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  1. Thanks for the Story Lanny, I really enjoy hearing about a whole day out as well as just the posting of finds. the new prospector was a lucky guy to stumble across someone who is willing to teach them a thing or two, nice work. Cheers,
  2. the response from NF is as below, "The Evolution Range have greatly improved Water Proofing where the cable enters the coil, therefore we are confident to guarantee they will not fail to a tested 500mm. The Advantage coils are not guaranteed to be Waterproof however they have also been tested to a similar depth without any issues. If you were to add a little silicon where the cable enters the coil i am very confident there would be no issues. Realistically if you had a problem within the Warranty Period and the coil had no physical damage such as cracks in the plastic, I would replace it for you. " he also let me know they have had the 12" advantage 8ft under water searching for 3 hours and pulled it apart and found no moisture inside the coil (same construction as the sadie). with that response i would be confident to buy one, i will also mention they have been very quick to respond to my queries, it is nice when you don't have to wait days for a response to an online/email inquiry.
  3. i wonder if the reason they don't use the term waterproof is because it hasn't undergone testing to a recognised standard (IPX etc), because from his response it indicates that if in shallow ares it would be ok to use, i have emailed them back to query the terminology and how that would impact the warranty etc. will let you know what they say.
  4. roddosnow

    Inland Jewelry Hunting Tips

    I was directed back to this old post from another recent one of Mikes about gold patches, It is a great post and well written! just from reading this i started thinking about the loss characteristics at sites in my area and will make a point to consider this more in my area. Thanks Mike
  5. HI Phrunt, i was surprised that you mentioned the Sadie as not being waterproof so i made an enquiry with nuggetfinder directly, Rohan replied with the below. "The Sadie 8”x6” is water resistant to around 500mm. If the coil is going to be under water regularly I suggest you smear some extra silicon (Neutral Cure) around the point where the cable enters the coil. Remember to regularly clean out any Water & Dirt from between the Skid Plate and the base of the coil, as this can make the coil erratic." good to know as i plan on getting a 4500 eventually as well and the Sadie will definitely make up part of my coil selection for it.
  6. wow, some use...check out where the lead enters the coil..i wouldn't touch that with a ten foot detector shaft
  7. Nice one ! you will have the deep bigger bits and the tiny shallow stuff covered now, and having a mentor to help with learning a new machine will certainly put you on the fast track to success I'm looking forward to following some more adventures.
  8. Great idea, There are also some good books and forum posts around on Loaming, technique which is usually undertaken with a shovel and pan but can also apply to detecting with coarser gold finds and following the trends to the source. also helps to get a layout of the field you are working. https://www.reedsprospecting.com.au/shop/detail/loaming-for-gold-in-the-21st-century-by-bob-fagan/ https://www.reedsprospecting.com.au/shop/detail/loaming-for-gold/ Please note: I have no affiliation with this seller and have not purchased from them before, by all reports a reputable seller however please do your own research if planning on purchasing anything from online stores. hope that helps
  9. Thanks Phrunt, i didnt realise the sadie was not waterproof like the EVOs are, looks like detech do a range of smaller waterproof coils for the GPX as well, an 11" x 6" elliptical and a 6' little brother, i wonder if anyone on here has used them? i wonder how they compare to the sadie for sensitivity, depth and stability.
  10. from what you have mentioned above, you seem to be pretty familiar and handy with electronics, I certainly am not experienced in those type of repairs which is why the warranty and the age of the machine would be a concern for me. if those are not an issue for you then a 2nd hand machine at the right price is a great option especially if it is significantly cheaper than a new one. in regards to coils Kiwijw will know hat works for your ground types & locations. on the smaller new gen coils the NF Evo 14 x 9 is a very popular coil over here for its size and sharp signal responses, there is also the ubiquitous NF Sadie coil the 8 x 6 which is well loved and there is the new coiltek elite 9" which may prove to be very hot on the tiny stuff at depth. there are also the detech coils which are gaining in popularity but i don't think there is much online about these and comparisons between the NF & Coilteks. Nenad @ Phasetech has some really good coil videos with lots of info on his channel, And Aussie Gold prospector with the 8 x 6 Sadie
  11. Most feedback i have seen from people is that the newer 4500 seem to run smoother however depending on where you look there are some who say the opposite, hard to know what to believe. Whether it is just the assumption because it is a newer machine it must run better than the old one or on the flip side people with an older model who refuse to accept that a newer release could be better. A fairly safe assumption would be that the newer 4500's would likely have fixes/adjustments made to it from many years of repairs and warranty claims - it has been around for a long time and I'm sure that minelab would tweak certain things in the newer release to minimize the number of warranty claims/repairs, also updating firmware etc. whether these make enough of a difference to be noticeable in is another question, rather than worrying about a potential difference in performance i would be more focusing on the below 1. how important is warranty to you? 2. How old is the "old gpx4500"? do you know how it has been treated, age and electronics particularly in prospecting conditions can cause havoc with components as they get older.? 3.does the old 4500 come with any extra accessories coils etc that add value? If a well looked after machine came up for sale with a couple of "new" coils (evo's or elites) for around AUD$3K i would certainly be considering it as each of the new age coils cost between AUD$400-$600 so you would be getting a good value package if it included a couple of coils+ things like harnesses and control box covers all which add up when purchased new. There have been a few used units for sale recently which where good value coming with a couple of extra coils and some even having a good portion of warranty remaining. i have also seen some great new deals for $3700 AUD which included a pick, control box cover, the 2 standard 11 " coils and a factory 2nd (marked) NF Evo coil all with full warranty. this deal has finished now but they are out there - current one includes a pro sonic system. https://cwpsupplies.com.au/collections/gold-detectors/products/gpx4500-christmas-bundle no affiliation with seller just an example of the deals that you can get. Call around to a few dealers and see what sort of a package they can put together - they don't always advertise all the options online. Tell them what other coils you would be interested in you never know they may have some factory refurb/floor stock/marked etc that they can chuck in to the package to get your sale. Good Luck
  12. roddosnow

    6"x10" Coil For Minelab Equinox

    I think they would also see quite a few people hop off the fence and purchase an equinox if they were to make a 6 x 10 coil, I am one of those people, i have no doubt that the equinox is a great machine and that it can find gold without the "gold" style/spec coil however i am in no hurry to buy anything and am waiting to see if they will release it before jumping into the equinox. I cant see it doing any bad things to the GM sales as it is an entirely different prospect and sits at a completely different price point, if anything it will be better for minelab as it will be easier to walk people up the range from the GM ($1k) to a higher value detector in the equinox + extra coil (1.5k) - for an extra $500 you get a high spec coin/relic machine + a high spec Gold VLF. No brainer!
  13. roddosnow

    Trouble Turning My Equinox Off & On

    I have the same problem with my galaxy note tab 10.1, the on off button is a real PITA, sometimes it needs a short tap, sometimes you have to hold it down for a couple of seconds, and sometimes it wont work until i swear and then it seems to come good, hopefully it doesn't get worse for you.
  14. roddosnow

    Anzac Day Afternoon Detect

    The good thing for you if you go for the gpx is that you have a highly experienced user in kiwijw who you detect with who can probably help you shorten the learning curve, whereas the qed is significantly different from the gpx series so would be more like starting from scratch even with the support of an experienced prospector.
  15. roddosnow

    Latest News On The QED ?

    A At the moment units have to be sent back to victoria for updates, i think they should adress this with adding a usb for firmware updates so the software can be updateable at home and only go back for harware updates. There is some good info here as well from some other aussie users, lots to read but will give you an idea of the + & - of the QED. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=21000 https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=23399 Im looking forward to seeing how this matures and believe that competition in the gb PI market will only be a good thing for us all.