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  1. Rick Kempf

    T2 Classic Videos

    Truly excellent machines. Now priced aggressively - probably because the Nox has set a bold price point which makes the detector business suddenly more challenging for the manufacturers. Waterproof, wireless headphones - these are now “givens” for the $600 - $1000 price range and manufacturers who don’t know this and respond to it are not going to be around in the future First Texas has lots of great stuff in the works, but for now, making the established high-performance machines much more affordable is a good plan to fill the gap. I have a new T2+ which I am pitting against my Nox600 - no results to speak of yet, but at the end of the day, I expect that different manufacturers will continue to offer models which appeal to users based on the “jobs to be done” - different strokes for different folks - otherwise we’d all drive the same cars.
  2. Rick Kempf

    Equinox Ergonomics - The Challenge

    The ergonomic argument against the straight shaft is based on the fact that if you look at a straight shaft detector set-up from the side, then draw a line from the inside bottom of the arm cup through the center of the handle, that line projects out to a point well above (in front of) the junction of the shaft with the coil. This results in torque (twisting) when you initiate or reverse a swing with the coil. This force must be resisted by your body. It also introduces twisting strains on the handle mount and the joints in the rod. Here’s a quick and dirty sketch.
  3. Rick Kempf

    My 800 Is Here!

    Hey Tom, 52 degrees here at the Outer Banks. The 600 works fine, but the beaches are totally sanded in - oh well - we’ll be back in AZ in /September
  4. Rick Kempf

    Equinox 800 Finds Lost 14k Wedding Band

    Lovely tale of the magic of metal detectors - the past becomes the present!
  5. Rick Kempf

    A Peek Inside Nox Control Head - Video

    I doubt that there’s any other way - fully welded (plastic) housing. great for watertight integrity- lousy for repair ability. if you have one, take a look.
  6. Rick Kempf

    New Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

    Interesting pair of posts on another forum. First thing is that Carl Moreland posts - he is the Engineering Manager at First Texas and the guy who designed the new Fisher/Tek pinpointers, then Dave Johnson the Chief Designer at First Texas posts... To avoid cross-posting, I’ll link to it. The cool thing is Carl discusses changes he might make in the design and solicits suggestions from users - Dave asks when has anyone seen the engineer responsible openly discuss possible changes to a device in production. I get the feeling that First Texas is getting steadily more aware of the need for more openness in an industry which hasn’t seen much of it. https://www.findmall.com/read.php?18,2433055,2441293#msg-2441293
  7. I sold my 800 to friends for the MAP price and jumped on an advertised new-in-box 600 for $525 shipped. Since I will be beach detecting - I feel pretty good about ti.
  8. Rick Kempf

    Fisher F-Pulse Versus Garrett Carrot

    It seems that fresh alkeline or the non-rechargeable lithium’s are what it likes. Weak, or mismatched power batteries (like rechargeable often are) seem to drive it nuts.
  9. Walist. For a first post, you come on strong. The Nox’s price is stunningly low for what it offers - don’t know where you got the idea it has a “hefty price tag” - unless you’r shopping from scalpers on eBay. As far as Gravediggermax’s issues with steel crown corks - that is mitigated by a quick press on the all metal horseshoe.
  10. Rick Kempf

    Deepest VLF On Small Gold?

    Agree with all of the above. there’s a reason why where the ground allows, nothing finds tiny flakes better than the gold bug 2. it does, however make me wonder if the folks enjoying the performance of the Deus HF coils have ever compared them as relic hunters to the GB2?
  11. Rick Kempf

    Deepest VLF On Small Gold?

    My 800 gets about 70-80% of the Air depth of a whole flock of VLF nugget detectors. This is using 40 kHz single freq. Prospecting modes multifreq a bit less. test object is a 14kt gold bead, the diameter of a #7 1/2 shot. Other Detectors on the same target at the same location included Gold Bug 2, GMT, Goldmaster 3, Goldmaster 4b and Compass AU 52. These are air tests only. Higher frequencies could expect more ground effects.
  12. No rip-off. Minelab, Whites and First Texas have all developed their own methodologies of generating and analyzing simultaneous (or even sequential) multi frequency signals. the V3i was the first detector to offer both multi and single freq operation in a single machine, but that is an idea, the exact of “how” they did it is an invention (which might or might not be eligible for patent depending on whether someone has previously openly disclosed the design. The software in it is copyright protected in any event.
  13. Chinese products are not inherently cheaper at point of sale than US made competition - plus, in the low-end of the detector market distribution is the key. Go into any big box store and look at the Detectors - pretty much wall-to-wall First Texas - mostly Bounty Hunter teve sell in enormous numbers of units per year. The handwriting is on the wall for those who cannot innovate however. Multifreakers have lots of advantages over singlefreakers. In addition current multifreakers are not the only technologies available - Lots of multifreq possibilities lie outside ML patents.
  14. Single frequency detectors will continue to sell in vastly greater numbers than multi’s for one simple reason - the vast majority of detectors sold sell for well under $500 - and it will be quite a while before Multifreakers sell at that price level. At some point that will happen however. When a $300 - $400 multifreaker hits the market, with extremely simple controls, perfect ergonomics and good all round performance in any soil, then singlefreakers will be relegated to specialist applications (I’m looking at you Gold Bug 2) - and as entry level machines selling for less than $200. Meanwhile, the market for high-end singlefreakers has a “hard row to hoe” if the Equinox continues to impress the dedicated hobbyists. In the not-too-distant future, even more advances systems of signal production and return signal analysis will emerge. Those in turn may “obsolete” ALL current detectors. The next 5 years should be very interesting.
  15. My EQ800 is happy even when I point my F-Pulse right at the coil.