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  1. Some time back I put my name on a email list of XP Deus to receive all the hot news coming out the door. Well grab hold on something because it's hot. They said the V.4 would be out soon. Now how exciting is that ? I don't know why but I think I've heard this before! Chuck
  2. Steve Thanks for the reply. I've had SDC 2300 and like said I wish I too had the Pro Sonic to go with it. Then I got bye but with age my hearing just not as good. I would never put down Minelab in any way because I've had so many products from them and never been disappointed. I'd say it's about 10 Minelab to Garrett 2 on buying from both. Whatever it would add up too it's more than I want my wife to know.haha Chuck
  3. I was looking over on Chris Gholson forum and he's got the new Garrett Z-Lynk for 127.46 with free shipping. He is also putting your name in the pot if would like the new Minelab Pro Sonic for 269.00 plus free shipping. I'm just wondering if the one that has a higher price that much better than the other ? I know Minelab puts out a great product and as far as I know always has. But is the added 141.54 better than the American made one. I can't go out and buy both to find the answer to my question so I hope over time you can. Chuck
  4. From out of no where we have a new Minelab detector. What i'd like to know if this is why Minelab wasn't happy with the XP Deus coming out with their own gold V4 and two new coils ? To me Deus has been slow with the upgrade but just maybe Minelab says this is what you Deus is going to do. In another word Deus you stand down until we Minelab come out with our new detector. I may be barking up the wrong tree and all wet but it wouldn't be the first time I was out in left field. Never let a sleeping dog lay. Chuck
  5. Wanted

    Hi Tom I've heard of the same of just what you said. I was in hopes of someone maybe in driving distance as in Texas. I have time and I may order a new one but I can run a lower pressure pump than a Keene. Thanks for the reply. Chuck
  6. Need a Keene P 180 pump with a B/S or Honda engine on it. Like in good running order and pumping great. If not a Keene but one like it from another company. Pm me and I'll give you my phone number to send a picture of it and how much you want. Chuck
  7. I too would like to have seen a smaller coil than another 9 inch coil. I guess they who that be, feed us what they think we need. The trouble with this kind of thinking is it's my money that keeps them in business. Oh yours too ! Chuck
  8. Ringmoney You made my day with your answer and I'll take all 100%. haha Thanks for the reply. Chuck
  9. Strick I never say about someone behind their back that I couldn't say to their face. Now we all know not everybody is that way and shows respect for others. I do because that's the way I am and the way I live. Chuck
  10. I am weak when someone starts talking a new detector up. Then I start dreaming about it and then one morning I wake up from sleep walking with one in my hands. That's how I got the last two detectors and don't know if they even paid for. That part bothers me a lot. Chuck
  11. My question I have with the V 4 is my 11 inch that I already have is good for the trash can ? Now that's if I stay in V 4 are will I have to reload v 3.2 to use my old 11 Inch coil ? I see the new round coil is a 9 inch. I'm wondering if I had the old 9 would it too be the same maybe like my 11 inch ? What I'm thinking has a bad smell to it if that is true on a old coil and a costly one. Chuck PS if this holds true I have a XP for sale maybe soon
  12. This subject may have come up before but I'm about to ask it again. What is the cost of this detector ? Not that I need another detector. Chuck
  13. Well I got my name Ridge Runner back in the 70'S by a friend when CB's were the hot thing of the day . I've used it on all the forums in the US and never had another. If I could change it to my name and not have to start over again I.d do it. I hope the new Ridge Runner knows that if one leg is not shorter than the other he can't be a true Ridge Runner. Chuck Anders
  14. Some great looking gold you got there Chris. Thanks for the picture. Chuck
  15. I've been going looking at the updates on the QED and behold here is this new person by the name of Ridge Runner asking questions. I can't sign on as me because it says wrong password. This is just let all know that Ridge Runner that goes by Chuck on here is not the one on QED update. Chuck