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  1. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Hi Bill, I see Steve provided a link to find a dealer. Thanks
  2. Any runner ups or 2nd place winners lol. I missed it by 5! Great game. Congrats MontAmmie!
  3. Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion

    Great job on the new shaft. Thanks for the photos.
  4. First Gold Ring Ever!

    Congratulations on the gold. That’s awesome!
  5. Armrest, Power Bank And Carbon Tube

    Cool design. Well done!
  6. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Interesting about the EQ’s shaft problems. I get wet and so will my EQ so to avoid the wet wobbles and blistering I went ahead and ordered the Anderson CF replacement. I will give an update on it when it arrives and I’ve had a chance to put it into service. Next headphones and 6” coil.
  7. I Paid For The 800 Tonight

    Awesome score. Congratulations! Very cute baby.
  8. 2nd Beach Hunt With The 800

    Congratulations on the gold!
  9. A one man shop who wears all the hats running a business can be tough but it seems you’re doing an excellent job Gerry. Congratulations on the Silver! Best of luck!
  10. I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Congratulation on the new 800. Hope you and your son have a great time using it. Good luck!
  11. All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    Thanks strick! It’s been a good vehicle.
  12. All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    Here’s mine a 2005 Tacoma Pre Runner with positraction locking rear end. I purchased it new And drives and rides like a car. Actual miles on it is 14,000 Miles. It’s like new. would not be good to sleep in unless there was a shell on the back.
  13. My Folded Equinox Modification

    That’s very cool relicmeister.
  14. Equinox Or Excalibur?

    Welcome to the forum Ed. Having owned and used the Excalibur, I was tiring of the constant masking of iron targets and then waiting for it to reset so as not to miss adjacent good targets. That is why I have gone to the Equinox. Faster performance. In the water however I have not done as I have no waterproof headphones. One must consider though, that when you add the price of a 6” coil and a set of waterproof headphones, that $900 EQ will be approaching the same price as a new Excal from a Dealer. Best of Luck!