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  1. The Loss Of My Forums

    Thanks guys, but actually it is you who have made my forums what they were. Without what members have contributed they would have been useless. I'll try to have something up again soon, I was kinda waiting to see if the forums might come back. Whatever I decide of for a forum host will be quite different from the old format you are used to, but we'll make them work.
  2. Alaska Gold Forum Down?

    Here is a link to what I posted this morning concerning this problem for those that may not see it:
  3. The Loss Of My Forums

    Thanks Steve, these forums have been a great way for me to contribute something of value to the mining community for sixteen years. I feel their loss keenly.
  4. Just a heads up concerning the Alaska Gold Forum and The New 49'ers forum for those who may be wondering why they can't access these forums. The main servers went down last week. No one knows why and the board providers cannot be reached to fix the problem. At this time it is unknown if or when these forums will come back online. There is a very real chance that they will not come back and I am now looking at different options for bringing them back under a different message board provider. The worst part of this is not just losing the forums for the mining community and loyal contributors and readers, it is also the loss of many years of valuable information. I just wanted to let people know why they cannot access these forums any more. Many times things like this happen and no one ever knows why. What has happened is beyond my ability to remedy as the forums administrator because the board format owners and servers belong to their owners. I have no way to fix the problem.
  5. Jim my email doesn't work here try sending messages to alaskaseeker@yahoo.com...

    1. Jim_Alaska


      I don't understand George, isn't alaskaseeker@yahoo.com an email address?

  6. While portability holds a certain attraction for remote applications and ease of set up for those of us who are "getting up there" in age, I would like to hear opinions regarding the age old subject of reduced fine gold recovery that has been inherent in subsurface dredge applications in the past. How's that for a long sentence? Steve and Bob, were you satisfied with fine gold recovery on these subsurface dredges, or were you able to notice a difference between these and standard dredges?
  7. Erlistoun WA - Dogs

    tvanwho, I may seem confusing at first because he said this was happening in WA. But WA is not Washington State, it is Western Australia. They don't have Coyotes there.
  8. Eating Like A Millionaire

    Even at my age there is something to be learned every day. For instance, I didn't know that millionaires ate camels at all.
  9. A Monster Month

    Great report. It sounds like this newest addition to our nugget hunting arsenal is something that detectorists have been looking for all along. features like eliminating the hot rock, while still revealing the tiny bit of gold are a huge step up in detector technology. This report really makes me wish I could step up from my ancient V-Sat, but alas, my wallet is way too thin. Thanks for a great, detailed report.
  10. Spring Dredging!

    No I never did get to dredge under the ice. Once I got a hole cut there was not enough water between the bottom of the ice and the river bed. I didn't cut a very big hole once I saw how little water there was. I just keep that picture to remind me of crazy younger days. I did lots of crazy things back then that I would not even dream of now.
  11. Spring Dredging!

    Cold? Sure Steve, you lived in the banana belt. In Fairbanks spring dredging fever comes early. In 1997 I decided to make an early trip, needless to say, the water was quite "stiff." Chain sawing through 2 1/2 feet of ice was not much fun. Didn't get to do any dredging this day.
  12. Boot Alert

    I'm not quite understanding the concern about metal in boots. I do understand that there is the chance of the detector picking up the boot metal, but for me it is only a very seldom chance. Am I doing something wrong when swinging? My coil is never close enough to my boots to pick up any metal in them. I have experimented with seeing how close to my boot the coil has to be to register a signal, but I don't normally swing my coil that close when detecting. Perhaps this is more of a problem when using a P.I., which I do not have.?
  13. How To Enlarge Photos On The Forum

    Works like a charm, thanks for the tip Steve.
  14. We didn't have bad flooding, but the river did close Highway 96 which follows the Klamath River near where I live.
  15. Reno Detecting Club Helps Find Fire Hydrants

    Great work guys. It's more than just a good deed, it has the potential to be a life saving act.