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  1. Minelab Discount For U.S. Military

    Since the 15% is based on MAP, it was often less hassle to just negotiate a 10 - 15% reduction from MAP and be done with it. For right now however, the short supply of the Equinox is making the 15% discount thing very attractive. When the pipeline fills, it will be less so as dealers become more willing to “deal” in order to get the sale. When I studied Economics in the University ages ago, our Major Prof. Talked a lot about “Convenient Social Virtue” this is the concept that certian jobs carry a non-salary “premium”. The social credit earned is part of the compensation and traditionally has been “used” to depress wages in these positions relative to the marketplace. Examples given were schoolteachers, nurses, clergy, police and fire and military. The rise of public employees unions have done something to remove the salary “discount” - especially considering public sector pension benefits, but the idea that certian people deserve extra consideration still lingers. I served my time during the Vietnam era, volunteering for the USAF and pilot training - but would almost certainly not have entered the military without the draft breathing down my (pre-lottery) neck. It was my duty as a citizen and I don’t expect any special consideration because of it. In today’s all volunteer military, I think that they indeed deserve consideration. I am buying an 800 however and have sent my dealer a copy of my DD-214. May understanding is that the dealer takes the “hit” for about half the 15% and that ML compensates him (perhaps not in cash) for the other half.
  2. Minelab Discount For U.S. Military

    Gerry in Idaho, GREAT post. You explained clearly the value added a committed FULL TIME dealer brings to the marketplace! Hopefully all the manufacturers understand that at he high-end - folks have more understanding of the total value in an on-going relationship with a PROFESSIONAL. Dealer - Well done sir.
  3. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    Pre-ORDER ——— Not the same as Pre-PAY! Minelab said nothing about Pre-Paid orders - just Pre-orders. Pre order from Adorama, B&H, 47 th Street Photo, Apple —— none or them ask you to Pre-pay. they clearly state that your card is not charged until they ship! My dealer took “Pre-orders” - he took no “Pre-Pay’s”
  4. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    Bart at Big Boy Hobbies has a well deserved reputation for excellent service and fair dealing. If he required full payment in advance for the Equinox, I guess he had a good reason. My own reasoning on the ethics of the thing might be overlooking some aspect of the Minelab/Dealer relationship which I am unaware of. For example - in the past, ML had a reputation for tough terms for dealers about taking inventory of lines of detectors which were not “hot sellers”. If for example, a dealer is required to purchase other inventory which he might not otherwise take on in order to secure orders of EQ’s, then this cost of carrying excess inventory has to be met somehow. My apologies to any worthy dealer who had good reason for asking for advance payment - it might be interesting, however to hear what some of these good reasons are.
  5. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    Minelab never asked or encouraged anyone to pre-pay. Minelab likewise can not dictate to dealers what the dealer’s payment terms are. If your dealer is greedy enough to demand pre-payment, then you should be clear over what delivery priority you are getting in advance. Given that Minelab doesn’t invoice dealers until the detector ships (and the dealers then have 30 days to pay Minelab) - I have little respect for the business ethics of any dealer who demands pre-payment. Sounds like a lot of folks are waking up to the fact that they should be more careful which dealers they do business with. i put up a $200 REFUNDABLE deposit via PayPal - a deposit my dealer didn’t ask for - in order to demonstrate my serious commitment. In return he confirmed my place in his waiting list. file
  6. Interesting theory, Mr. W., but I don’t buy it. Minelab doesn’t likely have that kind of information or clout. It might even be unlawful. There is likely nothing in the dealer agreement which allows Minelab to enforce who the dealer can sell to. Again, probably unlawful since federal trade law greatly restricts the ability of manufacturers to interfere in the marketplace behavior of dealers. This sort of “clout” pretty much went away when Federal law made it illegal for manufacturers to enforce “list price” on dealers. Now they are left with Minimum Advertised Price. If a dealer Advertises a price lower, he is violating his sales agreement. He can, however privately agree on any price he wishes.
  7. Just Called Kellyco

    Steve’s house. A nice place, where folks can opine, vent, contribute and generally get along. A place where bad behavior is politely sanctioned.
  8. Just Called Kellyco

    Chase, please send me a pint of your favorite over-the-counter sedative. Wise words - thanks
  9. Just Called Kellyco

    Hopefully Steve is right, that this is just a logistics issue. think about that for a minute. Manufacturer builds device In Malaysia- it may or may not then go to OZ. In any event, it comes to ML in the mid-west someplace. Then it goes to distributors, then to dealers, then to me. my iPhone X came direct from the factory in China to me - zip. The whole manufacturer - distributor - dealer - customer model is doomed - IMHO. It will change.
  10. Just Called Kellyco

    OK, on Findmall, somebody in AZ claimed that his dealer told him he’d have his on Saturday!! https://www.findmall.com/read.php?107,2423708,2423715#msg-2423715
  11. Just Called Kellyco

    Not good. My dealer called me today and apologized for having no status whatsoever for me. I told him that it was clearly not his fault and not to worry about updating me till he is ready for me to pay the balance and him to ship it. i do worry a bit however that this is not just a logistics problem. The EQ is probably the most complex and ambitious detector ML (or even anybody else) has ever designed. The ugly thing about software is that fixing a bug often leads to a lot of other code no longer working. Troubles can mount quickly when you try to change a line here and a line there. Apple, with hundreds of engineers probably involved, is shipping their HomePod speaker today - without a key component of it’s software - AirPlay2 included - just not read for shipment yet.
  12. Nice factory chestmount 4b. 11” coil and Jimmy Sierra chest harness - $250 shipped.
  13. You don’t make money selling horses, you make money buying horses. Our friend has laid out a textbook example of this old truth.
  14. Good point about the Manta - the days of - “OK, the thing works, what box do we put it in?” - are long gone. The market for a high end machine now demands not only excellent detecting capabilities but an innovative and impressive mechanical package. A water machine even more so because of the mechanical stresses of salt and water pressure. Designing and testing, then producing to high quality in volume take time and care. The Manta prototype is likely the basis for a groundbreaking PI beach detector. I doubt FT would be satisfied with the prototype’s mechanical package.
  15. No difference, I’m told.