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  1. Go Detect Phone App

    Thanks Steve, I traded in my CTX due to it's fragile nature (for me) and got the Deus. The GPS phone app was one of the selling points so I hope they reintroduce it soon. I'd pay for a good app at this point as it could save me a ton of time in locating the streets and home locations. Hopefully someone with the skills will create one as I'm sure they'd make a little coin from the MD community.
  2. Go Detect Phone App

    Never thought about cell service being an issue. I have roughly 100 acres to hunt on two sites that used to be farm housing communities from the early 1900's until roughly 1980's. Now they're huge corporate nurseries so I've been trying to use Google Earth, Historic Aerials to try and zero in on targets.
  3. Go Detect Phone App

    Anyone use this? I've read mixed reports on it in terms of android/apple and that it is out and being used and that it's currently not available for use. This would be a huge assist/help to me in hunting the areas I currently have permission for. I never quite figured out the GPS on my CTX and am hopeful my iphone can be integrated into my detecting.
  4. I would be disappointed for sure if this were true. 6 months of hype is a bit much for an $800 detector.
  5. My Equinox " Coming Out " Statement

    I would say that if a person truly wants to learn to use their new Equinox when it's released this will be the forum to do it on. I recognize many of the user names here from the other forums and they're many of the more learned folks in my opinion. I get the impression that many people on other sites are hoping that the Equinox will be a failure just so they can lord it over others. My EQ is paid for and i'm #9 on my dealers list when they come out. I won't be selling my Deus, or my excal II as having a good backup detector is as important to me as anything else. I'd rather take what Steve says than the guy who's using detecting to become the next youtube sensation.
  6. Equinox & Salt Water

    To be a success at the beach in my area the Equinox has to be able to work mostly in the wet sand and wading. I regularly hunt my beaches here and have yet to see another detector out in the surf detecting as the shore break is just too strong to deal with. I'll detect no higher than mid thigh at most because the waves just pull my excal back and forth and they are no friendlier to my scoop so if the Equinox will handle the wet sand at low tide that will suffice. I vacationed in the keys last summer and that ocean is way different than mine so once again the type of success you will have with the EQ in salt water (when released) will depend on your location.
  7. I built a CTX travel case about 6 months ago out of a Plano Bow case. I checked it on a flight to Minnesota and it worked flawless for my CTX. I had everything in it, pointer, digger, 2 coils, chargers and knee pads. I ended up selling the CTX because I kept getting lemons from Minelab and I couldn't see having that much money tied up into a fragile machine. Now i have this great Plano case......
  8. Mercury Dime Teaser

    That is a great day for any of us west coasters at least those I know of and hunt with. I too rarely get silver beyond 6" or so. I found a 1917d last year about 4" down. My heart went a flutter for a moment. I have an equinox on order and paid for. I just hope we get to use it sooner rather than later.
  9. Deus Elliptical And Round HF Coil Feedback

    I've also been using my elliptical in lieu of my LF 11" coil on the beach and pretty much everywhere else as I can't see myself putting the LF coil back on. The only issue I have with the 9.5" is that it will detect the tiniest, smallest piece of metal that sometimes takes forever to find even with the propointer. I'm constantly amazed at what I dig up with the HF coil. Yesterday it found a Ford gear shift knob from the 1935 San Diego Ford exposition, a 1930's girl scout pin and a 1920/1944 wheat all in an area that is filled with rusty nails and other trash. Great coil.