up?? I’m getting edgy babysitting the front door.
  9. Equinox 800 Pre-ordered

    A 9” Coil for the Equinox would be nice.
  10. Equinox 800 Pre-ordered

    I was thinking that as well Steve. I have read where they weighted the coil for more control. Hawaii sure would be fun.
  11. Equinox 800 Pre-ordered

    I know what you mean about weight in the water. For me I’m so shallow (lol) in the water that I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Best of luck Daniel, on your purchase, should you decide to go with the Equinox.
  12. Photo Hosting Sites

    I would of been ok with photobucket if they wouldn’t of highjacked all the photos I’ve uploaded across the internet. This puts a huge disconnect in forum posts obsoleting everything you put your energy into. i didn’t sign up for that with PB. As they say on Shark Tank “I’m out”.
  13. A Little 18k Eye Candy

    Very nice find. Thanks for the pic!
  14. A Late Fall Day Of Detecting

    Awesome find! Thanks for the look!