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  1. I haven't hit the beaches in Ventura/Oxnard for two weeks. I was hoping that today's wind shift to an onshore flow might bring the surf up to grab some sand. I've been holding off going out there until I get my nox. Hopefully it will be soon. I'm supposed to get mine with this next shipment.
  2. Awesome!! I hope you clean up out there!
  3. Right but if i had bought one from them and paid while they were out of stock wouldn't they have filled my order first? I never completed the order but I went all the way to the point of entering my CC info on a couple of occasions in January.
  4. Very cool. There is nothing like pulling a ring out of the ground or out of your scoop to bring a smile to your face.
  5. A ring is a ring in my book. Well done! Where did it ring in at? I'm guessing 27.
  6. I'd say the pre-orders are over and now it's just simply a case of supply and demand. Most of us are still waiting for our pre-order but anyone who ordered after the release are now a product of capitalism at it's extreme. In hindsight the smart thing would have been to order from Cabelas initially and gotten on their backorder list. I think if I had done that initially I'd be swinging one now.
  7. Is Park 2 The Magic Mode??

    So here's a stupid question. Where do old houses or old foundations fit in? What would you use to hunt an older home site? Park 1 or park 2 or would an old homesite require Field 1 or Field 2? Sorry if this has been answered before.
  8. Cache Hunting

    The power of observation is not to be take lightly. I think when they finally find Fenn's treasure there will be much gnashing of teeth as it will likely have been hidden in plain sight. Great story and I hope to be on the end of cache before my time is up.
  9. It takes a real man to admit a mistake like that The first time I took the deus to the beach with the 9.5 on it I had failed to match the puck on my headphones to the coil. The problem was I didn't know I had to do that so I used the speaker on the remote. I hope to get my equinox sometime this week. Good to hear you are enjoying it especially on the beach. If it works for me like it seems to for everyone else I'll be thinning the herd again. At only $800 I think I'd like one to keep in each car.
  10. I thought it would be cool to encourage folks to share their finds big or small. It seems most only post their finds when it’s a gold ring or old silver but most days for me look like this. Today I got out to my ranch permission and after 2 hours I came away with these keepers on the Deus. The war nickel is a 43, 10 yen coin, a 1950 cinco centavo, a Pisces medallion, an old ring of unknown origin and 4 wheats.
  11. Sign Of Problem?

    Unfortunately there will be bad units out of all the ones produced. Look at how many brand new cars need service two weeks off the showroom floor. I hope yours is just a freak thing that resolves itself as TNS has prescribed. Best to you
  12. That would be the irony of all ironies. Charging a customer restocking fees for an item that isn't in stock, has never been in stock nor is expected to be in stock anytime soon. That's like buying a lottery ticket for a dollar and then having to pay the store back $50 for losing.
  13. Great work, lots to think about. I own a deus with the 11" LF and the 9.5 HF elliptical. It would appear that if one had $1500 to spend it might be better spent on the nox and get the 2 coils when they're released. It seems that to operate the deus at the level of the Nox you will need to be a fairly sophisticated user with the knowledge to make changes whereas it looks like you can hunt easier right out of the box with the Nox. As you say there are variables but from the initial testing you have provided as well as accounts from other users it looks like it's the Nox that will give most users the best experience detecting faster than using other detectors(less learning curve/better tech).
  14. I'm on it now and the nox is still nowhere to be seen. That being said it'll likely be a daily thing of checking first thing in the morning.
  15. I'm number 3 so I'm crossing all extremities to ensure maximum power.