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    Nokta Impact, AKA Signum MFD , Thracian, Sovereign Elite, Changer.
  1. Saying Good Bye

    I am down to twenty.
  2. Box In My Closet

    Roman Bone Die
  3. Box In My Closet

    Most of what I post I find. However I do collect artifacts and coins from around the world since I can't travel there.
  4. Take That " Oak Island"

    On the grill.
  5. Take That " Oak Island"

    Part of my collection.
  6. Take That " Oak Island"

    Holy Shamoly!
  7. My Byzantine Cross. Hope I spelled it right.
  8. Sometimes It Just Dumb Luck

    I have found three. Two in General Banks Civil War Camps. Hope you find yours. This is my 49th year detecting.
  9. Your Thoughts: Best Pin Pointer?

    That is also a good one. I used my hand until I found one that was simple with great depth and did not interfere with my detectors.
  10. Your Thoughts: Best Pin Pointer?

    Deteknix Huntmate.. Perfect for me.
  11. Nice video Cobra. Be prepared for the small stuff we you hit the Spanish Trail. Loved the ring.
  12. Sometimes It Just Dumb Luck

    1853 one dollar .