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  1. MX Sport Coils ?

    I find I get more depth with a mono or concentric coil. I like to hunt first with a small coil something like a 6 or 7 “ coil. I’m sure if you been detecting long you know you get too much trash under a big coil. I’m not saying I don’t like or use a DD coil. When it’s high mineralized it has to be a DD. That 7” coil I’m using now is a DD but that’s all I could get at the time. I’m waiting in the wing for Tom at White’s to let me know when I can order that 6” coil. I told him to write my name on the bathroom wall and he did posting a picture here. Chuck
  2. MX Sport Coils ?

    FWest I too have a Sport and the stock coil,9.5 cons, 7” DD plus the 6x10 . I use the 7” about all the time. But White’s is going to have a 6” coil soon to for the Sport. I do believe it will be a cons coil. I like the 9.5” cons coil for a more open field hunting. Chuck
  3. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    Boy I can’t let my wife find out that I was wrong again. I could never live it down with her knowing. I got to eat humble pie again. It’s a good thing I like pie. Chuck
  4. Our Goal Is To Fulfill All Backorders By End Of March

    I was just reading some of the post made to Minelab on their site. I just can’t believe some of the harsh things that was said to them. The Equinox is not just sweeping the US but the world. If we were talking about a thousand needed no big deal but it could run as high as 10 thousand Equinox’s. That is just a wag and who knows maybe more. It’s best to put brain in gear before putting mouth in motion. Chuck
  5. Question On Whites TDI

    I posted this on Rob’s forum but I’ll tell this true story here. I have a friend call me and tells me to come to his home out of state from where I live. He has a large amount of silver buried that only us two know where it’s at. He wants me to dig up enough to pay for a detector that runs over 7000 that I’ve been wanting. I tell him I can’t do that but I’ll do it for him if he wants. He ask why not. I said it would be taking advantage of a friend and I won’t do that. I must say sometimes it’s not easy doing the right thing but right is right. Chuck
  6. Our Goal Is To Fulfill All Backorders By End Of March

    Hey Mark It’s all about what makes you happy and what works best for you . I’ve got the Equinox 800 on order but I won’t know if it’s me until I use it. I have to give it and me time in the field to know the answer. It wouldn’t be the first one to come in the front door and go right out the back one. The Best Chuck
  7. Sign Of Problem?

    If you’re the one that got the defective detector it gets very personal. I got one for over twenty years trouble free and others had trouble within the first month of receiving it, I had one over a year now it was in trouble the day I turned it on. It would be a sad thing if we received lots of defective Equinox in the US. All it takes is get a lot of not so good electronic parts and not know it until it’s too late. Chuck
  8. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    jj861 This is what Minelab had posted that more Equinox would be going out this coming Monday. I can assure you I don’t have a inside track with Minelab, I do hope if what’s said is true that you get your Equinox. Chuck
  9. Reg made a statement over on the TDI forum that Miner John had but don’t know if he still has it. He said he didn’t know why but the SPP ran smoother than the SL but didn’t know why. Reg posted lots back then on the forum. This is when Cougar Jim had the forum and he gave me the power to delete the trash off it. The next owner that took it over was the one that started making the coils you see now. The trouble the owner now showed no interest in the forum and the trash took over. I haven’t been back in a long time so I don’t know if it’s going still. This is where the Mine John coils started by the second owner of the forum. Chuck
  10. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    I wouldn’t buy a roll of toilet paper from them! The last time I did was over twenty years ago and I too said that’s the last time. Chuck PS I buy from Digger , Gerry, Rob and Chris. If they don’t have it then I don’t need it!
  11. I’ve said this before that I had one of the first 200 TDI’s that White’s came out with. I first was hunting on a beach in Ms. and I never before dug so deep for a single coin in my life. I didn’t have it long and started having trouble. Well I sent it in the first time and it came back with the same problem.Back it went again and back it came same trouble as before.Yes I sent it in again but this time I called Jimmy Sierra and he called White’s and said give him a new one.I got it but after that I just wasn’t happy with it like the first. Then later I traded it off and for what I don’t remember . Chuck
  12. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    Norm Glad to see it is one smart rock in the box. Thank You Chuck
  13. The first thing the SL is under powered and I find it hard to believe that the pro and SL have the same circuit board. That coat of paint is not going to make it better! Let White’s come out with something better than the SL and I’ll sell my other nugget detectors. Then go back buying American only. Chuck
  14. doc holiday You be oh so right on the TDI Pro and White’s had it going in the right direction. But then they drop it like hot potato . It may had to do with cost but nugget hunters are willing to pay the price. GB The contacts that the pack hits may be bent. You may want to take a hook and pull them out a little. You could open the case up to do it. I may be wrong but that’s what it sounds lt could be. Chuck
  15. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    I went back and where it says learn more that is where it’s posted and like said it don’t say where. You just get the feeling everywhere. Chuck