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  1. Thank you for sharing! These resources are A+, they answered more than a few of the questions I have.
  2. Very true Fred. It is very much so first and foremost about fun and enjoying nature for me , it's a great way for my brother and I to keep in contact. I'm lucky to have a wife that loves prospecting and is a jeweler so our interests line up quite nicely. She will be right there in the creek with me haha
  3. Thank you both, I will have to get out there and do some sniping. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures but the area has quite a bit of exposed bedrock I believe limestone and lots of mining history (hydraulic pits on the hills,random digs and mines). I have already done a bit of sluicing and have done some VERY rough calculations that put me somewhere around a pennyweight per yard not counting fines. For me this is a hobby but I most definitely want a nice return if I invest in a dredge(It would really make the wife happy haha) . Thanks for the book recommendation I love new info.
  4. I have been doing a little sampling on the banks of a creek and have found there to be quite a bit of fine gold and a few nuggets around. What amount of gold found sampling would prompt you bring in a dredge? And do gold concentrations on the banks usually correlate with gold in the creek? I appreciate all the help I can get!