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  1. First Target With My 800

    I felt good getting 3 wheaties at 8" the other day and those were the 1st wheaties I found down here in a cpl of years.
  2. Equanox 800 Fault

    Call Minelab and send it in. They pay postage both ways.. You will have it back in 5 - 7 days
  3. Seems me a coil cover is more of a nuisance. I think before you would wear out a coil a new and better detector will replace what you use now. I am just saying..
  4. A Peek Inside Nox Control Head - Video

    WOW! Interesting especially for those that think the Equinox's cover would come apart and had shabby assembly. Kinda tells me why I got a new control head when my 800 went haywire
  5. Tomorrow Is The Day!!

    You will love it right out of the box.. It's deep and accurate. Don't rely on the depth meter other than to use as to whether a target is deep or shallow.
  6. I don't even use the WM08.. I just use my wireless headphones from the 800 and leave the module in my truck. I may buy a set of wireless for the 600 but that's it for me..
  7. If you look at the price of the accessories it tells me the Equinox 800 was a darn good deal
  8. Bart at Bigboys is a straight shooter. I have bought a lot of stuff from him
  9. Need Some Help With My 800

    As others said before me sensitivity is very crucial until you know your machine. I crank mine up to high on occasion and then back it down to a point that it really runs smooth and produces well. I dug about 4 false targets this morning because I had the sensitivity maxed out. I backed it down 5 points and started hitting good solid signals instead of high iffy signals
  10. Nox 600 Slams A Virgin Park!

    Sittingelf Awesome. I have a park like you just found. I have been averaging $4 - $6 in 2 hour hunts. I have pulled $16 in 5 hours over the st 3 days. I am pretty much using the same settings as you are. . The park is a nice rectangle and I hunted it the long way now hunting it horizontally and doing just as well. No silver with the exception of a cpl of silver rings. As soon as I finish my coffee I am headed out again this morning
  11. Thanks Steve I never really thought about a coil being dumb or smart. I thought all coils were created pretty much equal except for size. I am not sure a different coil can make the Equinox much better but knowing myself I can see one being delivered to my home when they hit the market. Everyday I come home after a cpl hours of hunting and I am still amazed how good the Equinox is.
  12. What's a smart coil. Do they help a dumb guy?
  13. 2nd Time Out With 600

    Gold tabs are gold colored tabs from beer cans. I went to a hunted out park the other day that I had hunted really hard and it is finally hunted out until next soccer season. I will hunt this park until I know there is pretty good chance I am wasting my time. If I am at a park for over an hour and find nothing I leave and won't come back until they have another event there. I honestly think this park has another $50 or so in clad. I don't swing as tight as I should so I know I probably miss a 6" path every 2nd pass. That's why I am hunting it in a horizontal direction this time. I have an old soccer park I am trying next. Hasn't been used in 10 yrs so unless someone has hit it pretty hard I think it could be great for some silver. Tomorrow or late this afternoon I am hitting the beach