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  1. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Hi Bill, I see Steve provided a link to find a dealer. Thanks
  2. Any runner ups or 2nd place winners lol. I missed it by 5! Great game. Congrats MontAmmie!
  3. Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion

    Great job on the new shaft. Thanks for the photos.
  4. First Gold Ring Ever!

    Congratulations on the gold. That’s awesome!
  5. Armrest, Power Bank And Carbon Tube

    Cool design. Well done!
  6. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Interesting about the EQ’s shaft problems. I get wet and so will my EQ so to avoid the wet wobbles and blistering I went ahead and ordered the Anderson CF replacement. I will give an update on it when it arrives and I’ve had a chance to put it into service. Next headphones and 6” coil.
  7. I Paid For The 800 Tonight

    Awesome score. Congratulations! Very cute baby.
  8. 2nd Beach Hunt With The 800

    Congratulations on the gold!
  9. A one man shop who wears all the hats running a business can be tough but it seems you’re doing an excellent job Gerry. Congratulations on the Silver! Best of luck!
  10. I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Congratulation on the new 800. Hope you and your son have a great time using it. Good luck!
  11. All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    Thanks strick! It’s been a good vehicle.
  12. All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    Here’s mine a 2005 Tacoma Pre Runner with positraction locking rear end. I purchased it new And drives and rides like a car. Actual miles on it is 14,000 Miles. It’s like new. would not be good to sleep in unless there was a shell on the back.
  13. My Folded Equinox Modification

    That’s very cool relicmeister.
  14. Equinox Or Excalibur?

    Welcome to the forum Ed. Having owned and used the Excalibur, I was tiring of the constant masking of iron targets and then waiting for it to reset so as not to miss adjacent good targets. That is why I have gone to the Equinox. Faster performance. In the water however I have not done as I have no waterproof headphones. One must consider though, that when you add the price of a 6” coil and a set of waterproof headphones, that $900 EQ will be approaching the same price as a new Excal from a Dealer. Best of Luck!
  15. Wow! That’s a lot of walking. The pic is very interesting. Seems like you have an awesome site to hunt. I’m no help on the gps tracking software or app though. Best of luck!
  16. Minelab Equinox Essential Information

    Thanks for putting all under one coil Steve. Cool compilation.
  17. Wow! Now that’s a cool find..
  18. The Karat Question

    I thought this may help someone who is getting different VDI numbers on various pieces of jewelry. Gold as it comes out of the ground is a pure element that is yellow and relatively soft. That’s your “24 karat gold.” Many people like the yellow color of 24 karat gold, but the lack of hardness can be a disadvantage in jewelery, so it is alloyed with other metals. This affects the color in addition to the hardness. To make white gold, an alloy of palladium and nickel is added to the gold. Jewelers talk about other colors, too: add a little copper for a “pinkish” caste; if you want a “green” tint, add silver. Zinc is added to make the gold harder. The “karat” tells how much alloy of other metals is used — 18k gold is 75% gold and 25% alloy, 14 karat has more alloy, etc. One might think that yellow gold would always be more expensive than white because it is “purer,” but that isn’t necessarily true. White gold can be more expensive because it’s harder to fabricate. A good gold “manufacturer” is judged by his or her ability to use the different alloys to achieve the qualities desired in jewelry. The head of a ring that holds a gemstone, for example, must be hard but also flexible, so the alloy is important there. 24k gold is 99.99% gold, 22k is 91.67% gold, and 20k is 83.33% gold. Those of such high karatage are most often used in Asia and the Middle East. Generally, 20k or higher is yellow in color. 18k is 75% gold and is the most common karatage in Europe. It’s also popular in America and can be yellow or other colors. 18k white gold made with nickel is very hard. 18k yellow gold is softer than its 14k counterpart. 14k gold is most common in the USA and can be yellow or other colors. 14k white gold is harder and used in prong settings. 14k white gold has a yellowish tinge and is often plated with rhodium (a platinum group metal) to give it a white appearance. 12k gold is 50% gold and is commonly used in class rings and can be other color. 10k gold is 41.67% gold and is common in promotional goods. It’s the lowest alloy that can be called gold in the US and it’s very brittle. Most of this information came from Donald Fogg, of F.D. Fogg Jewelry in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  19. I would do number 7. 7. Introduce myself and offer to share finds and anything of historical value regarding their property. Then number 5.
  20. Got A 30-31 Signal And Guess What It Was

    Very nice finds Calabash!
  21. Just Joined Your Forum

    Welcome aboard Don from Southern California! This is the best site for info based on experience. Best of luck!
  22. Excellent Seated, what a beauty! Congratulations on some stellar finds.
  23. The Karat Question

    That’s interesting. Possibly a clasp or jump ring of a higher Karat attached to the necklace. Still, a worthy dig from the vdi numbers. Best of luck!