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  1. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Andersons are solid as a rock. Not had any trouble with the Nox stem either.
  2. I have found £ coins at 21 to 23 . Ringmoney is right , most good beach targets are in a small area on the screen . Makes setting tones a pain . I now wont use my Equinox on the dry but only on the tidal parts of the beach where good targets are more likely than not . The tops "dry" are for the Terra 705 and the very wet the ET / Explorer and Nox . I will still be getting my second Nox though . But the reasons aren't very positive really . Battery only 12 hours max "searches more than that in Summer nights " , spare stem and coil , basically a spare machine . The only really positive reason is the weight .
  3. I have had 2 x2 euro coins so far. Didn't notice the number but if they come in at 15 or 16 then that's like the 20p so I ain't fussed. I do however find the 705 better for dry beach coin hunting . at least on my beaches. Out with the ET tomorrow for a change , its not been out since 30 September 2016 .
  4. Wonder what the price of the battery will be ? I have heard / read that you can buy replacement batteries elsewhere but i cannot remember where from . Wonder how many charges you can charge before it starts to lose power ? I keep a note of my charges .
  5. Loose Rods, Wobbly Rods, Rod Flex

    At this time and because i dont use them i have found no problem with mine. But saying that i have had this problem with Terra stems in the past . Because they and the Nox stems are cheap stems to keep the price of the machine down they will not be like a CTX or ET . They will wear and in time the camlocks will in time break and continue to twist round without locking properly . The middle stem going into the upper stem will also wobble a bit over time . But for me its not a major issue , if i keep mine long enough i will just buy replacement stems . Then again i will have my Anderson shaft too . This is going by my experience of the 705 .
  6. I am happy with my 800 and it shouldn't be long before my second is here . But i wont be selling my other machines for a long time . The ET and Explorer 11 will only be replaced by a ET replacement and i think that wont be for some time . I went out with the Nox earlier today but didn't find much and on its ninth trip failed to find a Gem like all 8 others . So on Tuesday i will take the ET out with me , its first trip out since late 2016 . If the beaches haven't built up further it should be interesting to see if i have left anything behind using the Nox .
  7. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Me to . can't stand small coils , all that changing around , no time for it . And don't like stubble either .
  8. Equinox 800 Wireless Phones Made By Miccus?

    No where near as good sound as Gray Ghosts . It was the same with the Koss. I do beaches nearly all the time and need very clear tones , Koss and the new ones have muffled sounds .
  9. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    You might be able to use the machines own stand . Not tried that .
  10. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    I dont need a stand . It depends on the site really but not really needed on the beach .
  11. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    If you buy the Carbon Fibre version it is a bit lighter . Not that really matters really . Dont forget i have the Terra version and i have drilled the hole needed to mount the handgrip/ control box onto the stem .
  12. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    It means less corrosion of original parts . The cam lock on the Anderson is far better . It is lighter . And if it has the extra holes in the shaft can be used with my Terra also .
  13. Equinox 800 Wireless Phones Made By Miccus?

    Only have one thing to say about those headphones . Oh dear !
  14. Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Damn . Thats £149 million here in the UK !!