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  1. Dr Tones At The Beach - Video

    Alexander, While I can't speak for the Equinox, I can speak to my XLT and I will say that I can typically discriminate out the PLAIN bottle caps at the beach. Occasionally I will get a zinc penny signal (low grade coin) from a crusty corroded bottle cap but I can typically tell by the tone when that's what it is. A foil wrapped bottle cap always, always gives me a tone I will dig. Even at perfect discrimination, to my detector, its an aluminum coin shaped object and it will sound too good to pass up.
  2. Equinox Battery Mah?

    Sorry to break it to you....that ship has sailed!
  3. Equinox Battery Mah?

    As Steve said, it really comes down to capability. The chances that I will ever detect more than 12 hours in a row is minute. The chances that I will forget to charge are quite high! I do go hunting in Montana and I'm away from power for about 3-4 days. The battery packs I normally carry are to charge my phone. It's just a convenience thing for me. If it has a side benefit of balancing the detector out for a more comfortable experience, then all the better. If your're going to do it, might as well do it with some style or add some additional perks. My pack for my phone charger was a generic tubular item until I 3d printed a housing that made it look like a fusioncore from Fallout 4. It wasn't necessary but every time someone sees it, they want one or at the least ask me about it.
  4. Equinox Internal Photos

    I'm almost positive they would hash something to prevent the cards just from being swapped. That's not to say it couldn't be done. Plus, once that case is cracked, the waterproof rating is shot. I can definitely see down the road a bit and someone getting a broken 800 and doing a card swap regardless of the waterproofing because they couldn't care less about it. They may just be doing it for inexpensive internal memory purposes and servicing might not even be an option at the factory.
  5. Equinox Battery Mah?

    I take the kids out and we do some detecting in the dry sand. They find it fascinating. We've not really found very much and stay out of the wet because my XLT can't handle it. When I was stationed in England and South Carolina, I found tons of stuff from Roman coins to musket balls and Civil War relics. I appreciate the history of it all. The Equinox will let me get in the surf and be a nice, worthy upgrade to my trusty White's. The kids got a couple of Teknetics Digiteks and they are itching to use them. I'll wait and see what kind of battery and capacity vs weight would be suitable as an addon to the Equinox. I would want it to be readily available and inexpensive so everyone could afford a pack. I would probably never ask for more than my cost for the printed parts. I would rather get people out detecting than turn a meager profit. As far as the beach goes, it's absolutely stunning here and white as sugar, but it swallows anything you drop and it SINKS deep. I just bought a SeaHunt Gamefish 30 and it's going to be insanely difficult this spring and summer to figure out if I want to fish or detect! Hit me up if you are back this way and maybe we can do a little of both.
  6. Equinox Battery Mah?

    With the tubular design of the handle, being able to slide or adjust the pack front to rear should be easy. Integrate some legs for resting it on the ground, make it so the battery pack can be exchanged easily for those legendary marathon detecting trips where there may not be a power outlet handy. Shouldn't be difficult and I'm positive I can print up something that will meet all those standards. Something like this may be a good starting point for a pack. https://www.amazon.com/Poweradd-Slim-Ultra-compact-Portable-External/dp/B00MWU1GGI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1515092225&sr=8-1&keywords=round+battery+pack
  7. Equinox Internal Photos

    This looks to be a very early prototype board. The charging/data port on this unit does appear to only have 2 wires attached which would just be for charging for this unit. I also see a long jumper wire and at least one hand soldiered component which I would hope wouldn't make it to final production status. There were probably board revisions to rectify those things.
  8. Equinox Battery Mah?

    Once I have my unit in hand, I'll research a common, inexpensive battery pack from Amazon and then I will get input from Any Equinox owner that feels they need the pack and send out a couple of prototypes. I'll modify the design as needed and maybe make a bunch. I'm not looking to start a business or open my own store but if I can do something that makes a trip or day in the field more productive, I'll gladly do it. I had more pictures of my White's pack but I've no idea where they have gone.
  9. Equinox Battery Mah?

    Once I actually receive my unit, I'll probably draw up and 3d print some attachments that will allow me to balance the battery pack weight to compliment the Equinox. I'll buy a couple of packs off Amazon and have them as stand-bys. Charging on the fly will be great since I'm 100% positive there will come a time that I forgot to charge and want to go detecting. The packs I 3d printed and made for my XLT cost about $15, weighed half as much as a NiMH pack, and gave me ~44 hours of detecting time.