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  1. 20 KHz Disc Mode

    I believe the two detectors use the same frequencies when in "multi mode", so they should be identical in that respect.
  2. Toned-down Marketing

    I was cruising through the Minelab website looking for any new bits on the Equinox and came across this marketing video that compares the detectors in the "Treasure Detector" range. I think it's interesting, though not surprising, that the marketing hype is toned-down when the Equinox is compared to the rest of the Minelab range.
  3. Equinox & Salt Water

    Personally, I'm happy there is a external speaker on the Equinox. Occasionally I use the external speaker on my CTX when bench testing, or in the test garden, or for quick hunts, it comes in handy. Multi-frequency Minelabs do well in wet salt conditions, and I'm sure the Equinox will have it's place next to my PI at the beach. No worries here!
  4. Redneck, if it says Pавноденствие you have the Russian version!
  5. 16+ inches even in mild soil with a stock 11" coil is outstanding! If the 15" coil produces even deeper results I may not want to dig those holes. Thanks for sharing!
  6. InTrouble is correct, Crawfords website says: Coming Soon - Expected December 2017. Still no ML official announcement, so we will see.
  7. L'equinox En France

    Translation courtesy of Google Translate Hello friends from across the Atlantic. We also in France are looking forward to this Equinox. We have our excellent brand XP but this 800 I want it. This unique technology (the multi frequency) will allow us to work miracles by us. The small Gauloise bad alloy will no longer escape me, the small Roman and all the artifacts that can be found on the old continent so it is rich in finds. I sold my previous minelab and now I'm waiting for the release of this machine (end of December with us) When's your home? Can we put pictures on this site? friendships
  8. MX Sport ... Problems ?

    Also like Ridge Runner mentioned, there is a sticker in battery compartment with the serial number. The ones that also include a smiley face on that sticker are current upgraded units. I owned an MXS earlier this year and that was the case.
  9. How Accurate Is The Depth Meter?

    Nice to know the audio feedback provides so much information. I tend to use my ears first then double check with the display. I agree that targets get covered by seasonal debris and that the process of the decomposition of surface material along with insect and rodent activity causes targets to "sink" and be "covered" at the same time.
  10. Mercury Dime Teaser

    Nice silver Steve! Your comments about target depth in hot ground are encouraging.
  11. Equinox 800 Pre-ordered

    I too have an 800 on order in hopes that it can punch through the high mineral dirt in my area. The CTX runs in the low teens on auto +3 so depth is a issue here. It will be great if the Equinox can eke out a little more, but if it doesn't, the lighter weight and speed will probably put the CTX in the closet or on eBay.