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  1. Mike Haer

    Out With The Makro Multi Kruzer

    Same here Terry, I am really enjoying the Mult-Kruzer a lot.
  2. Mike Haer

    Multi Kruzer & Impact Depth

    I haven't had the Kruzer long but long enough to know I love it. I haven't compared the kruzer and impact on depth but here's what I can tell you. Both will go deep! Right after getting the Kruzer a friend told me he had heard rumors that it wouldn't go very deep. first thing I did was go out in the field next to me and buried 3 dimes, 6,8,10 inches deep. Surprisingly the kruzer hits all 3 no problem. that kind of depth on freshly buried coins I find very impressive. deepest coins i've found with it so far has probably been 7 inches, hit it with no problem but coins/relics don't tend to be very deep where I am.
  3. Mike Haer

    Relic Hunt With The Nokta Impact

    anytime! I love talking metal detecting
  4. Mike Haer

    My New $10 Digger Tool

    Personally will only use Predator tools shovels and hand diggers. worth every penny and great folks. George, his wife and son are the company. George Sr. makes every tool himself along with heat treating each one individually. They are expensive tools but its because of quality, George Sr. still works a full time job. Every piece right down to the sheath rivets are made right here in the U.S.
  5. Many years back when I got my first E-trac just weeks after being out on the market I went outside, threw a few coins on the ground just to see what kind of numbers would come up. Although I wasn't trying to test depth at all I did notice it would lose a quarter at roughly 5 inches above the target, truthfully it concerned me a bit. Within just a few days I was finding silver including (and I will never forget it) a barber dime at 8-9 inches, all worries were out the window and I went on to find many deep targets with that E-trac. One day on Youtube I came across a guy doing videos testing different detectors on his test board, the E-trac being one of them, The E-trac failed miserably and he was really trashing the E-trac over that board test. I have used MANY detectors over the years and in no way am I knocking any of them but in my personal experience the E-trac is one of the best detectors in heavy trash (at least at the time) and I found many coins/relics in the same hole with iron, many almost unbelievable like the time I had a beautiful quarter signal at about 7 inches and dug what looked like an iron ball. Dumbfounded I looked at it for a second and noticed a glint of shiny, after electrolysis it was a barber quarter or the time I found a seated dime at almost 9 inches after pulling 3 square cut nails out of that hole. I found hundreds and hundreds of old coins with that detector and MANY were found because other detectors either couldn't reach the depth or because they were to masked. I review detectors and here is how I do it. I will run a few test targets under the coil on the ground to hear the tone and see the vdi, I then go out and DIG, I hit a trashy park and dig, dig and dig! I hate all the misinformation out there being distributed. I'm no expert and after 20 plus years of detecting believe me, I am still learning but I've learned enough to know that I wouldn't take any information as credible from these different board tests people have come up with.
  6. Mike Haer

    Kruzer Lower Rods

    great idea! thanks for the information
  7. I have not used the Equinox but I can tell you I am nothing but impressed with the Mult-Kruzer Is it making my single frequency detectors obsolete? absolutely not! I started to watch the video below and the first thing I seen was a nail board. I'm not bashing anyone, I'm not judging anyone but I personally take nothing from any video comparing detectors air testing on a board. I have proven to myself with several detectors over many years that the information provided by air testing on a board is not a good indication of how a detector will react to targets that have been in the ground for a long period.
  8. My soil is so neutral that I can't speak on that. I hate saying that when someone asks me a question but I just don't have experience with either detector in heavily mineralized soil. This would be a great question for Geoge Kinsey as I know he's had both and he has some really mineralized soil.
  9. Having George Kinsey on the podcast and getting to talk to him he is in mineralized ground and the Impact does great, I am really excited to hear from him how the Kruzer handles it. I have heard (not experienced for myself) that the Deus and for sure Minelab e-trac do not do so well in mineralized soil. I'm sure George will share here when he finds out.
  10. I have the Impact and Kruzer, no doubt the Impact laid the groundwork for the Multi-kruzer. I would consider the kruzer a lightweight, waterproof impact with a few less programs. Usually I do not like detectors wrapped up in a new package with same electronics but in this case I love it because I am so in love with the Impact. The problem I have with the Impact is its weight, it's well balanced but will still wear you out beating up against heavy brush and corn stalks if you're a relic hunter.. Loving the Kruzer.
  11. I talked to a friend yesterday who is one of the best Deus users out there. Many people are using his programs and I know of some accomplished Deus users who he has helped to step up their game. He got an equinox a few weeks ago and the other night talking to him I had to ask how the Equinox stacked up against the Deus. He told me he hasn't had enough time on the Equinox yet but he is very happy with it and thinks after more time on it he will find it's better than the Deus.
  12. Mike Haer

    Relic Hunt With The Nokta Impact

    I know we spoke on the phone but I figured in case anyone else wanted to know I would put it out there. Very simple answer, I don't know, I haven't used an Equinox and not enough out there yet to go on. I suspect the Equinox will be a great detector and I would wait and see how people like them.
  13. I am due for a new pin pointer. I always liked the original Garrett pro-pointer. It didn't go to deep which is helpful when you're hunting with the possibility of multiple targets in the hole. How deep will the F-pulse go? would it be practical in places where multiple targets will more than likely be under the coil?