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  1. Hey Prospector Is this the one that has a motor on it or just the hand crank ? I found one on ebay for 215.00 with free shipping and it has a motor plus with hand crank but I don't do ebay. let me know if you still got it . Chuck
  2. A Quick Turn Around On The 7000

    That's great you got it back so soon but the day is not over and you have no gold to show.haha The Best now you got it back home. Chuck
  3. Minelab Equinox Multi-IQ And Search Modes

    Steve Minelab isn't saying a word more than what's already been said. Like you were saying until they make another info dump we won't know. Right now I'd be happy to know if they made a change to the stand for the better. The one they had for show and tell looked too much like the Gold Monster stand. If I can make one I'm sure I can make another. Chuck
  4. Minelab Equinox Multi-IQ And Search Modes

    If you want to read more about the headphones for the Equinox then go to MD-Hunter Blog. I'm all ears on anything I can read about the Equinox being I have one on order from Rob. What I'd like to know is just when will the Equinox be out? I'm ready to play being it's getting cooler and nothing to play with.haha Chuck
  5. Inside Nokta & Makro Detectors

    Dilek It's good to put a face with the one that was so willing to help me when I had trouble. Thank You Chuck Anders
  6. Stand For MX Sport

    You can see how it's made and you can make it to fit you. The screws you see is 3/4 in. # 8 sheet metal and 2 plastic anchors you can't see After you got the stand complete you need to stand the legs straight up and drill 2 holes. This line up with the holes that wholes the stand that's already there . Be sure not to drill the hole bigger than the screw so the threads catch on the PVC. The anchors need to fit in each hole and you need to cut about half of it off.You don't want the anchors loose in each hole. You can't screw the anchors on the screws then put in place. This is just to keep the stand from turning and with the zip ties it won't move. The holes you drill need to be just right and line up so your stand stands up straight. This is more important than all the other. Chuck
  7. Stand For MX Sport

    Well I got it and if you want to know how to build it just say so. Chuck
  8. Stand For MX Sport

    Hope you can see it. I want to post a picture of the bottom but having trouble doing it. Chuck
  9. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    DSmith To answer you're early question GM shaft is 7/8 in dia. so 3/4 PVC is out. My stand is made out of 1/2 in. hot water PVC pipe. You need to cut one 3 1/4 in. long-- two -2 in. long then two 3/4 in. long. You need one Tee---two 45 degree sleeves and 3 end caps. Remember all is for 1/2 in Hot Water PVC pipe Use the two 3/4 pipe to join the Tee too the 45 degree sleeves and don't leave any space between the two. Be sure you lay the Tee flat and have the sleeves pointing straight up. This is important because the legs will be off you don't. Now you can put the 2 in in the 45 degree sleeve to complete the legs. Now in the open end of the Tee put the 3 1/4 in. in. The only thing is the end caps. Be sure when putting it together make sure parts go in all the way. The 3/4 could have been a little longer but like I said don't leave space between the Tee and sleeve. Sorry to repeat myself but when you put it together with glue it's got to be done right I used a black paint for plastic . I used 2 zip ties also black and I think that's all you need. Chuck
  10. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    DSmith I can give you all the measurement to make one if you like. It's your call if want. Chuck PS I had made one for my MX Sport but a little different. The thing is it works great too.
  11. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    DSmith Off hand I don't know. Chuck
  12. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    Don't ask me how I got one post two times Chuck
  13. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    Hope this picture helps Chuck