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  1. I'd eat humble pie if I could find one that big with anyone of my detectors. I see that being melt down to move it. Chuck
  2. Tesoro is a detector I've yet to own and I really can't say why. I've gone more for the detector that has a readout and I don't think they offer that on any of their detectors. Like said I know zero about Tesoro. other than they have a life time warranty. Bryan what you posted on the Mojave sounds great for a low cost detector. Chuck
  3. Strick You can't have too many detectors. You need some to hunt with but you need others to hold up the walls in your home. It's like a friend says and he loves guns. If he buys a gun he may never shoot it but he's got one and he can sit enjoy just looking at it. I'd say I'm the same way about detectors. The Best Chuck
  4. Tom Now you gone and done it. I'll turn this net up side down to find out what you're talking about. Don't give me this bull it's coming soon. Just tell me when it's here. The Best to you Tom. Chuck PS You taking pre- orders ? ha
  5. Well said Tom. So what do you see in the future for what White's may have to offer in the way of High Tech ? It hadn't been long you yourself wanted someone to test a detector and if can say what was that all about ? You can correct me if I'm wrong but I'd say that White's are on the short end of the stick when it comes to nugget detectors. The TDI SL is a good detector for the money but like my SPP without all the bells that ding like the SL it too will find gold for the money it cost. So many of us would be willing to spend the money on a American made detector if you can bring the level of detecting up some. I think everybody and their brother can make a coin detector but as we see that don't hold true when it comes to a nugget detector. There is still lots of gold to be found in my life time and yours plus many more life times. It has to do with rain and if your detector can detect deeper than the one before you. Don't hold back on the price of a nugget detector but give us that high tech edge we need in the field to find gold. Oh for what it's worthy Tom I still love my MX Sport. Chuck
  6. MXT When I'm alone I worry the whole time when I get back if I still got everything. It's like people years ago nobody lock their home and most didn't even know where the key was but that's not the case anymore. It's not just what they will take but the harm some will do to you. Chuck
  7. I just got my May issue of Lost Treasure and here is another detector put out by Tesoro called Mojave. It says the MSRP is 279.00 with what I think on all their detectors a life time warranty. Now for me that may not be a long time but for others it could be. Every time I turn around you got a company lowering their price of a detector that's been on the market for a long time. Then it's others coming out with a new product we've never seen before. You take any of the lower price detectors ( we won't say cheap ) and if it's a coin detector it finds coins. Here Minelab has another detector and it's a nugget hunter I'm sure it will find gold. I know if I wanted to get in coin hunting I'd be more willing to spend 2 or 3 hundred than 7 hundred on up until I find if this is for me. I know for most this stands true for anyone wanting to get into nugget hunting. Everyone on this forum has a opinion and I'd like to hear it. You ever been fishing and the fish biting so fast you had to stand behind a tree to bait your hook ? You ask what does this have to do with detectors and I'll tell you NOTHING.haha Chuck
  8. Oh I know for the money it just can't be so hot to melt a candy bar in my pocket but I got another toy coming. Like Chris said in April we all should know. That's me. Chuck
  9. Before SDC 2300 ever came on the market I had seen the ad about it in Lost Treasure. Well I jump on the band wagon and posted it on a forum. Nobody would believe me and I told then what mag. it was in but they still said i wasn't telling the truth. Well today I got my May issue of Lost Treasure and I couldn't find a word on the Monster 1000. I have never seen Minelab so tight lip about a new detector as they have on this one.If this detector is as hot as Minelab is tight lip on it it's got to be a Monster. I'm like a kid in a candy store in that I put my money on the counter and now give me my candy but in this case it's a detector. Chuck
  10. Before I say another word I need to do this. Steve I need to apologize to you for taking what you said the wrong way. Of all things I really don't know why I did. Here you just wanted to help me and I took it again I say the wrong way. I'll try next time to put brain in gear before putting mouth in motion. Again I'm sorry. Chuck
  11. Give that man MXT Sniper a Gold Star. Chuck
  12. Steve Maybe a date. Maybe a new video. Maybe a leak from Minelab. It could be I want something new to talk about. I guess that's the word I'm looking for but didn't know I'd have to explain myself. Chuck.
  13. I don't know Chris they have big rabbits with long tails and a pocket you could camp in . If you got one as a pet it could carry your batteries and your lunch. If your ride broke down you could ride it back to town. Oh someone just told me that's not a rabbit and here I could see myself eating one. Chuck PS April you say. The odd thing not a word so far but I will wait.
  14. I was reading a article on Africa and how the people don't like a detector with too many settings. In keeping it simple and this is why Minelab stepped up with the Gold Monster 1000. Here we got a detector you just turn on and start detecting. The cost of the Monster is not a monster in this case that most can afford. I too was looking at a map that showed the area you can find gold. It all looks great but I don't think I'll go there like Chris R. did. I sure like me a lot so because of that I'll stay home. Chuck PS Minelab is still saying that the Gold Monster 1000 will be here soon. I just want to know how soon is soon ? I have turn the net upside down and can't find a word being said.
  15. Oh I have a mate that will go with me if it's a high dollar motel near and be sure it has HBO. She will be right there when I get back from nugget hunting alone. That's the reason I don't take her with me and I'm liking it more as the years go bye. Chuck