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  1. To error is human but to really screw things up takes a computer. Chuck
  2. Hot Dog Tom you are on the ball ! You were always there when I was in need and I'm glad your here too for others when in need. I think we have a one on one with more Detector Companies than other forums do. I don't think I need to say more. Chuck
  3. I've been hunting from the mid 60's and yet to find a gold coin. Found a lot of old old silver coins but not one gold one. One time I found 30 silver coins all in the 1800 but again not one gold. I just keep on hunting and thinking it's got to be one gold coin waiting on me to find it. Till Then Chuck
  4. Hi Fishersari Steve told you what's best on buying MX Sport and I'll tell you what a great buy you're going to make. I see you be the lucky one being you didn't have to ride the trouble out like I and others did. I have all three coils White's make for the MX Sport and everyone was talking about how great Detech coils are on the MXS. Well it wasn't but one way I'd ever know so I put money down for the 7 in.DD coil. I don't know if you remember when you were a kid and you'd get a new toy but get sick about the same time. The kid is bigger now but it still happen about the same time my Detech coil came in. I really after all that waiting just got out to hunt this old place that I'd call trash city and yet my MX Sport picked out three coins among all that trash. I found this little 7 in.DD coil has great depth and does a great job in a high trash area. I could sit here telling you just how great the MX Sport is. But that would take all the fun of you finding out for yourself. I say one thing and that is you will have your first fun day when you buy it plus more to come as time goes by. The Best to You Chuck
  5. It's a pleasure to support a company that has been so quick to support me when I was in need of their help. Chuck Anders
  6. Tom I remember that the plug for the coil looked like a plug for a 220 outlet but it worked. Thanks for the time travel back when everything came up silver. Chuck
  7. Back when D Tex said their detector could detect a dollar bill because the ink having metal in it. At that time I was swinging a White's BFO detector. Chuck
  8. I don't know but it worked for me this time. Thanks Tom Chuck
  9. Tom I get no internet connection when I click on it. Chuck
  10. Desert Gold Diggers they have claims out of Tucson Chuck
  11. Detech I just wanted you to know I ordered your 7 in. DD coil for my MX Sport last week and I got it today. It looks finer than fog hair and solid as a rock. I had to put it on right away and fire up my MXS. I had to check the sen and depth with both looking great. Hope to get in the field soon but now it's colder than a well diggers butt and until it warms up I won't be going out. Just too young and tender !haha Thanks for a great coil and White's also sent me their calendar for 2017. Chuck
  12. Everyone is happy with new coils for the ATX and that is great. Now myself I'd like to seen a land version of the ATX. That would cut the cost of the ATX by a third and the cost of coils in half. Oh well I was just thinking out loud! Chuck
  13. Paul Sounds as if you got a great machine now so why put out more for another. I had good luck with a TDI on the beach and it had great depth there. Keep your detector and keep your money in your pocket but don't stop swinging that detector. Chuck.
  14. Mn90403 Detecting for gold or coins and why we miss some is like your name in that it's a unknown factor. That day the ground may have been dry,wet are I just may have miss it because another signal may over rode the target I really wanted. I've been coin hunting for over 45 years and don't ever tell me a place has been hunted out. The only thing you can do is grid it off and hunt with different size coils plus hunt both ways. If the ground then is dry that coin could have drop deeper on edge down that crack you see. Oh you've gone over it two times but you still miss it. The next time you hunt that spot the signal blows the wax out of your ears because the ground is wet are the ground has crack more. Why is the coin is detectable if the ground is crack more because it's laying flat now.. Chuck PS look at the bright side in that you can go back and find what you miss
  15. Rick Most of the time you can't find a dealer that has the high end detectors in stock. The only thing that may help you is post on different forums asking about that detector you have interest in. Lots of dealers got in as a dealer because they coin hunt and their friends do. They help their friends and ones self by buying cheaper then passing it on. I buy from dealers that I know that is swinging that same gold detector I want.Maybe you can find a dealer that is a coin hunter. Now unless you just got to spend all that money so you can say I own a Vi3 then buy MX Sport. I've had some of the high dollar detector but for the money you can't go wrong. with the MX Sport. I just ordered the 7 in.Detech DD coil and it should be here soon. I have all the other coils that White's puts out for the Sport and they all great. The thing is people on here has been saying how great the Detech is and I want to find out for myself. I do believe that Steve had what you want but sold it That is the man to talk with. Chuck