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  1. What Lens And Camera Settings?

    +1 great choice you wont need anything else for closeups and it is also a very good portrait lens as well. If the cost is an issue the Sigma 105 macro is good value around $300 cheaper with very good reviews in comparison to the Nikon. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/806375-REG/Sigma_258306_105mm_f_2_8_EX_DG.html just bear in mind the Nikon will have a better overall quality image for low light or if shooting faster moving objects due to its better performance at the 2.8 aperture (can get around that with flash) you would be splitting hairs with image quality unless you were looking at it at %100 on big print or on your PC) see the technical comparison below, this site has lots of image examples as well. https://www.dxomark.com/Lenses/Compare/Side-by-side/105mm-f-2.8-EX-DG-OS-HSM-Nikon-on-Nikon-D800E-versus-AF-S-Nikkor-VR-105mm-f-2.8G-ED-on-Nikon-D800E__361_814_261_814 there are also plenty of reviews on both on B&H
  2. Yeah new to this forum, thanks for the welcome, i know there are quite a few people in aus that for one reason or other dont have a pi machine that use their vlfs mostly in the creeks to locate heavies for crevicing. Even if they are only finding lead or iron it seems to make a positive impact on the gold take from crevicing narrowing down the likely crevices, the fact that you use both machines to complement eachother demonstates the benefits of having hf vlfs along with the z or pi machine allowing you to work most of the gold in the area. Cheers
  3. Do you ever pan out the other material from those crevices? You could potentially get a fair amount of fine fold in those same traps.
  4. Accessory Page Down?

    I am waiting on coiltek/other to announce an aftermarket elliptical 9 x 5?? solid.. might be waiting a while yet.
  5. you can now find Gyms that have altitude training rooms which let you train in lower oxygen replicating the affects of altitude an example https://thealtitudegym.com.au/faqs/ you may be able to find one of these near you.