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  1. You know it's time when you can't get up and then you fall back in it. At the same time you find out that your poo stinks. Chuck
  2. Guys You really shouldn't make fun of a guy that his knuckles drag the ground. You're not only making fun of me but of my mother too. Have a good evening.haha Chuck
  3. I know Jen Bond has claims in BC and got a ad for a large pump. Just maybe you and her could go at it together. I don't know if the ad is on here but I'm sure it's on Rob's forum. Best of luck. Chuck
  4. You may wish you had a 4 inch so you can cut it down too a three. I was looking into running a dredge in Colorado but I don't think so now. BLM wants the club to buy the bond and then the dredger gets the permit from the club to dredge. One club I belong too in Colorado will and does that. They charge 50 to dredge but will charge less of 25 if you take a class. The claims with GPAA BLM has said they haven't done that and I'm sure they not going too. I ask if I can get a bond myself for GPAA claims and BLM said GPAA has too. GPAA has the claims but all you can do is look at them If that wouldn't want your butt to dip sniff I don't know what would. Maybe the best thing you can do is head out for Alaska. Oh you can pan. Chuck
  5. Steve i understand that was what you were doing and i'm glad you did. I could have used a broom handle but I wanted to be able to unscrew the arm rest from the other. By doing this I knew it would fit in the gun case I wanted. Chuck
  6. Steve I agree with you on what i'd run with. Like said if the GM 1000 can't handle the hot ground I may just have to move over a short ways. We all know that the ground we hunt will change from time too time. Just maybe more than we realize. Chuck
  7. Steve This why I said this is for me and to be sure this is what you want before you make a cut. I don't plan on selling this detector. I checked my other detectors how I have them set up and all fall in about the same length as the GM does. Chuck
  8. I stand about 6 feet but the GM 1000 shaft is just too long. So this is what I done to make it right for me only. I first put the shaft together then put the large coil on. Then I slip the control head on and found if I put it just past the end shaft where the middle starts is just right for me. I then slip the arm rest where I wanted but this leaves the shaft hitting me when I swing my detector. I took it and cut off 5 1/2 inches. this still leaves 2 inches behind the arm rest. You can now unscrew the end shaft with arm rest from the other. You now have the control head with the coil on two parts of the shaft and the other with the arm rest. When you screw them back together you may have to adjust the arm rest a little. You will find the longest part with the head and coil is 36 inches. I buy gun cases for my metal detectors and most are 38" if not longer with three big pockets on one side. The cost runs about 79.but can get them on sale for 49-59. Be sure this will work for you before you make a cut. Chuck PS The end shaft is aluminum and you can knock the plastic plug out after you cut the shaft to put it in the other.
  9. Chris I already said over on Rob's forum how great the first video was and looking forward to the next one. Chuck
  10. I have the White's SPP it may work great in some ground that a VLF can't go but it's under powered and eats AA batteries like they grow on trees. Right now I'm just going to live with what I got and that's a Gold Monster 1000. I find a place I can't hunt I'll just move on. If I'm finding gold the pain of the weight of the detector don't hunt so bad. GPZ 7000 Where are you ? It's so many detectors out there and i don't want to buy them all to have what I want. So I'll just live with less and be happy. you can now call me less happy Chuck Chuck
  11. JW We believe it or not are both right. To open it had a wire you had to push down to open your drink. You know how a bottle of wine sits in a rack at a angle. Well if it didn't the cork would dry out and the wine would go bad. It's money in bottles but lets go nugget hunting. I don't know if this is true but it best to put water in with your nuggets so they don't shrivel up.haha The Best Chuck
  12. Strick you know why the bottom of the bottle is round? It had a cork in it that had to stay wet. If it didn't it would leak. Then you couldn't stand it up and that is the reason early bottles all were round on bottom. Here is another 7 UP went it first came out it was in a long neck brown beer bottle but the bottom was short Chuck
  13. DSMITH I should get my GM 1000 tomorrow. So until then I'm hanging on your every word. Sounds like all is well with the GM 1000. Chuck
  14. Tonight I got a call from Rob and he got the Monsters in and will be shipping them out. He said one has my name on it and should be going out in the morning. Like I said on Rob's forum Things Come to He who wait. The trouble now the wait for it to get to me. Oh well. Chuck
  15. It's all for the good of the people. We the people just don't know what's best for us. They only thing I wonder is where was our so call leaders at when the people was opening up this country. Hell with the stroke of a pen stop dredging in one state and others want to do the same. Before this happen some people were making a living dredging. Here in Texas this big State park had some old mines on it but you couldn't hunt with a metal detector. They could sell the rights to another country to open the mines and they did.. For the people by the people went out the window long ago. Chuck