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  1. First Target With My 800

    Jeff Great first find with your Equinox 800. The Best to you on the next one and the next one after that. Chuck
  2. Belt Pick Holder

    Bob It would be my luck I’d fall down on that pick point and change my whole outlook on life. Chuck PS At my age I guess what difference does it make.
  3. SittingElf You spit in one hand and wish in the other and see what one gets full the fastest. Chuck
  4. Why Do We Go To Treasure And Gold Shows

    Tvanwho I’m going to try and explain the reason for the cost of expensive hotdogs. At home you’re eating regular hotdogs. At Gold and Treasure Shows you’re not eating regular old hotdogs. Here comes the difference between the two. You hang on after what I’m about to tell you will be more than willing to pay the price for one. Here it is in just one word “ Pedigree “ I know you will feel better now paying a high price for Pedigree Hotdog. Chuck PS Here is the true test of knowing of what you just ate. If a cat runs pass you and you have the urge to chase it then you know. Only a true Pedigree Hotdogs will do that to you.
  5. White’s New Ground Hawg Shovel

    SittingElf Thanks for the quick reply. That’s what I was hoping to hear You should be receiving your pinpointer in the mail today. Do check it out and let me know if all is well. Chuck
  6. I don’t have one but they do have the look it will be around for you a long time . I don’t or see the need I’d have to call on it often but like so many things it’s good for it to be near when the need calls. I’d like to have another’s opinion on this shovel if you have one. I’ve seen it would have come in handy to beat off the number of kids I’ve had around me while detecting . haha Really I’ll help any young person in anyway I can if they show interest in detecting. Even to the point of giving them a detector. This may be another item I may have to come home with from that Treasure Show. Chuck
  7. You know why you go and I know why I do . Go that is. We all want to see what’s new plus we get caught up in the excitement that flows in the air.. The first thing I want to look at is another pinpointer that Steve H. had been talking about. I don’t think I’ll see that new 6” coil lots of us are waiting on to get here. My wife ask what I wanted for my birthday coming here in May. I told her money and don’t give it to me because I’m waiting on this new coil. She ask didn’t you just get a small coil for a detector and I said yes but that was for another detector.She did say let me know when it comes in and I’ll pay for it. Got to love them! Sorry about that my thinking jump the track a little. I got a friend coming down from Ok. to go with me to that show.I told him we going to need lots of money. So that’s the main thing I hope he don’t forget a little thing like that. I don’t see myself coming home with a new detector but like said a pinpointer will be mine. The Best to you on the next Treasure and Gold Show you attend. May your cup run over with whatever you wish for. Chuck
  8. I bought this digging tool of White’s at a Treasure Show in Temple Tx. One year ago. It just so happens that same show is this weekend. The tool had a good feeling in my hand but at first it was a little bulky but I do have big hands so I told myself it will work, The next thing I was looking at was the sheath. I know you’re asking yourself what’s the big deal about a sheath. The thing is most sheaths don’t have brads in the corners where the blade goes in . Here is where it will start to show it’s age if it don’t have the brads. The blade will start cutting away at the material the sheath is made of. You can see a brad on each side of the sheath and that alone tells you it will be around for a long time. I’d say a digging tool is no better than the sheath you carry it in. Chuck
  9. I think the term has been used that the coils for the Equinox is what is called a smart coil. That being the case I’d have to say that is not a bad price for it. I’ve paid about the same for a not so smart one . I’ve been told it’s only money and none of us is going to take it with us. Enjoy life while we can. I wanted a concentric coil but anything is better than nothing. Chuck
  10. My New Plastic Digger Tool Invisible To Pinpointer

    On what you said it would be the safe thing to have with kids around. I too know kids will stick their hand in a hole before you know it. I’ve seen some ground if it’s not wet a little you need a jack hammer I been hunting coins and before I knew it I had a flock of kids around me. To keep maybe a get kid from getting his hand cut I’d just pickup and leave. Take care Chuck
  11. My New Plastic Digger Tool Invisible To Pinpointer

    I wish you all the best with your new digging tool. I too have something like what you have that was given to me . I found it works okay if the ground is not rock hard but when it gets too that it just don’t cut it. The Best Chuck
  12. Northeast Back when I could leap tall buildings but now I just walk around them. The youngest girl is a C S I but like she said it’s nothing like what you see on T V. She hasn’t had one that is total melt down but the flesh was slipping off the bone. . She loves it. Chuck
  13. Tell me I have 8 grandkids with another on the way. The two youngest will get married this year. At one time I was the last to carry on the name Chuck
  14. MontAmmie You just won the copy of the Equinox 800 instruction manual. 193 is the answer I needed. my oldest son is 50 the next Son 43 oldest Daughter 36 next Son. 34 youngest Daughter 30 Total 193 PM your address and I’ll get it to you . Thanks to all for playing. Chuck
  15. Got a email from Keene saying their new catalog going to printers and will have a price increase when it comes out. So if you want to take advantage of the old price you better order now. This is just a FYI . Chuck