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  1. I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything new on the 6" coil. I've heard we may be a month away give or take a week. I know I'm not alone in saying this but the 6" is going to just kill it in parks and old trashy homesteads.
  2. New Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page

    Just tell her I said that the 6" coil will not only change lives but quite possibly save lives and marriages. You don't actually need stats or facts just this type of powerful language will do. Trust me.
  3. Regarding The 6" Coil

    The depth issue may be a problem on the relic side as I admit I'm only a relic hunter when I pull something up (that's not coins or jewelry) and someone smarter than me says that's a great find. For coins it's going to be like having a holographic scope on the end of your detector.
  4. I have to confess, Minelab gave me a free hat last year. It was after the 3rd time I had to send my CTX in and the frustration level had reached a fever pitch. It was a nice gesture and if I was running a metal detecting company I'd put a hat into each detector box I sold just for the optics of it. That being said the hat had no influence on my purchase of an Equinox. The fact that it can and has gotten me more coins per hour in the shortest time frame that I have ever owned a detector is what has me sold. I said on this forum I had no interest in selling my other detectors once I got the equinox but after 10 days of using it I simply realized I wasn't going to use my deus anymore nor my excalibur for how I hunt and for what I hunt. I'm not a collector of detectors but rather a collector of cool things my detector can find and for my money I'm finding more coins and better coins since I got the equinox. The problem with all the drama and hate is that people have lost the ability to debate based on facts and now seem to debate solely on their feelings. All one has to do is look at all the junk going on around you and the arguments people have and it's easy to see. The fact that you can buy three Nox's for the price of one CTX doesn't make the Nox a lesser machine than the CTX. I finally got the scrap metal guy to come take my $5000 big box HDTV that I bought 10 years ago that I replaced with a better TV that cost $899. The fact is there is better technology now and it's cheaper to make and replicate. This concept also applies to metal detectors. Testing videos are great and I'm glad people like CD take the time to make them and before the Nox came out I would have thought the biggest homer for Deus was CD but not because he liked XP but because he like what the Deus was doing for him. His results speak for themselves and take a back seat to no one. The fact that the performance of his nox is now better than what he was getting with his deus doesn't make him a hypocrite but rather it proves he's smart because smart people operate on facts, not feelings. In life kids do what feels good and adults do what they have to. Hating on a public forum for metal detecting is what a kid does today on social media.
  5. That is so cool! I can just see you smiling from ear to ear at all that still laid under the ground in that "hunted out" park. I wish folks could wrap their minds around this paradigm shift away from depth to unmasking. I would bet that 90% of the coins and jewelry we're after is 2-6 inches down especially out west and it is for that the Equinox will rule all others. I love your enthusiasm as it's infectious. We have 2-4 inches of rain the next two days so no hunting for me until Friday. Great job Tim
  6. I'm sure now we're all secure in the fact that the Equinox is the next big thing in metal detecting but man, I can't get over some of the things I'm seeing. I went back to a worn out permission this afternoon because I only had a short time to hunt and I thought I would start in on an area I have beaten to death with all my other machines over the last 5 years. My plan was to start there, walk a line and to start a grid if I found something. It's an old ranch area where small shack type homes were demolished 40 years ago and had been there the prior 90 years. I've pulled 10-15 wheats, 20+coppers and a few silver in the area I started. In about an hour and a half I looked back and I'd ended up gridding an area about 30'x30'. I have a tendency to get lost in my own little world out there especially if I'm pulling coins. I dug 17 coins and a key out of this area. 3 were wheats (1910, 1919, 1957) 64 Rosie, 68 Quarter and a bunch of coppers. Many of the targets were mixed signals with just a chirp that required an investigation and that is where this idea of true dirt fishing came to me. I know the idea of dirt fishing has long been a detecting term but the Equinox takes it to another level. I liken what I'm seeing with it (my hunts and others reports) to what a good fisherman can do when they have the right equipment. If you have proper coil control and you're patient, you will be rewarded with diggable targets. The other side of the coin is that maybe I was just an average detectorer prior to the Equinox and I'm cleaning up now because of it. Either way I'm just amazed today at the number of coins I got out of an area I had hunted many times before. The separation allows you to literally pull the good target out from the bad and you don't even need a repeatable tone once you understand the sharpness of the tones and how they hit when it's a coin. My next thing is to come up with a jewelry set up based on the #'s I'm reading others are getting. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am.
  7. Silvers And Relics Today..

    That is a good day! You are the button king
  8. Equinox= True Dirt Fishing

    I still get fooled but the sharp tones are deadly accurate. They don't have any bleed over. It's like they have a pop and you just know that's it.
  9. Equinox= True Dirt Fishing

    Two of the pennies were in with chunks of iron and were one way tones. Kind of a grunt chirp. No matter how many times I walked around it i could only get a chirp in the single direction but the chirp was solid enough to get a dig. I had done my initial dig, removed about 4 inches of dirt, stuck the pinpointer in the hole and got the tone and scraped it and of course it was iron. I stood up, re-swept the hole and pile out of habit and got a clear two way tone. Bingo, there was the coin. I had walked over these coins before before because they were masked. Another one was masked by so much trash I could only get a tone right on top of the center spoke on the coil. If I moved an inch away the target became junk. It was literally squeezed in between junk but I knew as I bent down it was going to be a coin. In thinking about this further I would really advise against running in auto tracking (I think that's the name) because as you really stop to investigate a target you run the risk of having it disappear if you sweep it too many times. I find myself literally walking around a good chirp on an axis like a dart board trying to find the angle that says dig me. If you do that with auto tracking on you'll end up masking the target.
  10. haha. I've yet to find any yet although I pulled another fake gold ring today. FGD
  11. Freaking awesome! The problem you're now going to encounter is PSD, Post silver depression. It's what happens after you get your first silver with an Equinox. It's a condition that is beginning to ravage the detecting industry. PSD starts out innocently only to hook you as you begin to expect silver with every swing. Seems like it's claimed another victim. Some folks go all year to find all the silver and gold you found in a week.
  12. Finds From A Pounded Desert Site

    Nice job on the buffs. I’ve yet to ever find one which is amazing given how long I’ve been detecting. It’s my white whale. Congrats!!
  13. Well done GB. The great thing about the Equinox is it gave you confidence to go back to this old site that you had hunted 7 times previously and pull stuff out of the ground. 90% of dirt hunting is getting permissions and having a machine that will allow you to go back to old permissions is awesome. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next hunt.
  14. I would figure the narrowing down of target ID's is in it's infancy stages right now. At present there just isn't enough data available to argumentatively say what a particular target is going to come in at and that is A-OK with me. I've seen too many people rely solely on the VDI reading to did or not dig. I would rather dig every good sounding target with the thought I'd rather dig a piece of trash rather than miss out on a potential great find. I would imagine that VDI's are also more likely to be more regional based due to your particular soil conditions. As you hunt more and learn to read your soil the VDI picture for your hunting conditions should become clearer. This will all come with time on task with your machine. 100 hours is a pretty good starting point for really understanding a machine. Thankfully we don't have to wait that long to find good stuff.
  15. Take That " Oak Island"

    A Byzantine cross? On detector prospector? Is their a link between George, Steve, Marty, Rick and the Templars?
  16. The best thing about having two detectors is you can always take someone else hunting.
  17. I got to take my father-in-law out detecting today to a place he's hunted before but for me it was first time out there. It was an abandoned farm house circa late 1800's and upon arrival I could only come up with one word to describe it. It was a "dump." There was trash everywhere and literally a complete inventory of every type of trash available in the modern world was on, in and under the dirt and weeds. A perfect place for me to try out with my trusty equinox I thought and I'll show everyone that I can pull silver out of thin air with this bad boy no matter the trash. After about 15 minutes I began to realize that my silver streak may be over as the targets sounded good but always came up as some form of non-ferrous trash. After an hour I had dug approximately 20 beer cans, 30-40 beer twist offs and a crap load of car parts. I soon was able to paint the picture that these good folks spent their days and nights drinking and working on their cars. Since they were out in the country and a 1/4 mile off the road a traditional trash can at the curb was out of the question and they just threw it wherever. After two hours we raised the white flag and decided to end the hunt. The equinox did surprisingly well even with all this as I found 7 memorials, one 1956 wheatie and a 1980 dime but alas no silver which leads me to my point. Sometimes there's not "there" there. Sometimes the only "silver" in a hunt is the silver lining ending to a day that you got to go metal detecting that hadn't gone as planned. Sometimes the 'there" is just the fact that you got to take your 80 year old father in-law out to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. I'm not trying to wax philosophical here but rather add some perspective. The equinox is great but it can't find what isn't there to be found. Sometimes a great looking place to hunt is a pile of trash and frustration. I'm kind of indifferent today as before we went out I said my goodbyes to a good friend whose time here on earth is numbered in hours, not days. Enjoy the time outside even if you don't score an awesome coin or relic and be sure to take someone along. Best Skate
  18. Counterbalance?

    +1 on what Steve said and another issue that affects nose weight is where you set your arm rest up and the length of the shaft settings. I'm 5'8" and when I got my 800 I kind of put it together without really thinking through the ergonomics of it and mine was a little nose heavy. On Monday night I got my 600 and put it together and when I did I tried it out swinging in the garage and if felt like a different detector. The 600 felt like it was a part of my arm and the 800 not so much. I put it side by side my 800 and I noticed the 600's arm rest was a couple notches forward and the shaft was one button hole shorter. I made the adjustment and Bingo, nose heavy issue was gone. The 15" coil may change all this but we could be on to the Equinox 2000 by the time it comes out so not to worry.
  19. Saying Good Bye

    I'm going to be in Avila beach in two weeks with my Equinox so I will probably get everything in Pismo before you get there. I'll leave you a few zincs in the dry sand so you can learn the tones.
  20. The equinox should work well. Dial back the sensitivity since it's going to be located in the stems of the grass or the first inch layer of mulch or soil. By turning down your sensitivity the detector is going to clue in to finds on the surface which should quiet the machine and make the ring stand out. You don't want to hear anything 3-6 inches down, just on the surface. Women's rings will likely hit between 8-13 so possibly assign a high tone to that area on the nox. I'm assuming she lost the ring in the outfield and if so she likely lost it while throwing a ball towards second base. I coached High school softball for nearly 20 years and I can tell you the most common outfield to infield throw is to second base and the area to each side of second. This should be an easier one to find as I doubt your competition is another detectorer as unless she broadcast it out there that she lost it, you're the only one looking for it. The only other issue is the mower. This is getting technical but maintenance always mow the fields the same way, same direction. Discharge is usually to the right so it could have been thrown a bit but still on the surface. Good luck and be sure to post an update an a pic after you find it. Skate
  21. That's absolutely fantastic. Just one would be the pinnacle of most hunters careers and he found 9. It just shows how research and perseverance equate to "making" luck. That's great he's a long time customer of yours Gerry as this will likely sell a few detectors for you. Everyone wins in metal detecting.
  22. My ration of wheaties to silver is 8-10 wheats for every 1 silver so you're due! One of the cool things about the nox is you can really cherry pick which is what I would do at the school yard. Maybe switch to 2 tones and go up to 24 for one tone and 25 on up for you're higher conductors and just mash it there. Part of the initial confusion at a site is the amount of tones a site will give you. If silver is what you're after make it as easy as you can given the time available to hunt. I look forward to seeing the silver roll in.
  23. Super write up! It looks like you are quickly becoming at one with the 600. Congrats on that 59 rosie. You just never know anymore where a good find will turn up. Best Skate
  24. Cool. Thanks for the insight!
  25. Out of curiosity, how did the 68 dime sound? When you swept the coil over it did you hear the dime first, second or third? The unmasking via separation is uncanny to me and I'm interested in how you ascertained a dime was there. TIA!