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    Kenai Pennisula AK.
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    Small Scale Commercial Responsible Miner, Trout Fishing for Legends, Sitting on a warm sandy beach drinking adult beverages enjoying the sites.
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    Equinox 800, Gold Bug 2, Garrett Carrot , 3" Pro Line High Banker / Combo on Floats, 8" Drum Trommel, Gan-So Digger, Hybrid 3" Hydro Force System, Keene Con's Table, 4 Stage Cube, Polaris 800 6x6

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  1. Dig It

    Rare Oregon Pocket Gold

    Very Nice !!!! Could the source be near by ?? Doesn't look like it traveled to far .....
  2. Dig It

    Great $8 Digger Shovel At Aldi

    OK I felt I should post a photo of my digger I bought at Hm. Depot, Just cut a bit off handle to fit me, and wrapped top of handle with padding so it is also comfortable to dig with.
  3. Right On !!!! It's about time you folks get back in the water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dig It

    Great $8 Digger Shovel At Aldi

    A good one for digging clams !!!
  5. Congrats, I'm still wishing & hunting for that kind of find.
  6. Dig It

    Club Hunt Last Saturday

    There is a Twin Lakes in Idaho ...
  7. Nice show, even if I mist it live ... go find some Stuff Steve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Dig It

    A Couple Firsts

    Nice Steve, thanks for posting your very nice finds & the settings.
  9. Dig It

    Need Some Help With My 800

    Steve please don't worry about hijacking thread, If you feel the urge please post the info.. Gonna try Field Mode in next couple days, snow is mostly gone and ground is thawing, gonna be trashy, but I think there is gonna be a few nice finds, even if I have to dig a bit of trash to find them. It's an old mining camp, no buildings on this site just open field, the bad thing in the early 70's thru mid 80's campers trashed the place, it has since been cleaned of above ground trash of ALL types and gated off, it's gonna be an ongoing hunt due to size of field & our beloved TRASH !!! But still have approx. a month before I get up to claim, and I did buy the 800 for it's coin & relic modes to give me something to do in spring / fall, so off I go .........
  10. Dig It

    Need Some Help With My 800

    Been messing with Sensitivity & Auto Grnd. Bal., yesterdays Beach / Park hunt produced a ton of crap till I started listening & moving around targets and did less trash digging ( I dug what I thought was trash & it was, Yeh !!! ) Did dig out a 1999 Hot Wheels Surf Crate & some coins oldest being a 1967 Qaurter. ( Did miss my first silver coin by 2 yr's. Dam !!! ) And yes that is the 800's Instruction Manual, I did print it out and I take it with, so I can reference the info for ?'s that come up during an outing. So thank you Steve, Chase, Norm, I believe this will be my last entry onto this thread, and will join with sharing decent finds and anything I might think would be useful info for someone else. Ken
  11. Dig It

    Need Some Help With My 800

    That makes perfectly good sense to me, as I think that is the next step in my learning curve for coin / relic hunting. I was wondering if I took some trash pc's and laid them out and tried to set tone and target ID #'s for trash and coins, for I have been over same area of beach a couple of times and now it's showing pretty much same trash every hunt. Does that sound like what one would try ? The rotary hammer was bought for my bedrock crevices on my claim, but figured why not try it to get to targets frozen in time, while I wait to get up the mountain, ( snow avalanches ) Really don't need extra weight on back. The lake beaches are thawed and creek banks are thawing quickly so hopefully won't need to carry hammer much longer. But it does do the job !!!!!!!!! Just trying to get into spots before water comes up. Some of my finds so far. Thanks for thinking I have a Brain !!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Dig It

    Need Some Help With My 800

    Dialing with one hand, typing with the other !!! Haha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks