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  1. The show is also available on Itunes
  2. Tesoro diggers is one of my favorite FB groups because Raymond comes up with and posts all the different Mods. Worth checking out if you're thinking of modifying your Tesoro
  3. you don't need to be present. You simply call in before the show or I call you. Every Monday night at 8 p.m. EST I do a live show but for those who that might not fit their schedule or for whatever reason, we can do a prerecorded show
  4. George was absolutely fantastic and had several people get in touch with me to let me know. I certainly hope he will be a guest again very soon. Great guy, lots of knowledge and awesome stories. Really was a pleasure George. I am always looking for guests so if anyone would like to be a guest please get a hold of me. I am REALLY in need of people who know their particular detector in depth who would do an episode explaining it in and out. I can pre-record those and we could do them at your convenience so if anyone is interested... Steve, I would love to have you on sometime if you would ever be willing to do it?
  5. I'm using one right now and I will say I am very impressed. I haven't got as much time on it lately as I would like but just had a baby 2 weeks ago so pretty busy around here
  6. I recently had the opportunity to review the Nokta Impact. I'm not going to go into details but to say I fell in love with it is probably an understatement! One feature that really stands out to me is the Iron volume setting. When learning the detector I was really surprised I hadn't heard about the Iron volume setting before as its amazing! Iron volume has two functions. 1 - Instead of discriminating out iron you can adjust the volume from 0-5. 5 being the loudest and 0 turning it completely off. When I am relic hunting I run most detectors wide open of very close and listen to all that iron so I don't miss anything but it gets so annoying. With the Impact I can turn iron off, detector is still picking it up but I don't have to listen to it or I can hear it in a very low volume. 2 - it can also be adjusted from n1-n5 on notched targets. The volume can't be completely turned off but the volume can be very low. The advantage to all this is when you start discriminating and notching out targets most detectors will start clipping on targets, slow down a bit and lose depth. With the Nokta you can just ignore or hear those targets at a very low level.
  7. Multi Kruzer & Impact Depth

    This question is on a lot of peoples minds and I am curious myself! I can say the Impact is impressive on depth!
  8. I am sure I am not alone in saying that I hope you continue testing and writing about your experiences. I for one have learned from you and enjoy your write ups. I also think there is a huge difference between someone who tests detectors and provides feedback to the manufacturer and some of these sponsored detectorists. Please keep doing what you're doing. In no way was I criticizing you and I think you fully (or at least I hope) understand I wasn't. Sometimes I get a thought and type it up before really thinking it through but I assure you that comment in no way was intended as a jab towards you. Even though I have cleared it up I still feel bad, I know what it's like to be scrutinized and judged sometimes and it's never a good feeling.
  9. I apologize to you and others that I offended. I should have elaborated on this a bit. First I would like to say I have nothing but respect for you and this is the only forum I visit. I actually haven't been to any forums for some time, came across yours and love what you're doing. Second - I am sure you know what I mean Steve. There are some great people out there like you who are giving great feedback and putting good information out there but there are others who are not. Being part of the "manufacturer team" they will say and do whatever the manufacturer wants. In the last year alone I have had the opportunity to have conversations with a few testers and was shocked to find out what they really thought about detectors they had tested. Just like reviews, so many people doing them will tell you each new detector is the best ever. Some have been doing this for years and for many it is about making sure they get more detectors to review, not about giving real reviews to their readers. For this reason, after roughly 10 years of submitting articles to metal detecting magazines and having over 40 (every one I submitted) published, I decided to start my own blog and do REAL reviews. It hasn't been easy! Often I am asked to sign contracts stating I won't say anything negative which I refuse to do and therefore do not get to test their product but in the end, I sleep good at night knowing what I have reviewed is my honest opinion.
  10. I'm tired of seeing factory team members who are under contract feeding the general public rainbows and unicorns. Even many people new to the hobby know that feedback can't be trusted Customer service has seemed to go out the window with many of the U.S. manufactures. A few of them I remember just a few short years back really had nothing to offer and now they have something good and the hobby is growing, they no longer care about customer service like they once did. Someone mentioned being able to choose your coil, I think that is an excellent Idea. more innovation. adding a back light and calling it by a new name or putting more numbers, letters and symbols behind the name isn't cutting it.
  11. Findmall Tesoro Forum Renamed

    Findmall - Years back when I ran an e-trac I got one right when they came out and learned that detector in and out. Someone posted on findmall asking a question. there were like 3 answers and I totally disagreed with them, it wasn't a question about preferences, there was a very cut and dry answer and they were wrong. In the nicest way imaginable I told the guy the correct information in the post. Later that day the owner emailed me calling me every name in the book, I made him look bad, I was wrong and it went on and on. we went back and forth about 5 emails where I explained to him how he was wrong and that my post was to help the guy and never was my intentions to upset, offend or make anyone look bad.. never been back, what a jerk and I hate that forum. Tesoro - I just replied to another post on here about tesoro. I personally don't see them going anywhere. There are plenty of us out there who don't need carbon fiber, plastic screens, built in GPS, wireless and other features that don't help with finding things in the ground. I praise Tesoro because I feel guilty for discounting them for so long but like I stated in the other post, I haven't found anything that will compete in heavy iron like a Tesoro will and it's all I use when relic hunting those sites with little to no modern trash and I've used about everything out there over the years. They also have a pretty big following in Europe
  12. The New Tesoro Mojave

    I have a friend who lives in Pa. The area he lives in is pretty high mineralized and huge problem with hot rocks. He knows many people who have sold different high end detectors that can't handle the ground and struggle with hot rocks. He got a Mojave and when he got it he was having issues with it going off everywhere. He sent it in they fixed a wire in the control housing and when he got it back he was super impressed with the detector
  13. Companies Go Bad

    I should specify, For relic hunting I would take a Tesoro. Although I know of some people running Tesoro's who can ID amazing with them simply by how that single tone re-acts.. I am not one of those. Where there isn't much modern trash and a lot of iron.. Tesoro every time for me. site with modern trash, coin hunting etc. I like a VDI detector
  14. Companies Go Bad

    I didnt take it as hate at all. I think most of us when we think of electronics, everything needs to be updated every year or so but if it isn't broke why fix it? The Tejon is a beast of a relic detector, I've used Minelabs, Teknetics, Fishers, Garrets, Whites and I will take a Tesoro over any of those. I currently have an Outlaw, 3 coils, 3 shafts for 550.00. I have relic hunted next to all the major names and none of them have impressed me more than the Outlaw or Tejon. Personally, I hope they don't go changing them. In the last year I have had two issues with Garrett. I build headphones for metal detecting, I contacted them about their connectors since they are proprietary. I was treated rudely when I asked if I could purchase connectors, they said I couldn't, I asked how one of the big headphone manufactures get theirs and he went from rude to nasty, I asked in a very respectful way. I got a hold of another person to see if I could talk to someone about the Max after it was announced for an article, again it went no where and was treated rude. Besides that like I said more than a few people have told me they've seen big changes concerning Garrett and customer service. hmm I personally hadn't thought about Nokta/Makro being aimed at First Texas. The Impact put me more in mind of the E-trac/CTX, deep, stable, good VDI. The Kruzer puts me in mind of the Equinox. I haven't used a Racer but I hear really good things.
  15. Selectable Frequency Gb???

    It is recommended in the manual and I always do.