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  1. I got this from the Horses mouth. Minelab has 8 testers that has to test each machine in their test garden for one hour. The team is led by Juan. The 1st glitch came when Hugo was scheduled for vacation from Jan 15th - 30th. Well they had to use Jared to replace Hugo but Jared wasn't trained in the Equinox he was an ETrac tester. They had to hurry up and train Jared. After the test is complete they have to turn the detector into Bridget the Irish wash woman to clean them and put a coat of hair spray on them to make the look shiny new. Then they go to Carmen Kristoff to disassemble them and on to Brenda the boxer and after Brenda they go to Maria Mendenez for shipping. Before they go out the door Jaun calls his team together for a stamp of approval and then Bill Barney from shipping signs off before they go to the port. At the port Customs agent Alex Munoze has to sign off then Kirby from Minelab delivers the check from Minelab to cover the shipping to the financial officer of the shipping company and away they go. So now you have it. It all started with Hugo's vacation..
  2. Sign Of Problem?

    The service centers should have a few Equinox in stock to service defective detectors.. I wouldn't expect anything less.. I would sure hate to be one of the 1st to get an Equinox then have something go wrong with it and send it in for repair to be told we need to replace it but you have to wait until all the pre orders are filled.. After all the pre release hype and the frustrations people are experiencing at the moment you sure as heck don't want to hear about bad service..
  3. Mountain Mike I know Cabela's had detectors what I don't believe is one guy bought six to resell..
  4. The anonymous guy that bought 6 from Cabela's has never stepped forward nor has any of the guys that bought one at a premium price. Cabela's website said allow 7 - 10 days for delivery.. I think the entire Cabela's story is a bunch of BS. Think about it are you going to lay out $5394 for six detectors not knowing if you can sell them at a premium especially not knowing if Minelab shipped all the pre ordered Equinox to their dealers for distribution.. I don't believe a word of the story.. Just one dude bragging to another.
  5. 1st of all Bart at BigBoysHobbies did not ask me to prepay. I did it because I wanted to and that way when they come in he didn't have to notify me. I have no idea where I am on the list.. My past experience with Bart has been excellent even when I ordered an out of stock item. I just know I will get mine before those that didn't prepay.. I know a cpl other excellent vendors that would love my business if I feel he slighted me.. I have spent close to 5k with Bart over the past 5 yrs..
  6. Minelab just posted in Facebook that they are shipping in Europe this week so keep an eye on Minelabs Facebook page for latest Equinox updates
  7. Pre pay or not. I do know Cabela's had the Equinox listed as in stock last week. I wanted to check because I know Cabela's is a preferred partner for Minelab. I was tempted but I didn't try and order one. I have been a faithful customer of Bart from BigBoysHobbies for about 6 years. He is straight shooter and is always there to answer questions personally. More often than not the best price anywhere as well but you have to order over the phone to get the best pricing. I do know he is expecting another shipment by the end of the month but doubted he would get enough to cover pre orders.
  8. Cabela's is Minelabs biggest dealer in the USA..
  9. Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

    Tiftaaft I agree with you 100%. The detectors are trickling in all over the world. Everyday I see a few more posts about someone receiving notice their detector is being shipped. I thought last week when the 1st few arrived there would be 100's saying they got theirs and maybe 100's of people did get them and just didn't post it online. Knowing Minelab had a delay of about 6 weeks which I am sure caught them off guard I believe they did everything they could to meet the end of January release date. I don't think they were prepared for it but met the release date anyway figuring we will start shipping detectors even though we don't have enough stock built to meet the demand. I don't believe there has been any funny business I think the delay they had caught them off guard and still tried to meet the release date to avoid bad press. The dealers have been overwhelmingly cordial in replying to customers that didn't get their detectors and wondering when they will get them.. When some of the bigger dealers say they got less than 10 it makes you wonder why a small dealer got two.. It seems as though customers that have received their detectors are spread pretty even throughout the USA. initial availability will be limited in all regions due to the very high pre-release demand. Dealers will soon be notified regarding local allocations and shipments. Please contact your local dealer for specific availability information. We will be doing our best to get detectors to all customers across February to fulfil pre-orders as quickly as possible. back
  10. Challenge

    I agree with Joe, we don't know how many pre orders there were and how far behind Minelab is. Seems as though all the dealers went quiet after they shipped out the detectors they received..
  11. I really don't care what I find as long as it's worth something.. I just hope it simplifies a lot of things and makes hunting easier. The silver and rings will come. Nothing like the euphoric feeling you get when you find a ring.. My best find was a class ring that had been lost for 20 yrs. If I could do that again it would be worth it.So I guess finding a ring of some sort and returning it to the owner would be the #1 find.
  12. It's like asking when we going to eat. When I was a kid my mom always said as soon as the potatoes are done.. Back then it seemed like hours even if it was 15 mins. When will the 2nd batch arrive to be shipped out. I am saying in two weeks. Just a telephone rumor that has as much fact as when I was told the Russians were spying on me but that was right after I won the Hillary look alike contest
  13. No one at this time has had time to tweak their detectors. Everyone is just happy to try it out. In a few months there will be sufficient feed back to let us all know about the things that work best and those that don't. There are some highly technical people on here that totally understand detectors and until they have had time to analyze it we won't know much. If anyone has followed Steve's posts you should somewhat of an understanding but the excitement of receiving it and using it overrides everything.. Plug and play and forget about the tweaks until you learn it
  14. Can I Be Critical Of The Equinox Here?

    Minelab posts videos etc on their website and I am sure there will be more coming. A new video was posted today
  15. Trivia Quesion

    EQUINOX really is a game-changer. Minelab’s new Multi-IQ, simultaneous multi-frequency technology provides significant performance improvements over single-frequency and switchable frequency VLF detectors.” Peter Charlesworth, Minelab President With EQUINOX and Multi-IQ, Minelab is providing what all detectorists have been waiting for – fast simultaneous multi-frequency, lightweight, waterproof, 3 wireless audio technologies, 4 practical and versatile detect modes – all for a comparable price to single-frequency market offerings. So, which detector will you obsolete?