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    Small Scale Commercial Responsible Miner, Trout Fishing for Legends, Sitting on a warm sandy beach drinking adult beverages enjoying the sites.
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    Equinox 800, Gold Bug 2, Garrett Carrot , 3" Pro Line High Banker / Combo on Floats, 8" Drum Trommel, Gan-So Digger, Hybrid 3" Hydro Force System, Keene Con's Table, 4 Stage Cube, Polaris 800 6x6

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  1. Thanks Tnsharpshooter, You hit it right on, I am interested in the good and bad finds, until I get mine. ( hopefully by end of this month ) Looks like what I was looking for in a multi freq. machine, can't wait !!! Will also have to wait for Mother Nature to Stop dumping snow !!!!!!
  2. Fun In The Sun

    I'd say that's a GOOOOOD DAY OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Nice Dan , when you get some time on it, I would like to know how you would compare the 800 EQ. to the CTX 3030. And this question goes out to all that have time on both detectors, as you know big $ difference, but I like 100 kHz and I have the chance to spend once on 1 new machine up to the 3030 price tag for this season. I have a G.B.2 with many hr's of good detecting in my neighborhood, so not completely new, BUT WANT NEW !!!! Good Hunting
  4. Replacement Hips & Knees

    Hey Mike T., went to the link you suggested and realized I have already looked into this. Guess I could use a memory replacement. Ha ha !!
  5. Replacement Hips & Knees

    Thanks guys, had to ask, getting ready to spoil myself with 2 new detector's & a new pinpointer . Been swinging a G.B.2 with a 10 month old complete knee replacement, but just a couple outing's. My little mind is at ease.
  6. Do Hip and or Complete Knee replacements screw with metal detectors of any make or model ? Of course I'm talking about being out in wild while using one.
  7. Just imagine how much faster you would be getting older, not getting out ??? I'm in the same boat !!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Let the spending begin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have put together something similar. I am going to use a 3" Hydro-Force Dredge Nozzle into mine. I made hole in hopper 3 inch, and fabricated a 3 inch hose coupler with sheet metal which I mounted with bolts, so I could hook 3 inch dredge hose to. I go from grizzly to punch plate to expanded metal over low profile rubber mat. And rest of sluice is expanded metal over miners moss. I will try and post a couple photos of mine. Nice job,
  10. Brian says it straight up " If you want your own claim then BUY ONE " I've seen photo's of the mess that those irresponsible, inconsiderate, diggers left behind. " Can't call them miners " They Totally Screwed Up a Good Thing for themselves & others.
  11. Antique Blasting Box

    Did you hold the terminals and push plunger in to see if it work's ?? Only kidding !!! Nice .....
  12. I think I have seen videos of this on YouTube ...