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  1. Not Sure If It Is True

    Buzzard What said about when the Equinox will be out is not a good thing if true. I do hope who said that is big time mistaken. I just started a post on when you pre-order your Equinox. I guess only time will tell us all. Chuck
  2. I sent a check to the dealer I deal with on 10/07/17 for my Equinox 800. It’s going to be interesting to see who has been waiting the longest for their Equinox. Chuck
  3. New Members

    Goldrat I welcome you here and hope you find this is the place to be. I’ll ask the question do you do more coin hunting or other form of detecting ? like said Steve will be gone for a week but you can do a search and find most of what you want. You take care and let us hear from you again. Chuck
  4. MX Sport ... Problems ?

    Supershaw Tell the owner to look down inside the battery compartment and it’s there but not easy to read. Chuck
  5. Brandon Neice Review Of Pro-Find 35

    I wish now I’d told Rob to send it when he gets it. I’ll wait on the Equinox 800 and it now. Thanks for posting the video Steve. Chuck
  6. Why Is The Equinox Sent Out For Testing Now?

    Some may say we don’t know anymore than we did before. Well sometimes what’s not said has more meaning than what’s said. I know some of you think I need to go see a Doctor. Well I did and he told me if I wanted to live I needed to stop all this wine women and song. Just to let you know I feel better already. I stop singing. Chuck
  7. New Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page

    Steve Can you say why Minelab calls their coils for the Equinox smart coils ? Chuck
  8. Why Is The Equinox Sent Out For Testing Now?

    I was just reading forum rules and I hope I haven’t step out of line. In no way shape or form will I be negative about any detector that Minelab produces. When I get my Equinox I’ll give your ears a rest. I got lots plan for it and trips to go with it. Chuck
  9. Why Is The Equinox Sent Out For Testing Now?

    Steve H You said it don’t hunt to ask. Well here I go. Just how long have you had the Equinox??? I say Minelab should of had one in your hands before it ever came public. my thinking they sent you one when they ask if they could pull off something on your forum. That’s a statement and a question. I just had to stir the pot more. You guys don’t understand that it’s no fun if you let a sleeping dog lie. Inquiring minds want to know.haha Chuck
  10. Why Is The Equinox Sent Out For Testing Now?

    Steveg late in the day to find trouble when it should be in production. That’s all I’m saying! Chuck
  11. Why Is The Equinox Sent Out For Testing Now?

    Now if Minelab sent the Equinox to Steve and said we want you to go through each option then each mode. After you complete the testing we want your honest opinion of what you think of the Equinox. This I can see and I don’t think they could find a more knowledgeable person than Steve. Chuck
  12. The part I don’t understand is why Minelab is sending a Equinox this late in the day for testing. All of us here are thinking Minelab would be announcing the date the dealers would be receiving them. I wonder what Steve may find now in his opinion come later as a update, If Minelab is waiting on Steve to come up what he has found and want to correct it. Then if true then Minelab hasn’t started production yet. I’m still thinking the major testing on the Equinox should of been completed the first day it fell out of the sky. If it wasn’t how could they show and say how great the Equinox was then if they knew it needed to be debugged. Maybe someone smarter than I can explain it to me. Chuck
  13. Nokta Impact V1.16 Update Available

    Just update. Chuck
  14. Nokta Impact V1.16 Update Available

    I know nothing about this but on MD-hunt blog he’s says or shows a step by step on doing it. Hope helps Chuck
  15. New Wireless Headphones By Minelab

    More show and tell over time. Don’t you love it ! Thanks Chuck