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  1. The Simple Reason Why Equinox Is Special

    Very sorry to hear such tragic news JW. Sincerest prayers and sympathies to all his family and friends.
  2. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    ""It is addictive, he says. ''It is the freedom of going out there, camping out there. It isn't so much the gold; it is spending time with like-minded people, being out there in that environment. The gold is the end result but it is the journey along the way, really."" Sounds like the Gold Fever bug has bit you. "" ''You have to be patient. But every time you go out, it isn't a case of 'what if I find something', it is 'how much will I find.' It is purely recreational . . . You do it because you like it; otherwise you would be working for about $3 an hour at times,'' he said with a chuckle. "" Careful!!! I think all of us here can identify with those feelings to one degree or another. I know I do.
  3. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    I think you just answered your question, but you didn't say Equinox, you mentioned the Big PI. I don't think the magnetite in the hill country will be near as much as what you found in the creek.
  4. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    As long as you make that known in this place, I'm pretty sure some people here will help find some more answers pretty soon. I know Steve mentioned he's hoping to get out there detecting when the cold weather lifts. If it is tiny, you still have to sluice it yes? Isn't the Gold Monster already working at finding that?
  5. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    Does NZ have good rules about filing a claim to the ground if you locate a lode deposit? Are there many mines operating in the area these days?
  6. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    If that last one is inappropriate for this venue, I apologize. Feel free to delete it Steve.
  7. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    Hmmm... what would the Conchords say/sing???
  8. The depth of that 6" coil (yes I realize it was an air test) surprised me. I would have thought that would require a larger coil. I wanted him to push it to the depth limit, and take a measurement. Still, it was impressive.
  9. Equinox Gold Prospecting Yuma Az

    Do you think coilmakers like Coiltek will eventually fill this rather large niche (when lots of Equinox are out there) for small elliptical "gold" coils if Minelab doesn't? Or even if Minelab does make such "gold" coils? Or, has Minelab precluded that through smartcoil tech, i.e. they would have to licence it for coilmakers to be able to get the control unit to play nice with the coil?
  10. Equinox Gold Prospecting Yuma Az

    Forgive my ignorance, but is this coil not deal for gold mostly because (A) it is open spoke and therefore gets grabbed by impediments causing it to bump/false? Or, is it more because of (B) its size being too big to navigate crevices? Or, is it (C) something to do with the DD coil design vs. other configurations? Or is it (D) mostly a combination of all of the above? .... OR.. (E) mostly something I haven't mentioned that I don't know about? I'm learning a lot from you guys, Thanks
  11. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    Dig gold faster! Faster!! FASTER!!! You'll have the $ for a Zed in a few weeks.
  12. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    Ohhhh... I see. Phrunt is just a F-R-O-N-T. Is he one of those Oz blokes from Flight of the Conchords that always tease Murray, because Oz has more mining resources than NZ??? Is he secretly trying to steal NZ gold resources for OZ!?!?!?!? Well, we're all on to him now!! I'll bet he can't even say seven correctly, and his eighteens are all messed up!!!