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    Southern California
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    Metal detecting for coins and jewelry in the sand and water.
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    XP Deus with HF coils, Sovereign GT, Equinox 800 preordered
  1. Looks like you had a good time. Thanks for the pics and good luck.
  2. "Iron Bias" What Is It?

    Iron Bios could be similar to “balance” Gain? like when setting the bios on an amp tube. I could be way off though. Maybe something to do with the audio as in Iron Audio? The filters adjust the balance of what you hear from the target.
  3. New Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page

    Here’s hoping the waterproof headphones are priced reasonably.
  4. What Will The Equinox Be Best At Finding?

    As long as they evolve as fast as you do. Good luck.
  5. Why Would You Want The Equinox?

    For me it’s the fast recovery and wanting to get into the water.
  6. What Will The Equinox Be Best At Finding?

    Welcome to the forum ignas. Best of luck with your choice on a detector.
  7. Glad To Be Here

    Welcome aboard sohN. Best use of the word NOX I've read so far. Good luck out there.
  8. My Last Gold Of 2017 & First For 2018

    Looks like you found the gold in the paradise you live in. Thanks for the awesome photos!
  9. Thread For New Detectorist Using Deus And New Deus Users

    Thanks Tn for such well thought out posts. As a new Deus user it is incredibly helpful. I mainly hunt the beaches of SoCal and so far I go by the tones and just keep the remote in my pocket. Now I’m inspired to take it out and look at what it’s telling me.
  10. Seems Deus Version 4.1 Available For Use

    Excellent. Happy to read you got it working Tn.
  11. Seems Deus Version 4.1 Available For Use

    Can you manually enter the HF coils serial numbers into the updated remote?
  12. Seems Deus Version 4.1 Available For Use

    Did you have to enter the coil serial numbers or was it automatic? Thanks Tn.