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  1. Pity about the club the way it went .
  2. Our new Pound coins are 12 sided though .
  3. The second line from the bottom are the new Pound coins . The line above are the old Pound coins that are no longer in circulation but can be banked . The new ones are the same style as the old Three Penny bit that we had in 1937 to 67 but slightly thicker and wider.
  4. Its mostly built up here too. Looks good but much to deep to find much in most places. Roll on Thursday.
  5. Equinox Plays In The Surf - Videos

    I cant wait for mine . But for a while i will stay with my Explorer's . I will use the Equinox later when i can give it a proper test when finds are more plentiful . Even if people might think my finds aren't too bad . I want to learn the machine before i throw it in the deep end ! Excusing the pun.
  6. "Iron Bias" What Is It?

    I am on that forum and its where i find things out . There is a section in the restricted area that goes into a bit more depth . I haven't read it properly so cant go into detail . I think i will be using my Explorers till i have sussed all the settings . In a way if detectors get to perfect it will get boring in the field if all the surprise goes . I dont expect perfection , just lightweight / waterproof and have a combination of Terra and ET with a touch of Deus . There is unlikely to be any real improvement on VLF machines in depth and i think its all about gimmicks and different ways to capture peoples imagination these days . The Equinox might be simple to many but i might have to study the machine before i get out there with it. I am too used to the easy menus and functions of the ET and Explorer's LOL .
  7. Well after seeing the beach yesterday and finding nothing but trash and also having bad weather last night i went back for another look . I went to the areas that i found my last 2 rings and left the main beaches i normally go to alone . I got there at around 6am and saw the beaches hadn't got any worse and looked better than yesterday so i switched on my Explorer XS and got stuck in . Yet again i started to find lots of coinage about , though mostly in hot spots and sometimes in lines along the beach which slopes up to the road. I walked around a mile or more till i got to the area of the other beaches then stopped . By the end of the search at around 8.30am i had found another Silver ring , 3 coins worth 50 Euro Cents and another foreign coin like the one i had a few days ago , and another with a hole in it . My spendable coinage score was £30.34p this time . I am working for the next 6 days so thats me out of the scene till Thursday next . Really winds me up passing the beaches in my work and not being able to check them out .
  8. X-Terra 70............. X-Terra 705

    Sometimes slower is faster ! I could run rings around the F75 and Deus on beaches . Land is very different unless in the dry ploughed field or maybe shallow pasture. I never felt the Terra was good in hard ground , but their air tests are good and thats why they worked on my beaches so well.
  9. The AT and Deus would out sell the CTX anyway , they are a different price range . The CTX only sells so poorly compared to many because of the price . If the price here in the UK wasn't the price of a small house i might have kept mine . Even if i didn't like it much . Other reasons for its lack of sales are the weight and complicated menu and many people kept moaning about lack of updates . Though i always thought the Exchange 2 was for downloading programs . I doubt that the Equinox will get many updates unless the machine has issues after release . The Equinox is going to have the Deus and AT types for dinner and any others in that price range if successful .
  10. X-Terra 70............. X-Terra 705

    I had a 70 in 2007 but didn't use it and sold in 2008 . It was only in 2011 when i bought the 705 that i found where its best suited . And thats on dry beaches , its a real killer on stone beaches or fluffy sand . I feel that it wasn't that slow but being slower than machines like the Deus and F75 made it better on beaches . The Deus and F75 are a bit jumpy on beaches . The Terra's are a bargain if searching dry beaches , they pay for themselves quickly . I didn't like their build quality much and sold each one well within their warranty then bought another . Each machine made a massive profit . £9454 and 14 Gold rings overall till mid last year when i sold my last 705 . Will be interesting to see what the Equinox does .
  11. New Go-Find 66 Announced

    I wonder what the improvements are going to be ? I might consider 1 as a scouting machine . It would have to be better stem wise . Wish they would put a coil cover on too.
  12. Three Ring Day Again!

    Nice finds. As for the possible Gold . Test it on the ET and also check the weight . I reckon 6 g if 9 or 10 k and a low medium tone , if Gold. Now am i right ? I think its white Gold.
  13. My mate told me that the FBS at best transmit only a few freqs at a time . And maybe the Equinox will too ? Not being any good at electronics i wouldn't know and as long as they work i dont care either . In any case the fact still remains that they are the best on the salt wet other than a PI . The V3i is supposed to be multi freq and uses 3 freqs , are they used the same way as FBS or do they run together ? They can be used singularly too like or similar to the Equinox .
  14. Going to be very windy tomorrow "Storm Georgina" or something . Its a long tide and the tide is out early so i might go . I will go straight to the area i found the Gold and Silver rings from the last searches . It didn't look that good for finds this morning but then i gave up early , hopefully it will be better tomorrow . I can only stay out from 6am till 10am anyway .