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  1. Ordered Myself A Second Nox 800

    I like the way you think. One for each hand. But when will the small coil be available?
  2. How Do You Charge Your Equinox?

    Wow 20 Amps! That must make your recharge time about 10 minutes.
  3. How Do You Charge Your Equinox?

    Hey Jackpine! That''s really cool!
  4. Speaking of savings, I estimate that over the lifetime of that rechargeable battery, I will save $200 in battery purchases. That makes the Equinox EXTREMELY affordable. I hereby authorize you to USE this argument when you justify the nox purchase to your wives.
  5. Looking To Upgrade To Equinox 600/800

    I got mine from Brian at AK mining in Alaska. They give the 15% Veteran's/Military discount and also ship Fedex 2nd day for free. Great company! And they seem to get them in all the time. (800) 478-3444 (907) 277-1741 www.akmining.com/
  6. How Do You Charge Your Equinox?

    I charge mine with a motorola 2 Amp phone charger:
  7. I am so happy to have received my new Equinox 600. Maybe when the snow melts and it gets warmer I can get out and hunt with it. Here's the unboxing video I made:
  8. I don't have an 800, but with my 600, the $10 Sownd aptx earbuds paired up easily and work just fine. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072BMSF6P/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Yep, plastic shower cap keeps coil clean. 100 for $6 on ebay. Lately the ground has been muddy. Mud gets all over detector when I dig. I wrap it up to stay clean.
  10. New Fisher F75 Plus

    Can anyone who bought one verify that it is basically a lower cost LTD? Fisher's factory price for F75+ package is $899
  11. I bought the red one for visability too and think It will be great also, though I haven't seen it in action. Mine arrived inoperable. I called Fisher, and they emailed me a fedex label for free return shipping. I sent it back for repair and they are now sending me a brand new one. What a great company: "Hello, I just called and left you a voice message, your new replacement F-Pulse will be shipping today via FEDEX tracking number 789917------. Thank you for being patient! Felix Calvillo Fisher Labs 1120 Alza Drive El Paso, TX 79907 915-225-0333 800-685-5050"
  12. I got it from Brian at AK mining in Alaska. They give the 15% Veteran's discount and also ship Fed3s 2nd day for free. Great company! And they just got 6 more in: brian@akmining.com
  13. Convert Equinox To S Shaft?

    I just tried the Equinox head pipe on the Fisher F75 shaft & it appears to be same size and fits. If you could buy that s shaft from Fisher, I think it would work. The pin is on the bottom. Of course, you would have to drill a hole for the pilot bump of the Equinox to fit. You can see how Equinox mounts to shaft in this video:
  14. First Beach Hunt…not Bad

    Congrats on a good first hunt!