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  1. Found A Barber Yesterday

    I don't remember if the one I found in my yard was an O like this one. I'll have to look at it again.
  2. Found A Barber Yesterday

    Just another 1892 Barber that I found that in my yard. I have found more seated liberty than barber- dime, quarters, full dollar. Not a single standing or walking anything yet..shrug? I’ve only been detecting for a little over 2 years so eventually I hope..
  3. 1892-O quarter in pretty good shape. I was pretty happy.
  4. Beer Caps

    I used an AT Pro for a year and only dug a few nickels as I was tired of digging trash. I then used my CTX for a year and it bangs nickles HARD. So- I dig every nickel signal I get and have found a lot. I have almost filled a mason jar with nickles in that time. I have benefited by getting several buffalo, and recently a war nickle. I was also surprised to dig a solid nickle signal on it a couple months ago and found a gold ring. As already said- the smear and splatter are priceless. The dancing horizontal on a nickel / other coin combo is nice too. On a lesser detector it would be jumping back and forth for both a trash item, or mulitple coins who knows. The CTX would know... Not going to lie- as much as the Nox multi freq should be good and seems like a great upgrade from say an At Pro, I don't know if I can give up the info the screen shows me on the CTX. Seems more trash will still be dug. Time will tell I suppose.