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  1. Hello From Tennessee!

    Yes sir! My fledging youtube channel name
  2. Old Silver Cache Found While Detecting

    Nice Video!
  3. Vaquero Is One Deep Machine

    I still for the life of me can't figure out why Tesoro can't make multi tone machines.. I mean 3 tones would be great.. but as far as I know they are all single tone.
  4. Hello From Tennessee!

    Thanks for the tips! I mainly hunt with the Deus, due it being so light and wireless. When I first got it I wanted to wrap it around a tree I was so frustrated with it. The more I used it I started to understand how to use it. Your right sticking with it and learning the tonal response is key. One great thing about this site after lurking for a month is everyone is very knowledgeable, helpful and it doesn't suffer from major drama or trolls as some sites have. I like the lay out too. I'm starting to make videos of my meager hunts I'll post those when I get them created.
  5. Recent Encounter

    Ive been hunting for 9 months, and Ive only found 20 silver coins and 5 silver rings.. Where did 17 silvers come from? Yup.. folks front yards. I was Pressure washing a guys house (side job) and I asked if would mind if I looked for coins in his front yard. Sure he said. ( 1940 home) 2 Mercs, 1 rosie, 1 silver pendant. Then the neighbor came out I talked to her, and she said yes.. found my first silver half Franklin.. 3 inches deep! Then.. it gets better, leaving the silver half home the other neighbor was out pruning flowers and I introduced my self and told her my hobby, she said yes, and I found 2 more mercs and a Standing Liberty Quarter! That one day in 3 front yards was epic. Shocking enough non of the coins were beyond 6 inches deep. In Tennessee the soil is mostly clay/loam/chert so the slow sink rate helps. I sold home security systems door to door for a while so door knocking never bothered me, but I normally have a cigar treasure hunting.... so I hunt in parks lol.
  6. Hello From Tennessee!

    Thanks! It is but most areas are locked up pretty tight. I creek hunt some and mainly park hunting but I love it!
  7. Vaquero Is One Deep Machine

    Depth isn’t everything. I prefer recovery speed over depth really, but I was in Virginia recently and dug a 10 inch wheat and thought... wow. Really? So I supertuned the Vaquero and it was able to hit a 15 inch quarter! Now I caught some heat on other forums posting this and folks saying no way and on my 15” coin it was jumping. It was around the hole and due to EMI but the coin is a repeatable beep. I normally don’t hunt with the Vaquero but Man is it a deep machine!
  8. Hey everybody! I hope I’m in the right section, I didn’t see an introduce yourself Area.. I’ve been hunting for 8 months and it’s AWESOME! I live in Chattanooga and I hunt parks and civil war areas mainly. I use an XP deus, Fisher F70, Vaquero and Garrett At Max. Hoping to get the Equniox one day!