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  1. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I will also add that my credit card lists my Cabelas order as pending. Maybe not a good sign as to the shipping status.
  2. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I had a conversation with someone who bought one in the first batch. He said it was a couple days before he got a tracking number although he felt it shipped the day he ordered it. He received it in 6 business days by UPS.
  3. Wasn't there a thread somewhere in which the person did some tests analyzing the frequencies being transmitted in certain modes? Although that would not account for how each mode is processed. Testing and learning will be the key.
  4. So no shipping info. I know someone who needs to hear about this. Thanks
  5. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I was already paying full price plus shipping at Kco. Cabelas added the tax but my mental health is worth a few extra bucks. 4-7 days!
  6. Is Park 2 The Magic Mode??

    Thanks Steve. I have been studying the manual and feel I have a good grasp on the frequency weighting between the different modes. I guess that what has prompted me to ask the question. It looks like park 1 and field 1 should really hit harder on high conductive coins than park 2 but I haven't seen a video or test that confirmed that for me. I was just hoping someone would point me in the direction of a video showing park 1or field 1 pounding a coin that park 2 doesn't hit as well. Just for my own peace of mind.
  7. Is Park 2 The Magic Mode??

    I've been sitting back reading the reports and watching the videos. I want to thank all of those who taken the time to try to help others. Now that there is a fair amount of tests and videos are out I thought I should start taking some notes. On the first 6 tests that I made notes I noticed that all of them ended up getting their best results using Park 2 after some minor adjustments . Some of these tests involved finding good targets in and around iron while others were depth tests. I am still waiting to see how TNSS test on deep silver turns out. So what have you guys found Park1, Field 1 and 2 modes to be better at? Surely Park 1, Field 1, and 2 modes have an advantage in particular situation that I haven't noticed. Can someone give me an example or 2 based on real world testing? Thanks
  8. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    Ha you got that right but at this point nothing would surprise me. I tried to make a simple call to Kco to ask them but after calling 5 times over 2 days and waiting on hold till I finally hung up (one hold was 35 min) I just asked someone else.
  9. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    I'm not exactly sure which part of the Cabelas story you don't believe. I have no idea about the guy buying 6 but I know for a fact that that Cabelas did sell some. There is some pics on one of my EQ facebook groups entitled " unboxing and testing my new EQ from Cabelas". Also I had messenger conversations with 2 people that bought their EQ at Cabelas. The reason I had these conversations is that I was trying to figure out if there were any penalties for cancelling a preorder with Kco as both of them cancelled at Kco. BTW there are no restock fees or penalties. This info was on "North American Equinox Users" FB group
  10. Equinox 800 - My Take, Commentary, And Testing

    Thanks for the deep nickel test. Looking forward to the deep silver test.
  11. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    You guys have been waiting since September! wow! I ordered on Dec 22 and have at least 100 people ahead of me. yay. Kinda depressing when dealers are getting 1 to 6 at a time.
  12. ***fixed Audio*** Nail Test Revisited

    Your killing me Bigelow. I'm ready to see the improvement.
  13. Equinox 800 - My Take, Commentary, And Testing

    Been waiting all day for your post. Let the games begin.