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  1. Good Video

    That's my dealer! Keith is a swell guy. I think I am 67 on his list, hope to get one before a trip to see a friend down in FL.
  2. Equinox 800 Park Hunt Video

    Its all about perception. I have never been in a park with the lesche and been confronted by police, but I have when using a shovel. A concerned citizen was worried I was digging up the place. I told the officer that I had probably cut 30 plugs and he couldn't find one of them, but it was about the results of my activity, it was about the perception. It is huge folks, and if you live in an area where cities are starting to outright ban the activity in parks like I do, you will want to be perceived as doing no harm. The places we are allowed to detect are getting fewer, not more numerous. We are all ambassadors for the hobby! I enjoyed the video and I too noticed the depth gauge seemed off. I can wait to get my hot hands on one!
  3. Heck yeah man, what a way to break in. If you have been swinging a GT for as long as it has been out, what is a couple more months??!?!? Good luck and HH!!
  4. I can only imagine that it would behave in similar fashion to a cell phone. You plug it in and it just starts charging and doesnt miss a step.
  5. I am swinging something that came out some number of years ago and it is light enough that when my son wants to come he can use it!
  6. It actually looks spot on to field 1! I would mess with that one rather than get rid of the 50 tone in field two. I cant wait to try out 50 tone. But I am just concerned with the auto ground balance as the manual has warned that it can slow down machine performance. I wont be able to bounce setting ideas off of you for some time as I am number 62 on the waiting list with my dealer. Cant wait to see what works for you!
  7. Is the ground very mineralized? I have not had to use the ground balance feature on my 3030 in Ohio, Maine, or FL hunts. I would try a full on hunt with just stock field settings before messing about with the detector. I think deviating too far from stock settings can create unwanted frustration. I cant wait to see what you pull out of the ground!
  8. Spending time at Steve's website peaked an interest I hadn't had previously. I want to find a nugget with a detector! I am on the waiting list for the ML EQ 800 and have seen the small nuggets are that the detector is capable of finding! The questions: I live in in Northeast Ohio, I have seen videos picking up dust high-banking. Will I find nuggets here? If not and I want to be a casual (once in a couple years) prospector and travel abroad should I join a club? As you can probably tell I am not too terribly serious about it, but it would be something fun to do with my children from time to time. Hopefully by the time I die I have a small collection to pass on to them to visualize the time we spent together! Thanks for your time!
  9. Iron Bias - What It Is

    From reading all this and letting it digest, it sounds like I would personally want it on the lower end. I do not get upset when the iffy is an 8" deep square nail or iron bearing. In parks this is especially true. Good read yall thank you for that!
  10. Comparison Videos - This Versus That?

    You and I are like minded. I have an old Kodak sport video camera and have shot hours of 720p60 live digs and finds and CRH footage. I just couldnt do the editing portion! I didn't want to put a half-fasst product! Thanks for the response :)
  11. Comparison Videos - This Versus That?

    I am not a fan of this vs that videos personally. I like to just watch people doing recoveries with a particular machine of interest. Steve, do you have a youtube channel? I looked in your profile and did not see a URL.
  12. Wow prospecting sounds way complicated compared to my parks and fields! Do you do lessons for folks that are ever out your way?!
  13. I think it is neat that they tell you the anticipated latency with each type of wireless in the manual. 17ms with the WM08, 40ms with ML80, and 100ms with bluetooth. What really got my attention is I can have 4 WM08 modules connected! So for those that make videos they can have audio shared with the camera and keep headphones in. For me I am thinking about buying a second so that I can do 1 on 1 instructional sessions. How neat are the possibilities with this?!?
  14. Xchange2

    I do hope that will change :) Thanks for letting me know. Did you try connecting it for sh-giggles to your pc?
  15. Welcome the hobby! Couple of tips that were given to me when I first started: Know the laws where you are in regards to metal detecting. Some places require a permit or it is outright forbidden. Know how to cut a nice horseshoe plug in the park or in someones yard. You don't want to look like you were ever there. Cutting a plug during very dry times will kill the sod. Use small digger to do this, I have had the cops called on me in a park where it is allowed when I used a small shovel rather than my lesche. Perception is important. Knock on doors and ask for permission! It can be awkward but my bust hunts have been on a permission. If they tell you know take your lumps and move on with a smile. The owner sometimes changes and if you think it is a really good spot after all your research just keep an eye on it from time to time. Again welcome to the hobby and happy hunting! P.S. If anyone has some simple starter tips I forgot add them in! We are all ambassadors to the hobby and want to make sure every encounter within our control is positive!