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  1. Hey GB Thanks for posting. Even when I'm not out finding gold it's nice to see others finding it. Guys think it's a lot of money for GPZ 7000 but look at the cost of a big operation we see on TV. Chuck
  2. Shelton That is harsh words for the MX Sport. The question I have for you have you ever had a MX Sport ? Even when I don't like a detector I just say it's not for me. I am glad you like the V3i and at a higher cost it should do a lot more. In fact it's so great go whole it down under water for about 5 minutes and this will say how great it was. You can see I used the past tenths and that's where you will find it. I have a MX Sport from day one and yes I went to hell in back getting the bugs out. I still have my MX Sport and I'm not saying perfect but I'm not either. Sometimes it's best to put brain in gear before putting mouth in motion. Chuck
  3. Strick I've been in Texas over 70 years and I can't speak it either. Now if it has to do with Mexican food I've got that down. That old boy makes some good videos and lots of them. Thanks for posting the video. Chuck
  4. Hey Strick You said a guy from Mexico but could it be just a guy from a Spanish speaking country ? In Mexico you have two class of people and he don't look as he's on the lower end. Here in Texas we have two class of people too. One who has Oil Wells and like me that don't. Chuck
  5. Bob has written a great article with a lot of show and tell. Bob talks about Oroville Dam with lots of pictures of it and gold he's found plus others too. I'm sure it's other great stories in it but I pulled it off the rack just because Bob pretty face was on the front. Chuck
  6. Fred What you say I know is true and I'll leave it at that. I do want you to know that is a great article you wrote for ICMJ. It was well written and great to see a picture of you. You telling the finding of gold too made the story complete. Thanks Chuck
  7. Well another week has gone as of today. Minelab on their site say that the Gold Monster 1000 is available now. Hawkeye He also say Man who fly upside down wind up with crack up. I know that to be true being I got steel ball in left shoulder for that one. Chuck
  8. This post started out being called A Monster Month. What I'm wondering if we will see the Monster this Month of May. Somebody out there knows more about my question than being said. Just like May 8th before that nobody knew nothing and I think this wholes true again. Chuck
  9. You know guys I too laugh at the jokes. I read the reviews that was posted on here and the one I got in the mail today in my GPAA Mag. To read all the reviews so far has been uplifting . The reading this uplifting material is got to the point of not being that great anymore. Myself and others like me have put their money down upfront and keep hearing tomorrow. May 8th was one of the tomorrows but now we don't know when the next tomorrow will be. I just hope I don't run out of chap stick and where I need it,it's not going to last. Chuck
  10. I'm just wondering if anyone of the dealers in the US has or got any GM 1000. The kid in me has put out his money and now I want my candy. In this case it's a new toy to play with. Chuck
  11. Shasta gold hunter I wish I could say I liked your post but I do thank you anyway. Chuck
  12. Well if JP is having trouble getting them what is it like here in the USA on the same problem. I guess only time will tell but hope we know more than we do now. Nothing like being keep in the dark with only BS to eat. Chuck
  13. Lunk Looking at the pictures you posted it looks as if you used the 5" coil most of the time. Did you find it worked better for you ? I'm sure it has to be hot on sub anything. JP posted he is coming up short on getting the GM 1000 and I'm wondering if the dealers here in the US may have the same trouble. I thank you ahead of time when you post more on the GM 1000. Chuck
  14. Lunk Thanks for another great write-up. What is company name of the wireless headphones that Rabbit has on ? Thanks also for so many great pictures. The color of gold I always like be it small or large in size. Chuck
  15. I looked over on Rob's and Chris forum to see if anything is being said about the Gold Monster 1000. Well i'll tell you this I've seen more activity in a funeral home than I seen on the above forums. I got my Gold Monster 1000 on order from Rob but no word today. Steve posted his review of the GM 1000 on each but not one reply so far. Just odd Chuck