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  1. The Gm-1000 Explained

    John Come this Saturday I'll be on my way to Colorado to give my GM 1000 a test. This is not the first time I've had this trip planed but I've found out long ago your life is not your own. I will report back with you here after my two week trip. On that video it may have not been yours but anyone going out for the first time with the GM 1000 it will put them ahead of the game as a nugget hunter. The great thing about this Forum is so many people like you just want to help others. About the best thing I could offer you is I'd come there and dig for you.haha The Best to you. Chuck
  2. The Gm-1000 Explained

    Hey John Thanks so much for posting your video and a all positive one too. You may never know how much it help others but with me I'll take all the help I can get. By watching yours and others I'll spend less time learning in the field and more time hunting. Thanks again. Chuck
  3. If they had been talking about Mexican food I could understand it . Thanks Steve for posting. Chuck
  4. Funny Metal Detecting Commercial

    If they had cut off the end of the video I'd said it's just another detector video. Then the calls would have been coming in where to buy it. Chuck
  5. Don't You Love The Ad Video For Detectors

    The trouble with all the bad videos is the same is past on to their customers. In another town I was driving by a school that I had hunted lots with good luck on finding some old coins, Here was this lady swinging a detector as fast as she could go but had the coil is about 45 degree to the ground. I'm sure she went home happy. Chuck
  6. Gold Monster 1000 - My Thoughts

    Northeast Don't throw that shaft away. When I first got my GM. I too found found the shaft was too long for me also. I cut off about six inches behind the arm rest. Then knock the plug at the end and put it on the other. The control unit is just past where the middle shaft and the end meet. That way you can unscrew the end shaft with the arm rest on it. When you put it back together you may have to adjust arm rest so it straight but that's easy.. The best to you Chuck
  7. Gold Monster 1000 - My Thoughts

    I have and have had some of the tanks you talk about but tanks do be come heavy for this guy as time pass me by. Minelab sent you a shaft as simple as it may be but it's still a shaft. In my opinion they could just sent me the the unit. I'd could have got my own broom handle and saved more money. I think Steve has done that already. I don't know where you come from but myself I don't live in gold country. The price of a detector isn't going to stop me from being there when I can no matter the distance. People will spend 20 thousand on a boat and it's nothing but a money pit. Any money you spend on a detector will pay you back if you get it out in the field. I know this because I've done it over and over again. Over the years I've found so many rings I've lost count. Texas is where I live and it's been so hot even the devil moved out. Chuck
  8. Gold Monster 1000 - My Thoughts

    I too hope you stick it out with your Gold Monster 1000. I don't know you just like you don't know the GM 1000 and it all takes time to get to know something are someone. I wish you the best on your next find and the next time out. I'll tell you a little test I done with my GM. I'd seen this video on my Scuba Tector showing it couldn't detect gold chains. Well it couldn't. Then I done the same test with my GM 1000 and that test set me back some. I first tested the chains in a ball and it sounded off loud. Then I ran a test with each flat out and all sounded off as before. One chain was thin with another about 1/8 diameter and the last 3/16 diameter. The two bigger ones the Gm said the larger one was gold but the other wasn't. Both look the same but the GM said different. The Best Chuck
  9. MX Sport Coils

    Hey Sod I have the 7 inch Detect coil and others too for my MX Sport. I'm more than happy with the 7 inch and keep it on MX most of my hunting. I'd say you can't go wrong buying it. Chuck
  10. I was watching a video on the Scuba Tector on how it wouldn't detect gold chains but looking at another it showed detecting coins great. I click on another brand and this guy was swinging it around like he was trying to kill a fly under water. I've seen this so many times with this guy giving a demonstration on a detector and you can tell he don't know what end is up when it comes to a detector. Every time he'd make a swing with it the back swing was 20 degrees off from the other. It looked as if they told him we have a coin here and a ring over there. The only trouble they didn't tell him how many targets he past up. My best advise I can give to a detector company on their next video ad is just get someone that's had one in their hands more than the day of the shoot Chuck.
  11. The Scuba Tector is made by Deteknix and is a great water detector if you are just looking for rings ( maybe ) and coins. I was wondering around the net and was looking at MD-Hunter.com and here was a picture of my Scuba. I click on the picture of it and it went to three videos. I pick one of the videos I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It couldn't detect gold chain. So here I go digging out gold chain i'd found in the past. It didn't make any difference being one two are all three in a ball the detector didn't see them. I pulled out some nuggets and the results was the same as in nothing coming out of the Scuba. Now it detects rings great and my thinking on this is because of other metals in the rings. Even at 14 K gold that's only about 65 % gold. So you can forget about finding any gold chain with the scuba Tector . If i can't detect it in a ball with two others your not going to find one laying out straight. Looks Good. Chuck
  12. We have some detectors that have a battery pack that has to be charged in the unit and others that can be removed. The only thing I dislike about the batteries that can't be removed is when this happens you don't have a working detector anymore. I know most have a long charge life but all have a limit on how long that will last. Now give me a detector that a battery pack that can be removed to be charged and have a pack you can drop in to keep detecting is in my opinion is the best way to go. I'm sure everyone has their opinion and I'd like to hear yours. Chuck PS At this time I have just one Scuba Tector that batteries can't be removed
  13. White's GMT Getting Started Video

    Steve Thanks for posting the video. I don't care if one never buys the detector but what you learn here may help you with another. I've had the low end of the GMT known as the GMZ. I'd loan it to a friend and he was every happy with it. I just had it as a backup detector and later sold it to another guy that was going into Mexico. The good thing for him he was Mexican and could talk the talk. Oh well it was nice knowing him. I know he's okay being his brother-in-law just left my house.haha Chuck PS I sold this guy my ATV.
  14. Yesterday I got my August issue of Lost treasure and here on page 44 was field test with a review by Andy on the V4.0 Deus. I'm sure Andy could have used more room to cover the Deus on what it has to offer. Time and space has control of what we do in life. I think Andy done a great job but I'll let you make your review of his review on the Deus. Chuck
  15. Deluxe Field Toilet

    You know it's time when you can't get up and then you fall back in it. At the same time you find out that your poo stinks. Chuck