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  1. Not by me, unfortunately. Nice back story as well. Check it out. http://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?t=254966
  2. Error Uploading Images

    The Equinox also looks good on the beach at Tahoe Steve. I love that lake, beautiful place for sure.
  3. Best VLF For Deep, Big Nuggets Only?

    I know your asking about VLF machines. But you might look into the Whites TDI SL. It's less expensive, lighter than an ATX, has a lot of different coils that work with it. Plus it's a PI which will punch deeper in most cases.
  4. The Loss Of My Forums

    Thanks for the heads up Jim, been wondering. Plus thanks for all your support over the years. Here's hoping everything works out.
  5. They should have priced it at $49.95. Sounds way better.
  6. Nugget Porn - White's GMT

    Tom, nice closeups. Try a black background, that should make the nuggets pop even more.
  7. Threshold Dead On Gold Racer

    Call the folks at "metaldetector.com". Ask for Bill Ladd, he has helped me twice with Makro problems. One being the Gold Racer. He/They get problems corrected pretty quickly. It's possible they will be familiar with your problem and get it corrected even faster. They are the USA distributor for Makro and the repair center for the USA. Good luck.
  8. Makro Gold Racer Goes Down Again

    Mine ran fine until I go out in the field. Tested it again at home before sending it to Detector Electronics. It worked fine for a few minutes, then all kinds of racket that I could not get under control. Same with two different coils. So it's something with the control box. Got an email from Detector Electronics this morning. They are sending me a new unit. I'll report back after I get it next Friday.
  9. Sweet Home To Rye Patch

    Great video. Very well done. Thanks for sharing your trip.
  10. Merton - You Get Your Gold Racer Sorted Out Yet?

    I'm also having problems with my Gold Racer. It tested out fine at home when I first received it. Got out the first time this week to the gold fields in N. California. Ground balanced, then immediately started chattering. This is in the All Metal mode. Held the coil steady at waist height. Still chattering and displaying ID numbers as if I was moving the coil over trashy ground. Tried the 5" coil, same thing. Tried all shorts of on screen adjustments including all the different frequency levels. No change. Got my Racer 2 out, it worked fine in All Metal, so not the environment. Did this at several different sites miles apart, including back at home. Will be calling Detector Electronics first thing tomorrow. I know they will get it corrected, just disappointing results after making a long trip. I also wish I would have kept the GB2 as a backup. But as seldom as I can get out, it made more sense to sell it. Wrong again.
  11. Detector Electronics only supports the Makro detectors. Kellyco is the support for Nokta. You will need to call Kellyco to see how they want to proceed.
  12. Hermit Picks

    Get the Hermit Pick from the source: http://bunksarizonaprospecting.com/Pick.html
  13. Announcing The New Makro Racer 2!

    Here is a solution to that problem. Haven't tried them personally, but should at least help with the glare. http://www.amazon.com/Anti-glare-Matte-Finishing-Screen-Protector/dp/B00A4LGHKM
  14. The gold display is at US Bank just off main street about halfway through town. Well worth seeing. https://www.cardcow.com/202226/gold-display-us-national-bank-oregon-baker-branch/
  15. Garrett ATX Ground Noise Question

    Try turning it off and back on while still at the hot dirt. Ground balance again, then try it. Might also want to try a factory reset, page 21 of the owners manual: Factory Reset All changes made to the ATX settings are saved when the unit is switched OFF. To return all settings back to Factory values, press and hold the RETUNE/ PINPOINT button while switching unit ON. ATX FACTORY/DEFAULT SETTINGS Mode: Motion Discrimination: Zero discrimination (1st LED) Sensitivity: 10 Threshold: 7 Volume: 10 Ground Balance: Neutral Ground Track: OFF